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3. Aryana Havah Life on the Earth Which Way

3. Aryana Havah Life on the Earth Which Way

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Published by Priceputeanu
Aryana Havah
Aryana Havah

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Published by: Priceputeanu on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  ARYANA Havah a Romanian psychologist who has interviewed a 54 year old woman, who reportedly sees the future since childhood. 2009-2021 oneof humanity's potential period of talking.I would like to thank everyone who sent me a message. Initially, when Istarted this arduous journey, I thought that few people understand what I'msaying it, and many of them refused and returned, but was surprised thathappened, on the contrary, everyone is welcomed, even if what I wrote, itwas not known . Many people woke up, who want to change their lives. Godbless us!I want to apologize, because I want to stay anonymous, no matter howdirect the conversation. I hope you understand me. The world today is full of good intentions, and this is the path we've chosen, better to discover. I donot need the spotlight. A heartfelt wish that what I say, estimate the accuracy and correctness of the message. We are those people who have been sent, we are the humblesoldiers in the army, in which God and the book, which is not ours, but theentire universe. We had the opportunity to perceive these messages, andcommitted ourselves for, to acquaint others.We got one more chance to secure these messages on paper, tobecome famous, but we're just the messengers, and pray for all your goodthoughts, to the one who created us, the Creator.Once again thank you and wish you our hearts are brought together within a few years in a world where truth, the Good, the Light and Lovereigns. ARYANA Havah
Can be quite strange that I chose this title, but the communication of thiskind is to accept a message from another planet and I believe it give right todo so. We talk of a possible future for humanity in a 2009-2021 period, butas we know, the future is still open. We are the creators of change, we arethe creative power, and if our faith would be as big as a mustard seed, wecould move mountains. So please understand that what I say, just ahypothesis can be considered. The information might seem shocking, but Ifeel that the reason they came to us to try to awaken us from harmful andtoxic life style. I strongly believe that the earth needs the help. Love andcompassion to help him the most. They want better, wiser, become moretolerant. Stop this feud and we understand that no one is against us andthat we are not against anyone. We are here to learn the lesson of humanity, to show that we're people, and it should be understood that weare God's sons and daughters. Heaven is within us, in our hearts. Want toachieve and to become a reality.On a cold night in March. Loud rattling mobile phone brings up thereverie. I look at who is calling so late, but the caller is unknown. I wascurious, because it rarely happens to me. Warm tone on the phone, a lady,and says that he apologizes to the caller number, unknown, but it wants toprotect his identity, and want to meet me. Also discussed a meeting thatday, because the call made me curious.That day at the appointed time, a lady came into my office. 50 years old,very elegant and very beautiful. I looked at her face, green eyes, brown hair slightly, it was the sorrow. Offered me his hand, saying:
R: My name is Ruxandra. Great effort got the phone number. Wehave a mutual friend, with whom he had ways to avoid recourse to specifythe number. I read the
Inuaki, Reptilia live in me
- a book entitledConfessions of extraterrestrial beings. Know that everything that David saidis true. A very long time since I know these things, but I did not dare talkabout it. In fact, still scared, but I'm here to tell you, but I can return with arequest to provide this information to the whole world tárhasd. Then myheart that I can some things, but I can not do anything against it.
A: But it's a gift, a gift from God, I replied.
R: This is not a gift it is more of a burden. I am humiliated, beaten ...for this reason. But it does not matter now. The main thing is that I gatheredmy courage and discretion, choose to believe that me or not. I want to tellyou everything I know, my life. I hope that those who know me, do not readthis because I do not want to see. I have a special social status, andchildren in a difficult position with important husband. This message willserve the good of mankind. Think of me do anything, I'm not paranoid doesnot undergoing a mystical experience, which is apparent in the insanity.

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