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Young Living - Seed to Seal

Young Living - Seed to Seal



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Published by Kirsten Smit
Young Living Therapeutic Grade information
Young Living Therapeutic Grade information

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Kirsten Smit on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Importance of Testing YoungLiving Essential Oils
Creating authentic essential oilsmeans ensuring that every step o the process is ollowed withprecision and integrity. This is especially important when scientifcallytesting the oil’s purity and potency ater distillation. Testing essentialoils is important because it ensures every bottle captures the trueenergy o the plant.When a new essential oil comes to the Young Living testing acility,it undergoes a rigorous set o tests. The tests can quickly determinei the oils have been subjected to dilution, cutting, or adulteratedprocesses. Oils that exhibit even the slightest hint o possibleadulteration or tampering are rejected.Additionally, tests confrm that the optimal level o benefcialconstituents is present in each batch. Any oils that do not meetestablished therapeutic levels are discarded—Young Living only sealsand ships oils that meet both purity and potency standards.
Testing Standards
Young Living doesn’t only meet, but ar surpasses quality standardsgenerally accepted by our competitors. Frequently, organizationslike The Association French Normalization Organization Regulation(AFNOR) and International Standards Organization (ISO) are citedby companies to assert oil quality. However, AFNOR and ISO onlydierentiate between lower-grade ragrance oils andtherapeutic-grade essential oils—they do notmeasure actual oil purity or potency. YoungLiving essential oils ft in a higher category. Thelevel o quality ound in Young Living oilssupersedes any known industry certifcation.Young Living uses its own internal labs, in addition to third-partyaudits, to veriy that Young Living purity and potency standards aremet. Each batch o essential oil is sent through six rigorous tests andcompared to established quality benchmarks:Gas Chromatograph—Measures the percentage oconstituents (plant chemicals) in the oil.Mass Spectrometer—Identifes the names o eachconstituent in the oil.Reractive Index—Measures the density o the oil using aconcentrated beam o light.Specifc Gravity—Measures how heavy the oil is ascompared to water.Flash Point—Ignites the oil and tests it against standardash temperatures.Optical Rotation—Measures the molecular structureo the oil.Once the tests are complete, the results are compared to thevast library o inormation Young Living has amassed over 20years. This library o oil data is unmatched in the industry. Withthe recorded data, new oils can be compared to past samples,allowing or a consistent product. I the incoming oils do not meetthe established profle, they are rejected and not allowed to bebottled as a Young Living product.
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