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Voltage Pictures v Jim Choi Complaint

Voltage Pictures v Jim Choi Complaint

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Published by Kenan Farrell
Voltage Pictures v Jim Choi Complaint
Voltage Pictures v Jim Choi Complaint

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Published by: Kenan Farrell on May 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COMPLAINT Page 1 of 11Carl D. Crowell, OSB No. 982049email: crowell@kite.comJonathan van Heel, OSB No. 095349email: jvh@kite.comC
 P.O. Box 923Salem, OR 97308(503) 581-1240Of attorneys for plaintiff UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTDISTRICT OF OREGONPORTLAND DIVISIONVOLTAGE PICTURES, LLC,Plaintiff,v.JIM CHOI,Defendant.Case No.: 13-cv-00855COMPLAINT;EXHIBITS 1-2COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTDEMAND FOR JURY TRIALPlaintiff Voltage Pictures, LLC, complains and alleges as follows:JURISDICTION AND VENUE1.
This is a suit for copyright infringement under the United States Copyright Act of 1976,as amended, 17 U.S.C. §§ 101 et seq. (“The Copyright Act”).2.
This Court has subject matter jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 1331 and 1338(a).3.
Venue in this district is proper pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1391(b) and 28 U.S.C. § 1400(a)./////////
Case 3:13-cv-00855-MO Document 1 Filed 05/21/13 Page 1 of 11 Page ID#: 1
Plaintiff Voltage Pictures, LLC (“Voltage” / “Plaintiff”) is a limited liability companywith principal offices in Los Angeles, California that produces, markets and distributes motion pictures including the subject work in this matter, a motion picture titled 
 Maximum Conviction
.The Rights of the Plaintiff 5.
The motion picture in this case, titled 
 Maximum Conviction
, has been registered with theUnited States Copyright Office by the author, Maxcon Productions Inc. Registration No. PAu 3-647-070, 2012.6.
The motion picture contains wholly original material that is copyrightable subject matter under the laws of the United States.7.
The motion picture is currently offered for sale in commerce.8.
By an assignment recorded with the U.S. Copyright Office, Voltage Pictures, LLC has been assigned rights in the motion picture and has been assigned all rights to bring, prosecute,defend and appear in all suits, actions and proceedings concerning any piracy, infringement or misappropriation of the motion picture and to make any claims as the owner.9.
Under the Copyright Act, Voltage Pictures, LLC is the proprietor of all right, title, and interest in the motion picture, including the right to sue for past infringement.10.
Under the Copyright Act, Voltage Pictures, LLC possesses the exclusive rights toreproduce the motion picture and to distribute the motion picture to the public.11.
Plaintiff's motion picture is easily discernible as a professional work as it was created using professional performers, directors, cinematographers, lighting technicians, set designersand editors and with professional-grade cameras, lighting and editing equipment.
Case 3:13-cv-00855-MO Document 1 Filed 05/21/13 Page 2 of 11 Page ID#: 2
COMPLAINT Page 3 of 1112.
Defendant had notice of plaintiff's rights through general publication and advertising and more specifically as identified in the content of the motion picture, advertising associated withthe motion picture, and all packaging and copies, each of which bore a proper copyright notice.THE DEFENDANT13.
Defendant is a participant in a peer-to-peer file sharing network.14.
Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) Century Link, on information and belief, assigned Internet Protocol (“IP”) address to Jim Choi (“Jim Choi” / “Choi” / “Defendant”)from October 26, 2012 17:32:17 UTC through November 19, 2012 04:31:52 UTC. Ex. 2, p. 2.15.
Defendant Jim Choi is an attorney with offices at 16323 SE Stark Street # 3, Portland,Oregon, 97233.16.
The defendant was observed infringing plaintiff’s motion picture at 07:34:35 PM UTC on November 12, 2012, using IP address which was assigned by the ISP CenturyLink. Ex. 1, p. 5, item no. 50.17.
IP address has been associated with a vast amount of infringing activity.A limited sample of the titles exchanged on peer-to-peer networks and linked to this IP address isshown on Exhibit 1.BACKGROUNDPEER-TO-PEER INTERNET PIRACY18.
As noted by Senator Levin in Congressional hearings on peer-to-peer internet piracy, “Inthe world of copyright law, taking someone’s intellectual property is a serious offense, punishable by large fines. In the real world, violations of copyright law over the Internet are sowidespread and easy to accomplish that many participants seem to consider it equivalent to jaywalking – illegal but no big deal. But it is a big deal. Under U.S. law, stealing intellectual property is just that – stealing. It hurts artists, the music industry, the movie industry, and others
Case 3:13-cv-00855-MO Document 1 Filed 05/21/13 Page 3 of 11 Page ID#: 3

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