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Published by mapplin
Refuge ~ Samantha Sommersby
Refuge ~ Samantha Sommersby

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Published by: mapplin on Apr 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Samantha Sommersby
The leaves in the trees fluttered in protest as a fierce rumble of thunder shook themountains. Lightning split the rapidly darkening sky, opening it up. Rain poured downhard and fast, stinging my exposed skin. The inn where I was staying was a good threemiles behind me, but up ahead was a covered bridge. It promised shelter, refuge fromthe storm.The white cotton dress I was wearing had become drenched, transparent, and wasmolded to my body. I broke into a run. The sound of the slap of my sandals against the pavement, the smell of the surrounding pines, and the feel of the cool rain in the middleof the hot summer day took me back to a time when my life was simple anduncomplicated.A loud clap sounded as I entered the bridge, drowning out the echo of my steps. I was breathless, panting from the exertion."Mandy?"Justin Drake stepped out of the shadows, all six-foot-two, one hundred eighty delicious pounds of him. It'd been years since I'd seen him. One look and I suddenly couldn'tremember the reason that we'd broken up. The bastard hadn't aged a day. He lookedexactly like he had back in college."Jesus, its good to see you," he said.I stood rooted to the spot as he climbed off of the Harley Softail he'd been straddling.Justin was wearing what he always wore: black boots, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt thatclung to his still-sculpted torso like a second skin. His eyes drifted down the length of my body as he walked towards me, his gait confident and assured."You live here?"I shook my head. "Just visiting. I'm staying at an inn a couple miles away. How aboutyou?""Passing through. I have a little place down in Portsmouth, right on the water. Christ, Ican't believe I drove right by you a few minutes ago. If I hadn't stopped to watch thestorm. Have dinner with me, Mandy."When things ended between Justin and I all those years ago I was heart broken and it hadtaken me a long time to pick up the pieces and move on. Only, I hadn't ever 
movedon. Justin had been my first lover. He was the one that I compared all of the others to."I...""You can't," he finished. "Of course you can't." Justin raked his fingers through his dark,

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