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Jesus at Night.

Jesus at Night.

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Published by glennpease

John vii. 53. viii. i.

And every man went unio his own house,
Jestis went unto tlie mount of Olives.

John vii. 53. viii. i.

And every man went unio his own house,
Jestis went unto tlie mount of Olives.

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Published by: glennpease on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JESUS AT IGHT.BY FRACIS TRECH,John vii. 53. viii. i.And every man went unio his own house,Jestis went unto tlie mount of Olives.JlLeRE are two brief, simple statements tellingabout the close of a certain day on which ourLord Jesus Christ so spoke and acted as theseventh chapter of St. John*s Gospel records. If we look to the thirty-seventh verse, we shall seethat it was the last day of the feast of taber-nacles. Jesus had gone up fix>m Galilee to thisfeast, though he knew so well that in Jerusalem,where the feast was held, persecution of all kindawaited him, and that many there were seekingHis death. evertheless, ftdfilling His missionof Divine love for us. He went up, and, havingendured much contradiction from His enemiesduring the previous days. He nevertheless stillfrequented the temple, and still taught thepeople. " In the last day, that great day of thefeast," He stood amidst the vast concourse ga-thered there, "and cried, saying. If any man72 JESUS AT IGHT.thirst, let him come unto Me and drink. He thatbelieveth on Me, as the Scriptm-e hath said, outof his belly (i. e. from his heart, wherein Jesusby the Spirit dwells) shall flow rivers of livingwater." When He had thus spoken, there was,as usual, a division because of Him. Some be-lieved Him, and some believed Him not. Somesaid, " Of a truth this is the Prophet," i. e. theOne great Prophet whom Moses had announced.Others maintained that this was impossible, be-cause Jesus came out of Galilee — they not know-ing that He was born in Bethlehem. Some of them would have taken Him prisoner. And thePharisees and chief priests sent oflicers to cap-
ture Him. But they would not, and they couldnot do it, so great was the dignity and majestyof His words. But the Pharisees derided and re-buked their own messengers. icodemus him-self, notwithstanding his rank, and although hewas one of them, did not escape their reviling,because, in a measure, he took the part of Jesus,and stood up for that which was righteous and just regarding Hun. The day was now ended :and then follows the account of the text; "Everyman went unto his own house. Jesus went untothe mount of Olives."And why, let me ask, is this statement given — or rather, I should say, these two statements ; first,as to the people who had heard Jesus speak inthe temple, or who had had any thing to do withHim that day — secondly, about Jesus Himself?This shall be the subject of our inquiry now ; andJESUS AT iaUT. 78may the Holy Spirit guide us as we proceed ; for,if I do not err, it will present the Saviour to ourview in the most impressive and affecting light,calculated well to touch our hearts with somesympathy towards Him, with some fellowshipwith His sufferings, need, and humiliation on ouraccount." Every man went unto his own house." Thereis one of these two statements. God has said,'' It is not good for man to be alone." He hasbestowed on man all those ties of kindred andrelationship, on which so much of human happi-ness depends — for what would man be withoutthe development and exercise of his affections?God has given to the human race the ties of nearkindred in parents aud children, in husbands andwives, in brethren and sisters. It is written also,as one of His rich boons, that " He setteth thesolitary in families." And He gives men theirhomes — some wealthier, and some humbler — some, of course, more and some less attractive intheir form and character, but to each a home ;
and if it be not for the sin and fault of its in-mates, or for trials of some special kind, a happyhome too. And to this home, whether rich orpoor, multitudes look with all satisfaction and^Lad anticipation after the duties or labours of the day. And when, perhaps, they are called afaroff, no engagement which meets them, and noscene which interests them, so engages, interests,and pleases them as their return to their familyand home. And while none but the true godly74 JESUS AT IGHT.man can have a sanctified home, or has any rightto expect God's blessing in it, still He, who" maketh the sun to rise on the evil and on thegood, and sendeth rain on the just and on theunjust,^' continues to pour down His benefits onmany a home, whence no note of praise, love, orgratitude ever rises up towards His throne inheaven. For these are His natural gifts unto thefamily of man over the face of the earth : andfrom the first day, when the newborn infant istaken to a mother's arms in all love and tender-ness, to the last hour, when the aged, patriarchalman renders up his breath amidst his childrenand his children's children, gathered around hisbed, it is to the home and to the family, as Grod'sordinance, that we are indebted for so large ashare of this world's happiness. Let us rememberthis, as we look back to the crowd at Jerusalem,each returning, after the great day of the feast,unto his own home in the holy city or in the vU-lages around !But now behold One wending His solitaryway to a very diflferent scene! The next versespeaks of Him : " Jesus went unto the mount of Olives." ow, that we may view this contrastednarrative in a right spirit, and with true sym-pathy for Jesus Christ our Lord, we must remem-ber and apply the truth, that He, the Son of God,on taking our human nature upon Him, became" like unto us in all things, sin only excepted.^*It is written ; " As the children are partakers of 

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