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Peace in Believing.

Peace in Believing.

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Published by glennpease

' Therefore being justified by faiths we have peace with
God through our Lord Jesus Christ — RoM. v. i. '

' Therefore being justified by faiths we have peace with
God through our Lord Jesus Christ — RoM. v. i. '

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Published by: glennpease on May 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PEACE I BELIEVIG.REV. WILLIAM HASLAM, M.A.,' Therefore being justified by faiths we have peace withGod through our Lord Jesus Christ T — RoM. v. i. 'HAVIG shown the salvation of God objectively, invarious forms, and under different aspects, let usgo on to regard it subjectively, as to its effectupon the hearts of men. The Lord Jesus is essentiallythe Prince of Peace, and accordingly, after He had foughtthe battle, and won the victory over death and hell, andsin and Satan, He rose from the dead and proclaimedpeace. (St. John xx. 19.) Peace be unto you — peace onearth — peace which* the world cannot give, and which theworld cannot take away.There is a false peace in which many people are found,who are little dreaming that it is delusive, and that theyare positively in danger as much as those who openlytransgress ; — perhaps even more so, for they are secureand insensible. Theirs is a peace before the war, whichmay be broken up at any time. Satan does not care todisturb or distress such a peace as this ; but the Lord,who loves the soul, is ever seeking, by the Word of Truth,to awaken it to a sense of this delusion.56 CHRIST I GRACE, THE OBJECT OF FAITH.Those only have true peace upon whom the risen Lord,breathes the Spirit; but even of them how many thereare like the disciples of old. The Lord breathed onthem, and said, "Peace be unto you." But somehow, theyhad not peace. They were sorely perplexed and dismayed,for they supposed this appearance was a spirit, and notthe Lord, whom they had followed. The Lord in whomthey believed, and whom they expected had come to re-deem Israel, had been overpowered by His enemies, andcrucified ; and though He had appeared to them after Hisdeath, still what could or would stay the hands of Hispersecutors from being imbrued in their blood also?They kept together therefore with closed doors, for fearof the Jews, and remained more or less in difficulty and
distress all through the forty days. The Lord certainlyappeared to them several times, but still the riddle re-mained unsolved. How could He be the Redeemer of Israel now? Even on the last of the forty days theywere still held under the same deeply ingrained expecta-tion, and they made bold at last to ask, " Wilt thou at thistime restore again the kingdom to Israel ? " (Acts i. 6.)Though they had received peace, they had it not, and sofar from being at rest were in continual trouble.ow are there not many, too many, converted soulslike this ? They know of Christ's salvation in their ex-perience, whether as the jailer, or as icodemus, or aspublicans and sinners ; they know that their sins are par-doned, and they dare not doubt it ; but still, somehow, theyare not at rest, they have not peace. Why is it they arQso fearful? and how is it that they are thus tossed toand fro, with many conflicts and many doubts ? There isdoubtless a reason, and we may find it as clearly as wePEACE I BELIEVIG. 57find and see a reason for the disciples' fears during thedays between the Lord's resurrection and ascension.How is this peace to be obtained ? and how is it to bemaintained ? Here are two very simple and very im-portant questions. Let us consider them in their order,and we shall then get a full answer to our question.I . How is this peace obtained ? ot by prayer directly,but by believing. It is given by the Lord Himself, *' notas the world giveth." There' are many who have thispeace with God, as we said, and can rejoice in it whenthey are alone with Him in prayer and meditation in HisWord ; they have peace too when they are in the assem-blies of His people, and they rejoice to hear the Wordwhich verifies and confirms their experience ; but some-how, when they are abroad in the world, in its various avo-cations and distractions, they feel themselves very dry anddesolate ; they never knew this barrenness and desolationbefore. ow, when they were expecting their peace toflow like a river, they have more fear, and doubt, and diffi-culty than ever before I This is well ; it is a sign of grace,and not to be despised, though it is not joyous, but grie-
vous to the soul which is passing through this exercise. Itis a blessed thing to have true peace, and to live conti-nually and habitually in it ; but, as I have said, this is notto be had by prayer. It may seem strange, but it is notmore strange than true, that this peace is not obtaineddirectly in answer to prayer. Love, joy, and peace are thefruit of the Spirit ; and we know that we do not get fruitby merely praying for it. It would be tempting God toask Him to make us warm if, in our coldness, we neglectedor refused to sit by the fire which His kindness had pro-Tuied. "Ye know not what ye ask" (St. Matt, xx*J 8 CHRIST I GRACE, THE OBJECT OP FAITH.when ye ask for the good place in heaven, instead of ask-ing for grace to live the good life here — ^when ye ask forthe crown, and do not take the cross now. We may drink of the cup of which our Lord drank, and be baptized withthe baptism with which He was baptized ; but to sit onHis right hand and on His left is not His to give, it shallbe given to them for whom it is prepared, and the goodfruit shall surely grow on the good tree, here and here-after. Peace is an effect, and is produced, so to speak, bya cause. The apostle says, in the fifth chapter of theEpistle to the Romans, that having been justified by faith,we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.We have this peace not by looking in, but by looking outof ourselves at what the Lord has done for us and in us.The Lord Jesus was delivered for our off"ences, and raisedagain for our justification ; and when this has been wroughtin us, we see that we are justified by faith.Through this man, Christ Jesus, is preached forgivenessof sins, freely to all sinnbrs everywhere. This proclamationof pardon maybe accepted and taken by smy sinner a,s such,and then he is counted a believer. He has crossed thethreshold line between death and life. He is pardonedand accepted for Christ's sake. But more than this, theapostle goes on to add : and by Him, the same Christ Jesus,all that believe — that is, all who are pardoned and accepted — are justified from all things, from which they couldnot be justified by the law of Moses. (Acts xiii. 38, 39.)Through and by the same Jesus, we who do believe havepardon and justification. The sinner is pardoned when hebelieves, and as a believer he is justified, or accounted

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