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Earth Unmasked - Cosmic Synchronicity Rpg

Earth Unmasked - Cosmic Synchronicity Rpg

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Published by stellapolare19721

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Published by: stellapolare19721 on Apr 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Future Earth Alternative Reality World Setting For the
Cosmic Synchronicity
RPGCopyright © 2000, 2001 By Joseph Teller
(Some Assembly Required. No Batteries included. Soggy When Wet. Use At Own Risk. Do Not Mix With Alcohol.)
Earth Unmasked Page 2
Quick Legal Blurb:
Earth Unmasked is Copyright © 2000, 2001 by Joseph W. Teller. You are free to use it, share it withyour friends, run games using it, and distribute it to strangers so long as you are not making a profitoff of it financially in any way. If you want to sell it or otherwise make money from it you mustcontact Joseph Teller ( joeteller@mindspring.com)and acquire his written permission to do so.
Artwork within this work is either : public domain, acquired thru our account withwww.arttoday.com (and used with the permission of the licensing from them), or created by us and/orfriends, unless otherwise noted. If a copyright notice appears with a piece of art you MUST contactthe artist involved for permission to use the artwork commercially separately. If you are an artistwhose work has been mistakenly included please contact the author and we will gladly label it as yourproperty, or remove it, depending on your desires.There are no warranties, guarantees or promises in regards to this work and its suitability to performany function or serve any purpose. All portrayals of organizations, characters, persons, countries orlaws of magic and physics are purely fictional and any resemblance to anything in the real universeis a fluke of probability and synchronicity and is not intended to offend directly, libel, slander, or beoverly accurate in any way. (Though some may be the results of typos, errors, intentionalparody/humor or the fact that computers are servants of Eris and will carry out her will no matterwho writes the software, presses the keys or plays with the pointing device).
Thanks as usual to Kiralee McCauley and Cynthia Shettle, who have had to suffer thru my creativeprocess and who have contributed numerous hours of their time putting up with my personalexplorations, rants, boring lectures, and occasional late dinners.Thanks also to the Playtesting group : The Western Avenue Irregulars (Ian, Ben, Thomas, Kiralee,Cindy, Greg, Ted etc.)
This is a Beta Release of the setting and subject to change or expansion. It suffers from someorganizational problems and is not purely linear in nature. Anyone want to be an unpaid editor let meknow.Additionally although humor is used in the presentation players should take the setting at least semi-seriously to avoid their characters getting killed (This is NOT a cartoon based roleplaying game. Donot drop anvils on the heads of others, throw them off cliffs, or go jumping from planes withoutparachutes as you can and will go *splat!* and not come back from the dead.)
Earth Unmasked Page 3
The future exists first in Imagination, then in Will, then in Reality.
 – Barbara Marx Hubbard
2025 CE :
The Earth of 2025 is filled with promise, fear, potential and impossibilities, hidden behind a layer of masks, deceptions to hide truths from those whose minds could crumble if they were exposed to thelight, deceptions to protect the mask makers from the wrath of those who would react violently if they discovered they had been looking at a mask at all. The masks are beginning to slip, to bediscovered, to expose things below.You shall portray a persona born of this world,one who has crafted their own mask or who hasused the masks others have made for them. Oryou might be a seeker, one who wishes to knowwhat lies behind the masks and believes that theirmind, spirit and body strong enough to facewhat lies behind the mask. Once you begin the journey there is no turning back, though youmay find yourself having wandered onto thewrong path and going someplace you neverexpected. This is the price for being who youare, of knowing, imagining, acting and choosing.This is not the world you live in, it’s the world of your persona, your character, which you havegathered together using the
Cosmic Synchronicity
rules and the additional information to be found inthis book. It’s not necessarily the same future your world faces, nor are things exactly the same asyou your are expecting. Its an alternative Earth, similar yet different in ways both subtle and obvious.This book cannot tell you everything, if it did it would be an encyclopedia. Your GM will add detailsbeyond here, we simply deal with the over view and those details needed for the creation of yourcharacter.The first part of the book will deal with the world, the second part will deal with those mechanicalthings needed for your character creation process. Its recommended you at least skim thru the firstpart before getting to the creation process so that your character will fit better into the scheme of things (or stand in opposition to them, if you wish).This is NOT a complete work - GMs and players must place effort into making this setting comealive. It cannot cover all possibilities, it is intended as beginning stage to build upon, expand anddevelop into your own exploratorium of creativity.

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