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Rater-ToRater Handbook HH2

Rater-ToRater Handbook HH2



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Published by David Mullen

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Published by: David Mullen on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leapforce Rater
Rater Handbook 
Congratulations on your new job! Many new raters ask the same questions time and again after gettinghired. This informal handbook was written by an active rater for new raters.
This document is not official and should not be considered as such.
Whoa, I got a work-at-home job! Who are these people anyway? Is this ascam?
Leapforce has been in business since 2009, hiring Search Engine Evaluators to complete tasks that helpthe client refine search algorithms. Several Leapforce raters have been working with the company formore than four years and many have been working with Leapforce for 2+ years. Leapforce works withraters throughout the U.S. and abroad. Although the rating interface has been through variouspermutations, the goal has always been the same: to improve the quality of search results for Internetusers everywhere.You are a Search Engine Evaluator. You are an
independent contractor
for Leapforce, as opposed to an
. You help the client test algorithms before they are launched to the public as a whole.Human input is needed to perfect new search methodologies.
When do I get paid?
You are paid each month within 30 days of your invoice being submitted and approved. Fortunately, thepayment cycles are usually much faster than that. If your invoice is approved, you can expect to be paidanywhere from the 15
to the 25
most months. Keep in mind, though, that Leapforce does have thefull 30 days in which to pay you
—don’t budget for an early paycheck.
You will be paid by direct deposit. Each month the process goes like this:1.
You submit your invoice on the
My Invoices
tab. Remember to select the project type (e.g.
“Yukon” or “Orange”) and to abbreviate EXP (Experimental), SxS (Side
-by-Side), or RR (Result
Review) in the description field. Some tasks are labeled both “Experimental” AND “Side
Side”. You should record the task type based on what the text next to the “Acquire if Available”
button on the rater homepage read.If you complete multiple task types in one sitting, separate them with a comma.EXAMPLE: SxS, RR, EXP, SxS, EXP
You receive instant, automated confirmation by email that your invoice was received:3.
Several days later, you will receive either A) an approval email or B) an email stating your invoicehas not been approved and further action is required.A)
Information Regarding Your Leapforce At Home Invoice
Leapforce Finance Supportto meThank you submitting your invoice.Your invoice has been submitted to the accounts payable team for processingand review. It will be processed, approved and paid on its terms.If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us by sending anemail to Leapforce Finance Support <finance-support@leapforceathome.com>.Best Regards,The Leapforce at Home team
Information Regarding Your Leapforce At Home Invoice
Leapforce Finance Support <finance-support@leapforceathome.com>Apr 9to meYour invoice has been approved for payment.Your invoice has been placed in the payment queue and will be processed for  payment shortly. You will receive an additional email when payment has been made.Payment will be made via direct deposit to the account we have onfile. Please ensure your account information is correct.Best Regards,The Leapforce at Home team
If your invoice was approved, you will wait for payment. If your invoice was not approved, youwill return to the
My Invoices
tab, read the
left for you by the Finance Department, andmake changes. You will then receive an automated email stating your revised invoice has beenreceived. At that point, either additional dialogue will occur or you will receive an approvalemail anytime between a day and a week or two later.When you have been paid, your invoice status in the
My Invoices
section will change to Paid andyou will receive this email:
Information Regarding Your Leapforce At Home Invoice
Leapforce Finance Supportto meYour invoice has been paid via direct deposit to the account we have on file. Pleaseallow up to 24-48 hours (on business banking days) for the payment to post to your account.Best Regards,The Leapforce at Home team
Information Regarding Your Leapforce At Home Invoice
Leapforce Finance Support <finance-support@leapforceathome.com>to meYour invoice has been returned for your review.There is information regarding the reason for returning your invoice on theLeapforce At Home website.Please visit the Leapforce At Home website to review your invoice for anyerrors, to provide any additional required information and to resubmit your invoice for review.Best Regards,The Leapforce At Home team

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