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New Newsletter! NY Injury Times JUNE 13'

New Newsletter! NY Injury Times JUNE 13'

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Published by Gerry Oginski
Read why removing a man's blood thinners led to death. Gerry's photo gallery. Trivia game...test your knowledge of the law. Find out why you should be careful if an attorney tells you your case is worth MILLIONS on the very first visit...and more!
Read why removing a man's blood thinners led to death. Gerry's photo gallery. Trivia game...test your knowledge of the law. Find out why you should be careful if an attorney tells you your case is worth MILLIONS on the very first visit...and more!

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Published by: Gerry Oginski on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski presents
 NY Injury Times, 25 Great Neck Road, Suite 4, Great Neck, NY 11021 | 516-487-8207 | www.Oginski-law.com
 JUNE 2013
25 Great Neck Rd., Suite 4Great Neck, N Y 11021
The attorney said to thenew potential client.
 An injured woman was looking to hire the best attorneyfor her case. She was given a referral by someone whoused this attorney in the past. The referral said greatthings about this lawyer. Naturally, she made anappointment to see this attorney.He had a beautiful office. He was dressed magnificently.His
shoes were so shiny that you could see your reflection in them.By the end of the one-hour consultation the attorneystood up and said “Your case is worth millions! All youneed to do is sign this retainer to get started and we willhave you on your way.”
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He had been on blood thinners prior tosurgery.
His doctor told him to stay on hiscoumadin and while in the hospital theywould stop it right before surgery.That’s exactly what they did.The surgery went well. Post-operatively
nobody put him back on his bloodthinners
. In the days leading up to thesurgery while he was in the hospital hisdoctor was watching his INR levels. Thatchecks to see how effective the blood thinner is working.His levels were good prior to surgery.By the way, in case you don’t know, bloodthinning medication is given to patients whoare at risk for developing a blood clot. Bythinning out the blood, it reduces thelikelihood of the blood clotting, creating alife-threatening collection of blood that clogsoff a vein or artery.
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 NY Injury Times, 25 Great Neck Road, Suite 4, Great Neck, NY 11021 | 516-487-8207 | www.Oginski-law.com
If you overhear an attorney in NewYork guarantee that your case isworth millions of dollars, ask himhow he can know that. Ask himhow he can evaluate the full valueof your case if he has not done anyinvestigation whatsoever on your matter. Ask the attorney who guaranteesthat your case is worth a specificamount of money to put thatpromise in writing. Watch whathappens.Did you know that no attorney inNew York can ever guarantee aparticular result? It's simplyimpossible. Even if the attorneyhas handled many cases identicalto the one you have and hasexperience handling these exacttypes of cases, even then he is notpermitted to promise or guaranteethat he can get the same result thathe got in prior cases.There are many reasons for that.Your particular case may havecertain issues that could alter thevalue of your case.There are some attorneys whomake outrageous statements likethis in order to entice you to simplysign up with that lawyer or law firm.If the attorney is unable to achievethe type of result he had promisedinitially, I can pretty muchguarantee you will be extremelyunhappy at the end of your case.Why do I share this informationwith you?So that you will be aware of whatto look for in the event an attorneypromises or guarantees you aparticular result in your particular matter.
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Sunset in Sanibel, Florida at Blind PassScenes from Sanibel, Florida
 NY Injury Times, 25 Great Neck Road, Suite 4, Great Neck, NY 11021 | 516-487-8207 | www.Oginski-law.com
continued from page 1...Getting back to this patient, while he is in the hospitalrecuperating following his surgery,
his INR levelsbecome abnormal
. His doctor fails to recognize this.Unfortunately for the patient, he no longer had thecoumadin working in his blood system. That meanthe had a significant risk of developing a blood clot.The problem was that no doctor caring for him pickedup on this important fact.One evening, days after the surgery, the patient wasfound dead in his room.
Nobody could explain whyhe died.
The surgery was successful. He had noobvious problem prior to his sudden death.His death warranted an autopsy. In case you areunaware, an autopsy is a procedure done by a doctor known as a medical examiner or a pathologist. Theyexamine the entire body with the goal being to try andidentify why the patient died.
It was not until an autopsy was done
that the patient’s cause of death was revealed.Examining the lungs during the autopsy revealed amassive blood clot to the lungs. This particular bloodclot was known as a “Saddle embolus.”One of his surviving sons thought nothing of this,until he had a conversation with me.The interesting thing about this conversation was howit happened.
I was having a computer problem. My computer wasnot talking to my secretary’s computer. I couldn’tfigure out why. I finally decided to get a trustedrecommendation for a computer expert to come inand diagnose my problem.This computer expert came to my office and beganworking on my computer. While he’sdiagnosing the problem and fixing it, we started talking. He didn’tknow what I did. I explained that I help get injuredvictims compensation for injuries caused bywrongdoing of a doctor or hospital.
That’s what triggered his story about his dad.
I told him that it was unusual for the doctor andhospital not to have put his dad back on the bloodthinner. He asked me if I could look into his dad’smatter. I said “Sure.”Turns out, after getting all of dad’s medical recordsand reviewing them as well as having a urologyexpert review them, did I learn he had a valid medicalmalpractice case.At the son’s request, I proceeded forward with alawsuit in behalf of his family.During the course of the lawsuit I had an opportunityto question dad’s urological surgeon; the one who performed the surgery and followed him in thehospital after his surgery.
I was able to get dad’s urologist to finally admit
 that dad should have been put back on blood thinnersimmediately after his surgery. This doctor actuallyadmitted that if dad had been put back on the bloodthinners after the surgery, in all likelihood, he wouldnot have developed this massive pulmonary saddleembolus
and would be alive today
.Once I had that testimony, it was only a matter of time before the defense agreed to settle this case.

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