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Mervyn on the Rampage Again!

Mervyn on the Rampage Again!

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kelaniya PS Chairman, member claim
By Nirmala Kannangara-
Monday, May 27, 2013
TheMervyn Silva plague has once again raised its ugly headin the Kelaniya electorate. This was evident when a gangof five thugs headed by Damayanthi Perera, who is saidto be the head of Silva’s Women’s Organization,assaulted the Chairman of the KelaniyaPradeshiyaSabha, Prasanna Ranaweera and Pradeshiya Sabhamember Nadeeka Sampath Vitharana on Thursday for notrecognizing Minister Mervyn Silva as the Kelaniya UPFAChief Oraganizer.Both Ranaweera and Vitharana were at Roswil Place inDalugama organizing a function to welcome the EconomicDevelopment Minister Basil Rajapaksa’s wife to kick off the road carpeting programme in Dalugama. It was thenthat the gang of Mervyn Silva had come in a yellowcoloured Dimo Batta and threatened the people for notputting up Minister Silva’s poster claiming that Silva wasstill the Chief Oraganizer in the electorate.
When we were putting up banners of President MahindaRajapkasa and Basil Rajapaksa for a function, Damayanthi Perera together with a few thugs including oneof the most waned criminal in the area, Roy, came in a Dimo Batta and threatened us for not putting upSilva’s picture claiming that he was still the chief organizer.Seeing Ranaweera amongst the crowd, Roy and four others dragged him from his neck and kicked him onhis chest and abdomen. While Roy was kicking Ranaweera another thug whom I could not identify camefrom the back with an iron rod aiming at Ranaweera’s head.Knowing what the consequences would be, I jumped and prevented the thug from assaulting Ranaweera. Itwas then that I got a few blows to my hand and knee from the iron rod. Since I felt faintish after these blowsI couldn’t remember what happened next but when regained consciousness I saw how those thugs got intothe van and fled,” said Nadeeka Vitharana. According to Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members, Mervyn’s acts of violence has once again emergedfollowing his two trusted criminal supporters being granted bail on April 2. They are 4th and 5th suspects of Hasitha Madawala’s murder.
No sooner Madawala was murdered, Silva vanished from Kelaniya knowing what would be his fate had hehas come to the area once again. Until Sarath Edirisinghe alias Singappuru Sarath and Saman Nishaman – two of the five main suspects in the Madawala murder were granted bail, no one knew where Silva was.During this time Silva was supposed to have travelled overseas with his family and did not spend muchtime in the country.However after two of his confident criminal supporters were granted bail, Silva once again came into actionand now trying to accelerate his mission – to kill all those who went against him,” said a Pradeshiya Sabha
Prasanna Ranaweera in hospital, Policereport on the Madawala murder andPrasanna Ranaweera
member on condition of anonymity.Knowing what tactics Minster Silva will follow after the assault on Ranaweera and Vitharana, both victimshad first gone to the Kiribathgoda Police to lodge complaints and had given the details of those who camefor the assault and those who were involved in the assault.Both victims were taken to Kiribathgoda Hospital and were transferred to the medical intensive care unit(MICU) in the Ragama General Hospital. Speaking from their hospital beds, Ranaweera and Vitharanadescribed as to how they came under attack by Silva’s goons at an unexpected time when they wereorganizing a function to welcome Minister Basil Rajapaksa’s wife the same afternoon.
There was a request from the Economic Development Ministry to send our recommendations to concreteroads in Kelaniya electorate. Out of the roads that I suggested, I got allocations for three roads – the roadthat leads to St. Francis’ Church, Old Kandy Road and Roswil Place concreted. I gotinstruction fromMinister Basil Rajapaksa’s secretary Deepal as to how the functions have to be organized and received thebanners and posters for the occasion. In order to inspect how the organizing committee was getting readyfor the function, I went to Roswil Place around 6am on Friday and was finalizing the work when ChairmanRanaweera came after inspecting whether the garbage had been removed in the area.
While we were discussing about the scheduled programme, I saw Damayanthi Perera in the front seat of a yellow colour Dimo Batta and a few others including Roy in the lorry. They were shouting at the peoplewho were gathered there to put up Minister Silva’s picture as he is still the Kelaniya Chief Organizer andcame running towards Ranaweera and assaulted him. They further claimed that they were not scared of any one and can resort to any violence since they know Minister Silva is there is protect them,” saidVitharana.Vitharana meanwhile said that he was not surprised the way the Kiribathgoda police have failed to take anyaction to arrest the people who came to assault him and Ranaweera.
 Although we gave Damayanthi Perera’s name no action has been taken to arrest her yet. This woman isnotorious in the electorate for running a brothel house in Kohalwila Etaheraliyagahamula. If the police failedto arrest her for running a house of ill fame in Kohalwila, we cannot expect the police to arrest Damayanthifor aiding and abetting the assault on both of us,” said Vitharana. Although Ranaweera was not in a condition to speak to the paper, he said that the situation was gettingworse after two suspects in Madawala murder case were granted bail in April.
Both these criminals were Mervyn Silva’s one time secretaries – Singappuru Sarath was theParliamentary Affairs Secretary while Saman Nishaman was the Coordinating Secretary. After they cameout Silva has once again changed his colours and is now trying to come back to Kelaniya. The assault onus is one signal given to all of us that he is the ‘man’ in this electorate and he has still control over what ishappening here. If Silva thinks so, he has got it wrong. I am telling him that the people would not allow Silvato ruin this sacred area and would look after him if he tries to intimidate the people here,” said Ranaweera.Meanwhile the Pradeshiya Sabha member who wished to remain anonymous said that this assault wouldbe a signal for all members who have refused Mervyn and added that they should be vigilant in future.
Before Madawala was murdered, he was harassed openly. It is just five months after Madawala’s murder and we should keep in our mind that it was reported that a fire arm was found in one of Silva’s ally’s placemeant for a mass killing in the council. The man, who wanted to kill all the PS members while attending acouncil meeting, would now be getting ready to achieve his target.If Silva was able to get bail set on the 4th and 5th suspects of Madawala’s murder – Singappuru Sarathand Saman Nishaman within 54 days of the murder by the Gampaha High Court, he will resort to anyaction he wants to, to achieve his targets. We know how to face him and we are ready to counter attackhim,” said the sources.
 According to the sources, residents in the electorate are now in fear whether drug trafficking, prostitutionand extortions will once again see the light of day in the sacred city where Gautama Buddha once placedHis feet, if Silva is appointed Kelaniya Oraganizer. “We request President Rajapaksa not to send MervynSilva to Kelaniya once again as its Chief Organizer as the peaceful atmosphere the residents are nowenjoying for the past five months would disappear. We will not be able to bring up our future generation in asociety free of drugs, extortions and prostitutions if this man is allowed to ruin this electorate as he didearlier,” claimed the sources.When contacted police spokesman SP Budhika Siriwardena said that an impartial investigation is currentlyunderway.
Mervyn the scourge of KelaniyaExcerpt from The Sunday Leader article‘The Mervyn – Malaka Pestilence’ of April 7, 2013Meanwhile the 4th and 5th suspects of the Madawala murder Sarath Edirisinghe alias Singappuru Sarath and Saman Nishamanrespectively were granted bail on Tuesday, April 2 by the Gampaha High Court Judge. Following this unexpected granting of bail, peoplein Kelaniya and Kiribathgoda are now living in fear that the suspects would exact revenge from them. Singappuru Sarath was theParliamentary Affairs Secretary to Minister Mervyn Silva while Saman Nishaman was the Coordinating Secretary to the Minister.Both Singappuru Sarath and Saman Nishaman were taken into custody for aiding and abetting the killers of Hasitha Madawala. Peoplein the area alleged that it was Minister Mervyn Silva who had got these two suspects released on bail even though there is evidence thatthese two men were directly involved in Madawala’s murder.
The 1st suspect Rangana Perera who killed Madawala had told the CID that it was his mother’s brother – Singappuru Sarath who hadgiven him the murder weapon and wanted him to kill Madawala. According to Rangana the weapon which is a T 81/ 01 automaticmachine gun was in the possession of Singappuru Sarath. Isn’t that alone concrete evidence to keep him behind bars rather than takinghim as a state witness and granting him bail together with the 5th suspect,” queried a businessman in Kelaniya who wished to remainanonymous. According to the source, Rangana had also told the CID that it was Saman Nishaman who had taken him (Rangana) and themotorcyclist who rode the motor cycle to kill Madawala to Negombo to a safe place following the assassination.“It is said that the 5th suspect Saman Nishaman provided transport for the motorcyclist and the suspected killer to go into hiding inNegombo. It was also said that Singappuru Sarath had bought his nephew Rangana an air ticket to go to Singapore the following dayand given him US$ 1000 for his expenses,” said the source.Meanwhile according to the police ‘B’ report submitted to the Mahara Magistrate Court, the two helmets worn by the motorcyclist and thesuspected killer at the time of the murder had been found at Samanala Restaurant in Kiribathgoda which is owned by SingappuruSarath.
The ‘B’ report further states that when Rangana Perera wanted his uncle Singappuru Sarath (to take both him (Rangana) and the 2ndsuspect Ashen Chathuranga (the motorcyclist) to a hiding place, it was his uncle who had called the 5th suspect Saman Nishaman andasked that they be taken to Negombo,” said the source.He further said that it was Singappuru Sarath’s brother-in-law (his sister’s husband) and father of the 1st suspect Rangana who hadprovided information on the whereabouts of Madawala.
It is said Rangana’s father had followed Hasitha Madawala on this particular day in his yellow coloured Bajaj Three-wheeler bearingregistration number WP QM 9614 and provided the information to his son Rangana so that he could assassinate Madawala,” the sourceadded.Furthermore the ‘B’ report stated that the murder weapon T 81/ 01 7.62mm together with two ammunition pouches and 49 bullets werefound hidden in the ceiling of the residence of Rangana’s father.Meanwhile questions have been raised as to how Mervyn Silva was able to get bail set for two of his close associates (the 5th and the6th suspects) within 54 days of the murder.
This was the same case with Ann Perera. She was taken into custody on the day of Hasitha Madawala’s funeral for keeping a handgrenade and two swords in her residence. Ann Perera in her statement to the police had stated that she bought the hand grenade andthe two swords from one Harshana in Pethiyagoda for Rs.50,000. Although the suspect had originally admitted that she had theseweapons in her possession it was a complete surprise when she was later released on the claim that she did not have any weapons inher possession. If Mervyn Silva does not allow the law enforcement authorities to carry out impartial investigations, it is up to President

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