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13-05-26 Israeli Supreme Court Conspiracy Theory

13-05-26 Israeli Supreme Court Conspiracy Theory

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Events, surrounding the death in 2002 of Shmaryahu Cohen, Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, are worthy of investigation.
Events, surrounding the death in 2002 of Shmaryahu Cohen, Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, are worthy of investigation.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Human Rights Alert, NGO on May 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human Rights Alert, NGO
An Israeli Supreme Court conspiracy theory
As previously detailed, [1,2] research, based on techniques that are called datamining (and involve no legal analysis of the adjudication), reveals profound,unprecedented changes in the electronic decision records of the Supreme Courtof the State of Israel in March 2002. The changes, which were introduced,should indicate the voiding and nullification, in advance, of any decision recordas a valid public legal record. For example, all decisions are today served and published unsigned, unauthenticated, and bearing the disclaimer "subject toediting and phrasing changes".The research also showed the concomitant disappearance of the former Supreme Court Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen from the records (except for many dozens of Supreme Court decisions, which continued to be certifiedunder his name over the next five years...).Google of his name revealed that on March 7, 2002, he died from cardiac arrestin a retirement party of a staff member in the Office of the Clerk of theSupreme Court, after offering a toast. It also revealed that days later, a familymember or friend filed with the police a report, suspecting murder, but couldnot provide a reasonable motive.Data mining reveals instability in the certification patterns of Supreme Courtdecisions already a few months earlier, which can be interpreted as reflection of ongoing negotiations on changes in the normative certification statement "TrueCopy of the Original".1/3
Later, in 2010, the State Ombudsman Report 60b, which reviewed the newcomputerized systems, which were introduced in Israeli courts over the pastdecade, concludes that the system were developed and implemented (by IBMand EDS) in violation of the law of the State of Israel in various ways. One of the violations is that in the process, the servers for all court records in Israelwere removed from the courts and the custody of the clerks to the custody of one of the corporations (the Ombudsman does not specify the name of thecurrent corporate custodian of Israeli court records...).The latest Supreme Court decisions from March 2002, certified by ShmaryahuCohen are the latest evidence that we have of custody of the Supreme Courtrecords by a lawful Chief Clerk.Events in 200 took lace under the tenure of Aharon Bark as Presiding Justice.Data mining also showed profound changes in the activity of Boaz Okon, thenMagistrate of the Supreme Court around the same period.The matter above was part of the evidence in the Human Rights Alert (NGO)submission to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), which was probably thefirst-ever such submission, which was based on data-mining reseach of government electronic records. [3] The submission was incorporated in theHRC Periodic Review of the State of Israel - Professional Staff Report (2013),with a note referring to "lack of integrity in the electronic records of theSupreme Court, the district courts, and the detainees courts in Israel".The Human Rights Alert submission recommended investigation of events inthe Supreme Court around the time of the death of the late Shmaryahu Cohen,former Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel.
[1]13-05-25 On void judgments - from an online discussion group[2]13-05-26 More on Void Judgments[3] 12-06-04 Human Right Alert, Submission; 2013 UPR of the State of Israel - "Integrity, orlack thereof, of the electronic record systems of the courts of the State of Israel"http://www.scribd.com/doc/92826212/https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8Aa2xQGbmk5QWtZcjVQLWVFZ0k

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