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Christ Promising the Holy Ghost.

Christ Promising the Holy Ghost.

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John XVl. (part of 13th verse.)

When the Spirit of truths is come. He will guide
you into all truth.


John XVl. (part of 13th verse.)

When the Spirit of truths is come. He will guide
you into all truth.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST PROMISIG THE HOLY GHOST.BY FRACIS TRECH,John XVl. (part of 13th verse.)When the Spirit of truths is come. He will guideyou into all truth.1 HESE words are token from that most lovingand comforting address which our Lord JesusChrist spoke to his disciples on the evening of that night when He was betrayed, and takenprisoner, that on the next day He might be cru-cified. Sorrow had filled their hearts (as was in-deed much to be expected) when they heardfrom their Master's lips that He was soon toleave them. Jesus accordingly strengthens theirfainting spirits, by telling them the benefits — the unspeakable benefits — which would come tothem through His departure: "evertheless Itell you the truth ; It is expedient for you thatI go away : for if I go not away, the Comforterwill not come unto you ; but if I depart, I willsend Him unto you." Thus we may see and notewho the grand, living, Almighty source of conso-lation to Christ's church and people was to be,CHRIST PROMISIG THE HOLY GHOST. 213when their beloved Lord was no longer to be withthem personally. And not only does the Lordmake this glorious promise (which was accom-plished on the day of Pentecost) in general terms,but He adds many and most important details asto what the Holy Ghost would do, at His mightycoming, and as to the means which He would adoptto be the great Comforter. For instance, Jesusforetells how the Holy Spirit would break up andmelt the stony heart with a saving conviction of sin — how He would shew to every child of Godthat true justifying righteousness was all to befound in Jesus, and in Him only ; how he wouldprove that the "prince of tliis world" — i. e. Satan,
the enemy of souls, was "judged," condemned,and dethroned from his princely seat — how Heshould " take of the things" of Jesus and presentthem, as objects of faith, to all believers — howHe should thus glorify the Saviour, while con-veying such inestimable blessings to all the mem-bers of His saved church. Among these workswhich the Holy Spirit should accomplish — amongHis offices in the Divine plan for the salvation of souls — among the signs of His wisdom and Hismight was this; "He shall guide you into alltruth."These words of the text may be fitly consideredunder two leading heads — truth felt within us,and truth outwardly shewn. Therefore I shallfirst endeavour to demonstrate how the HolySpirit guides us into all truth within — felt andexperienced within. And here we need only be re-214 CHRIST PROMISIGminded that a man^s heart and mind must beoccupied by the truth before it can possibly ap-pear in his words and deeds. David thus writes :*' Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is withinme bless His holy name." The Lord "lookethon the heart." " Out of the heart are the issuesof life." God saith, "My son, give Me thineheart." All true and acceptable service to God,in a word, all true religion, must have its placefirst established and made within us. Remember,I do not say that it is to extend no further, orthat any Christian ought to be satisfied withoutthe open demonstration of his feelings towardsGod, without an open confession of the LordJesus Christ. But what I do say is, that we mustfirst be guided unto truth within before we canexhibit any such truth rightly, or in conversationand deed. ow it is not a new saying, but amost important fact, that in what is called reli-gion there are thousands of errors and countlesswrong ways of worship and attempted service,but only one right way. either, by any ima-ginable possibility, can opposing systems be both
true. The idolatry or polytheism of the ancientheathens, their adoration of Jupiter, Mai's, Venus,and Minerva, and other false gods without num-ber, cannot stand at the same time with the truthof Scripture, wherein God saith, " I am the Lordthy God. Thou shalt worship none other gods butMe." If Mahomet were God's chosen Messenger,and were his words any thing better than liesand imposture, Jesus could not be the Saviour of THE HOLY GHOST. 215men. If the ritual and ceremonial law of theJews were still binding on us, Christ could notbe to us the " very Paschal Lamb/' " the Lambof God, which taketh away the sin of the world."I might illustrate in many similar ways how itis impossible for two varying systems to be onein any man^s heart; and all other doctrine putside by side with the Gospel of Christ, is founduntenable with it, for salvation. Most rightlytherefore does the Eighteenth Article of ourchurch condemn those who, quite irrationallyand unscripturally, " presume to say, that everyman shall be saved by the law or sect which heprofesseth, so that he be diligent to frame his lifeaccording to that law, and the light of nature.For holy Scripture doth set out unto us onlythe name of Jesus Christ whereby men must besaved.'' Since our fall through sin, nothing hasniore glaringly shewn the corruption of manthan the multitude of false religions and " abo-minable idolatries," even still prevalent in solarge a part of the world. And you might aswell say that darkness could make darknesslight — you might as well say that the blackestand gloomiest cavern in the heart of the earthcould produce for itself the radiant sunlight of day, as maintain that man, with his "foolishheart" darkened by sin, could produce and fol-low that truth which would restore him to thelight of heaven, and lead him into glory. Apply-ing what St. John saith, in his first chapter,darkness cannot comprehend or give bh*th to

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