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Прашања за 5 одд

Прашања за 5 одд



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Published by Vesna Jonzoska
Вежби за екстерното
Вежби за екстерното

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Published by: Vesna Jonzoska on May 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Вежби за 5 пеление за екстернп тестираое
1.Jack and I ______ friends.
a) is b) am c) are d) isn’t
2. Кпј збпр вп речениците
“ Is it Spanish? No, It’s a bottle of French perfume. It’s fromFrance.”пзначува име на ржава?
а) Spanish b) French
c) France d) perfume
Кпј е тпчнипт пгпвпр на рашаоетп “
What’s Manuel like?”
a) He’s from Spain b) He’s tall and slim c) He’s 9 d) He’s got a sister
Какп гласи реченицата
They have got an e-mail
“ вп рашална фпрма?
а) Have t
hey got an e-mail? b) Have got they an e-mail? c) Got have they an e-mail? d) They havegot an e- mail?
5.There is _________ in Hill Street.
a) an hotel b) 2 hotels c) a hotel d) a hotels
6.Kпј п слениве збпрпви не риада вп низата
 –kitchen, dining room, bathroom…
a) living room b) hall c) toilet d) wardrobe
7.Ппвлечените збпрпви вп реченицата “ Put
the gloves
in the drawer “мпжат а се заменат спсленипт збпр
a) they b) theirs c) their d) them
8. Кпј е тпчнипт пгпвпр на рашаоетп” Is Jane eating an apple?”
a)Yes, she isn’t b)Yes, he is c) Yes, they are d) No, she isn’t
Сп кпја п слениве реченици се искажува бараое на пзвпла?
Can I go out, please? b) I can’t go out c) I can go out d) You and I
can go out
е тпчнипт збир на брпевите
fifty-three + twenty-eight?
a) one hundred b) seventy-seven c) ninety-one d) eighty-one
11.Кпј е тпчнипт пгпвпр на рашаоетп” Why is Abdul making a cake?”
a) He’s fine, thanks b) Because it’s Grandma’s birthday c) He’s Masid’s uncle d ) He’s ninety years old
12.На кпј атум е Св Валентин?
а) on the thirty first of April b) on the first of January c) On the fourteenth of February d) on the first
of May
се мпите пчила на англиски гласи
а) This is my glasses b) These are my glasses c) Those are
my glasses d) That is my glasses
14.A ________ of biscuits.
a) a jar b) a can c)a bottle d) a packet
15.Koja п слениве именки има неравилна мнпжина?
a) cup-cups b) glass
glasses c) person-people d) baby
Koj o слениве збпрпви не риада на низата –
pie, cheesecake, a slice of cake….
a) tooth b) soup c) apple pie d) hot chocolate
17. What’s the time? 11:25
a) It’s twenty five to twelve b) It’s twenty five past eleven c) It’s eleven to twenty five d) It’s half 
past eleven
18. Kako
гласи пречната фпрма п реченицата”
He visits his friends on Sundays”
a) Does he visit his friends on Sundays? b) He visits not his friends on Sundays c) He doesn’t
visit his
friends on Sundays d) He don’t visit his friends on Sundays
Вп кпја реченица е тпчнп уптребен рилгпт никпгаш?
a) I never drink coffee b) I drink never coffee c) I drink coffee never d) Never I drink coffee
20. Kaкп е ревппт на сленава реченица на англиски –Јас имам физичкп пбразпвание вп среа.
a) I have Science on Wednesday b) I have PE on Wednesday c) I have PE on Tuesday d) I have PE inWednesday
21. Koja o слениве реченици не е тпчна
а) А firefighter
fights fire b) A postman delivers letters c) A farmer grows vegetables d) A doctormakes bread
22.She likes _________
a) skating b) skate c) skates d) is skating
23. Koja o слениве реченици не е тпчна

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