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June 2013 Uptown Neighborhood News

June 2013 Uptown Neighborhood News

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Published by UptownNews
Monthly newspaper for Uptown: Covering: CARAG, East Calhoun, Wedge, East Isles
Monthly newspaper for Uptown: Covering: CARAG, East Calhoun, Wedge, East Isles

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Published by: UptownNews on May 27, 2013
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Crme & Safet
Flm Revews & Scheule
Events Calenar
Volume 9, Number 6
< Who needs caffeine?!
East Calhoun residents enjoy the Lake CalhounIce-Out Plunge on May 3. (Photo by CourtneyKiernat) (See more events on page 11)
Your Community-Supported News Source
Ci  Uptown AreA
and the Neighborhoods of CARAG and ECCO
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(see details on page 11)
ne n stor
 By Gary Farland
After an emotion-packed day of balloting, the 10th Ward DFLnominated Lisa Peterson Benderfor the City Council seat cur-rently held by Meg Tuthill. Theconvention occured April 27 atJefferson Community School.Five ballots and a voice vote atthe end were necessary for Bend-
10t Wrd DFL Nomintes Lis Bender
 By Sarah Sponheim
A study by Barr Engineering Co., paid for by the City of Minneap-olis and delivered this April, sheds light on the illegal discharge of groundwater from 1800 West Lake Street, a mixed-use apartmentbuilding on the corner of West Lake Street and Knox Avenue South,through the City’s stormwater system into the Lagoon. According toa draft of the report from Barr, the floor of the building’s lower park-ing level lies at 846.5 feet above sea level. The ground water eleva-tion at the site fluctuates between 848 and 854 feet above sea level.Ground water must therefore be pumped away from the propertycontinuously in order to keep the parking garage dry. Barr engineers
Stud DislosesUnderround Violtion
 By Bruce Cochran
Ask yourself if youever got an ‘intro-duction’ phone callto a…phone call.If you did, it wasprobably important.Well, that’s exactlywhat happened toEast Calhoun resi-dent Jack Jablonski.He was hanging outwatching a hockeygame on TV and gota call from a formerhockey teammate,Chase Jungels.Chase called Jackthe night of May7 to let him knowhe’d be getting acall from the Chi-cago Steel Hockey
Rditin Eliibilit
Chicago Steel drafts inspirational Jablonski
istered delegates. The first ballotrather evenly divided the votesamong the four contenders, withBender at 28 percent, Tuthill at25 percent, Kendall Killian at 32percent, and Ken Bradley at 15percent. The second ballot wasBender at 29 percent, Tuthill at27 percent, Killian at 34 percent,and Bradley dropping to 9 per-cent. (Numbers rounded to near-est percentage.)Because the drop rule said thata candidate would be dropped if he/she obtains less than 10 per-cent of the votes, Bradley wasdropped out of the third bal-lot. In that ballot, Bender got37 percent, Tuthill 28 percent,and Killian 35 percent. Thesenumbers held for the fourth bal-lot, with Bender at 37 percent,Tuthill at 28 percent, and Killianat 34 percent.The drop rule then droppedTuthill, the third-placed can-
This view looking northwest shows 1800 Hennepin and the Lagoon roughly300 feet behind the trees on the left.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
Lisa Bender speaks at the 10th Ward DFL Convention.
 To her left is Ken Brad-ley, Met Tuthill and Kendal Killian, (out of frame).
(Photo by StuartWainstock.com)
 By Melissa Slachetka
Briefly stated, a suspected bur-glar, whom police wanted toquestion, led a massive chasevia vehicle and then on footthrough Uptown. This flee-ing suspect then broke into adifferent resident’s home, thatresident called 911, whichthen led to two officers beingshot (non-lethal wounds).The suspect was lethally shotas a result of that altercation.Police were called out in forceto apprehend the fleeing sus-pect, and an unsettling acci-dent involving a police carand a motorcycle happened ata nearby intersection. Whatreally happened is still beingworked out, but here is thelatest official release from theMinneapolis Police Depart-ment (MPD).
MPD Sttement from M 11
“Shooting: Preliminary indications are that thesuspect was involved in an intense physical alter-cation with officers, including a K9. At somepoint during the altercation the suspect triedto gain control of an officer’s firearm, which isan MP5. Shots were fired during the struggle.Exactly who fired and how many times has notyet been determined. Autopsy results from theHennepin County Medical Examiner are stillpending as are forensics tests from evidencerecovered in this case. Both are critical in helpingour investigators gain a complete and accuratepicture of what transpired yesterday afternoon.Traffic Fatality: Initial reports from independentwitness accounts, accident reconstruction, andvideo review show that the involved squad waser to obtain the nomination. Todate, Tuthill has not said withcertainty whether she will run inthe November 5 election. Thatelection will be ranked choicevoting so there is no primary.Both the East Calhoun andCARAG neighborhoods are inWard 10.The voting began with 422 reg-
Tred Strikes Twie In Uptown Pursuit
 Police Shooting and Motorcycle Collision Investigation
travelling well below the posted speed limit asit approached the intersection and at the timeof impact. It is clear from video evidence thatthe motorcycle struck the rear passenger sideof the squad car as it proceeded through theintersection with red lights and siren bothactivated.Comments for Chief Harteau: ‘We are doingour best to be transparent and share informa-tion as quickly as possible, and I ask for thepublic’s patience in allowing us the necessarytime to thoroughly review and investigate. Weowe it to everyone involved and the generalpublic to be thorough and disclose the factsas we get them, and not simply respond tospeculation. We have teams working aroundthe clock and I have the utmost confidence in
Media and residents gathered at 27th St. and Bryant Ave. during theMay 10 shooting incident.
(Photo by StuartWainstock.com)
Jack Jablonski (at right) with Davis Drewiske (alsoand East Calhoun resident) holding the StanleyCup.
 The photo was taken last summer when Daviswas with the LA Kings, 2012 Stanley Cup Champi-ons. Davis now plays for Montreal.
Uptown neighborhood news
JUNE 2013 
Uptown Neiborood News wnts to er from te ommunit
n , y a, acl,   ca, l    a cmmay a lcm a cua. s y  15 f  m u@ya.cm  Unn, 3612 bya Avu su, Mal, Mn 55409.All um mu  lva  U. L   e a lm  250 . h lu  a qu. w v    c   a c ll  ul a   f ac, clay, aa  lal cc. w   k yu am, a,  um,-mal a .Unn  a mly ulca f Calu Aa r Ac gu (CArAg)  ca   ea Calu Cmmuy oaza (eCCo). Unncv   f U a  lv f  ul   aa u y Lyal Avu a Lak Calu,  Lak s a 36s. C a u  u   U aa. Ccula  5,200  a a-al a f 10,000. pulca a u  f f f vy m. Cu a aa   vlu  m     f  aa  .Unn  maa y a a f lcal cz   eCCo a CArAg ba ac a  av. Mly m a l a s. May’gk ox Cuc, 3450 iv Avu fm 7 m  9 m  f way f  m, ul  cul. M a    ulc.Cac u@ya.cm  cfm a/ qu m   aa.
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UNN Etoral
Divine LiturgySunday 9:30 am
Fr. Paul ParisFr. Thomas Alatzakis
3450 Irving Ave. South (overlooking Lake Calhoun)
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610 W. 28 S.Mnnpls MN 55408612.825.3019Lnl.g
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10:30 m Worship
(n  N Sn)
28th & Garfeld • discoversalem.org
8:30am Traditional Worship10:30am Jazz Worship
Day Camp, June 24-28
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Letter FromTe Editor
F  Unn Facb & ti
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 By Dr. Liz Vogt
Transformational things thathappen when we ‘play well withothers’: Our brains work better.Our stress is lifted. We learn newskills. Our depression gets light-er. We feel more connected to ourloved ones. We see creative solu-tions to old problems. And yet,‘play’ gets queued somewherebetween ‘buying new jeans’ and‘having a snack’.As a therapist who works withkids, teens, and young adults, Ioften explain to parents, couples,and single adults that play is notfrivolous or inconsequential. Itis most certainly the languageof children, but it is also a criti-cal part of all relationships. It isout of a place of shared interestand joy that we form our deepestbonds that in turn form relation-ships, families, and communities.This matters for everyone.The obstacles I see most often inpeople’s lives involve monotony,time management, and finances.Many parents have been relievedto hear it is so much better togive your child 40 minutes of focused time when they can beemotionally present and focused(read: Turn off your phone.) thanThe second point is hopefullyinspirational. Not sure what todo together? Well, televisiononly hits two of the five senses;you can do better. Plan a menuand cook something, createsomething, see something new,go for a walk. The MIA is alwaysfree, and the Walker is free oftenenough. Better yet, walk to theWalker, stop off at any of thegreat cafes on Hennepin for atreat, and sketch your favoritepieces from memory. That’s fiveout of five sensesplus nature andphysical activity, itworks for almostall ages, and you’llprobably get somelaughter in thereas well. Imaginewhat your brainwill do with that.Speaking of thebrain, creativity iswhat primes thepump for newthoughts and feel-ings. Doing some-thing unexpectedor for the first timeactually causessomething tophysically happenin your brain. Itmakes connectionsbetween thoughtsand might evenbring clarity to oldideas.Try setting a goalof having intentional play at leastonce per week. Make it a chal-lenge to incorporate your senses,nature, and movement. Yourrelationships (and your brain)will thank you.
 Dr. Liz Vogt is a clinical psy- chologist who lives and worksin CARAG. She sees kids, teens, and young adults, and specializesin anxiety, autism, and personal growth. She also coaches parents in creative play.
UpTowN Neighborhood News 
 IS NOW aVaILaBLE aT ThESESELEcT LOcaTIONSBremer BnkBrueers BelsBrnt Squre Prkcepo Reordscin Mi Ticommon Roots cfeDunn Bros(hennepin & 34t)Dunn Bros(Lke & Brnt)Flfel KinFmous Dve’s BBQgii’s cféhelt Resoure centerhennepin-LkeLiquorsIsles Bun & coffeeIt’s greek to MeJoe Food SelfJoe UnitedMetodist curKowlski’s MrketMers & QuinnLoon TetrePrents automotivePizz LueRinbow FoodsSebstin Joe’sIe crem cfeSoutwest Senior centerSubwSpouse coffee SopUptown DinerTe grdenTreetops at clounVil PleWlker PleTe Wede co-opyWca (Uptown)
Te Vlue Of Pl
 By Melissa Slachetka
“Thanks to all the writers, read-ers, and neighbors in Uptown formaking my last year as Editorof the Uptown NeighborhoodNews a success!”to slip into trying to entertainthem for hours on end. Thank-fully, really good play is almostalways free or low-cost, thoughit sometimes takes a little moreplanning. As for monotony, it iseasy to dread playing Candylandfor 2 hours, and while a glassof wine is a lovely thing, if thatis our only way of shifting ourthoughts away from work andrelieving tension,we’re in a bit of arut.Here are some hall-marks of good play:1) the people doingthe play are into itand it makes themfeel something, 2)it involves as manyof the 5 senses aspossible, includinga little nature andphysical activity forgood measure, and3), it is creative.Emotion is one of the primary orga-niers of the brain.Think of yourstrongest memo-ries: they almostalways are associ-ated with a positiveor negative emo-tional experience.Even memoriesassociated withsmells are rooted in emotion.Whether or not you enjoy thesmell of snickerdoodles that hap-pens to remind you of Grandmais undoubtedly connected tohow you felt about her. One of the side benefits of play is thatit facilitates great memories thatincrease our bonds with ourloved ones, which promotes rela-tional resilience and the abilityto weather harder times in thefuture. All relationships need theglue of play.
“Doing somethingunexpected or for the first time actually causes something to physically happen in your brain.”
JUNE 2013 
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didate, on the fifth ballot. Hersupporters then voted for noendorsement, with that getting28 percent of the votes. Bendergot 39 percent and Killian got 32percent.After the fifth ballot, the rulessaid that a motion for no endorse-ment was in order. However,Killian then came forward andwithdrew, throwing his supportto Bender. He said that a changeof leadership was necessary. Thechair, Rick Stafford, then calledfor a voice vote and an obviousgreat majority enthusiasticallyendorsed Bender.During the balloting the 3rdPrecinct, which is all of EastCalhoun, stayed heavily in sup-port of Tuthill. This includedthe vote for no endorsement onthe fifth ballot. However, somesupport did swing to Benderonce CARAG resident Bradleywas dropped. The CARAG 4thPrecinct spread its votes prettyevenly among the candidates,but the CARAG 6th Precinctvoted heavily for both Benderand Killian.In addition to Tuthill, severalother DFL incumbents weredenied endorsement. In the 3rdWard Council Member DianeHofstede lost to Jacob Frey,and in the 6th Ward Council
Riders tested their coordination and balance in the Slow Race.
 The NiceRide sponsored event was part of the ECCO Bike Festival at St. Mary’s GreetOrthodox Church on May 11.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)
ECCO Bike Fest
Member Robert Lilligren lost toAbdi Warsame. In the 12 WardCouncil Member Sandy ColvinRoy was denied endorsementand there was no endorsement.There will be other changes tothe council caused by three CityCouncil members vacating theirseats to run for mayor. In the 9thWard Alondra Cano was nomi-nated by the DFL to replaceGary Shiff, in the 13th WardLinea Palmisano was nominatedto replace Betsy Hodges, and the5th Ward DFL will be replacingDon Samuels.The 5th Congressional DistrictGreen Party met February 17and nominated Annie Youngfor Park Board at-large, incum-bent Cam Gordon for 2nd WardCity Council, and newcomer TyMoore for the 9th Ward seat.The Minneapolis RepublicanParty has not endorsed any CityCouncil candidates yet, but theMinneapolis City RepublicanParty did endorse independentcandidate Cam Winton.For the DFL the next big eventis the city convention to be heldJune 15 at the Minneapolis Con-vention Center. There will beraces for mayor, Board of Esti-mate and Taxation (2 seats), Parkand Recreation commissionerat-large (3 seats), and the Parkand Recreation commissionersfor the six districts. At presentthe Minneapolis DFL lists sevencandidates for the DFL mayorendorsement. In the Park Board4th District (East Calhoun) theincumbent Anita Tabb is so farunopposed for the DFL endorse-ment, but in the Sixth District(CARAG) the incumbent BradBourn is being opposed by JoshNeiman.The filing for elections occursJuly 30 to August 13, and somore candidates may appear.Because of the ranked choice vot-ing and no primary a number of candidates might be on the ballotwith the Democratic-Farmer-Labor identification. Candidateswill not be allowed to indicatewhether they are endorsed.
Gary Farland is a resident of the East Calhoun Neighborhood.
Tuthill delegate questions process
 By Bruce Cochran
Just 11 days after Lisa Bender received the 10th Ward DFL endorse-ment from the April 27 convention, a Tuthill delegate, Allison Rubinsubmitted a challenge to the Minneapolis DFL Chair, Dan McCon-nell. It represented the only challenge to the convention at that time.At the heart of Rubin’s contention is that support of a candidatedoesn’t mean that candidate is allowed proxy over your vote. In otherwords after the fifth vote when candidate Killian voiced support forBender during the convention, Rubin maintains, that the action was“inappropriate and contrary to DFL rules and the whole endorse-ment voting process.”Rubin goes on to explain that the process to move forward with voiceacclimation for a final endorsement was never formally agreed upon.And she also questioned whether the voice vote was really a major-ity–the 60 percent required for endorsement.During those final moments of the convention, Rick Stafford, 10thWard DFL Chair was presiding along with Co-Chair Linda Higgins.In a phone interview Stafford confirms that candidates are allowed toendorse other candidates during the convention and Killian’s state-ment doing so is “nothing new.”After that statement Stafford confirmed that without Killian therewas no longer a contest for the 10th Ward, (Tuthill’s delegates calledfor “No Endorsement”). He then called for a voice vote on the Bend-er endorsement. Consulting with Higgins, they agreed that not onlyaudience voices, but faces indicated well more than 60 percent sup-port for the endorsement motion. Adding, that ‘after years of expe-rience he has learned to read people’s faces as well as listen to theirvoices’, for signs of support.In addition, according to Stafford, delegates are allowed to call for“Division” after the vote to contest the understanding or the outcomeof the vote. One delegate did approach him but when asked for a re-vote the delegate declined.And although the Rubin challenge was submitted shortly after theApril 27 Convention, 11 days had already passed. According the Min-nesota DFL Challenge Rules “All challenges must be received within10 calendar days after the date the challenged action occured.” OnMay 23 McConnell’s office denied the challenge based on late submis-sion date but told Rubin that they “will definately follow up with thechair of your convention.”As the UNN went to press Meg Tuthill was still undecided in herdecision to continue her campaign.

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