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The Seal of the Prophets.....

The Seal of the Prophets.....



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Published by Tiye
The source chaaels the seal of the prophets is to putan understanding that no prophet is seal tody yesterdsy or tomorrow, it must be understoon the bearer of the message is not important has the message. The Source of man is seal for life for the source cannot be over ruled.
The source chaaels the seal of the prophets is to putan understanding that no prophet is seal tody yesterdsy or tomorrow, it must be understoon the bearer of the message is not important has the message. The Source of man is seal for life for the source cannot be over ruled.

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Published by: Tiye on Apr 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 THE SOURCE CHANNELS The seal of the ProphetsPart 1Dear readers, I share with you yet another postchannelled through the unseen while in myunconscious state sleep.My hand writes unbeknown to me with messages,knowledge and words of wisdom, which will benefitus all.Calling on all Philosophers, Scientists, Guru’s,Educator’s, Theologians, Legislator’s, Minister’sand people with understanding, lets debate…Among the followers of many religions is a stigmaon the topic The Seal of the Prophet, this debate isnot about a particular religion is about the Seal,Division, Symbol, Terminology, Control,Dictatorship, Misconception, Ideology,Indoctrination, about keeping the status quo and of course the Prophet. To understand the true meaning of a word is toidentify its roots and elaborate from that point of view lets begin with the word prophet. The word “prophet” gave birth from the Latin word“prophétés” the true meaning ‘A person whospeaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreterthrough whom the will of a god is expressed.’ ‘Onewho tells before the happening of events.’A Speaker.’ Its equivalent is “peygamberin Turkish from Persian origin that Iranians speak…) Itis an ancient word used in parallel to theirunderstanding of “god” since the ancient times… amessenger from “god” delivering a message.A “Prophet” is a word used in many instances inrelation to Gods messengers, one who delivers
messages from the supreme source of man, apostman or woman of a message delivered to youby post. The message is sealed until it opened to berevealed. Likewise, the messenger’s message issealed until he/she reveals, until you can find away not to reveal, because it’s sealed. Just like thepostman or woman delivers your sealed envelop toyour address. So the source of man/woman willdeliver messages to its peoples through themessengers, as long has the world exists.For just like the messengers or the Gurus of theknowledge give wisdom unto you today, theteachers and Gurus of tomorrow will have more tosay and add to the messages of the past.If you decide not to listen to the message today,you will be stagnant without clear guidelines of what stands before you.Prophets or messengers of time pass cannot beseal to be the last prophet in this era, meaning the21 century; many religions deem it fit to nametheir prophets or messengers to be the last in ourgalaxy.Logically that cannot be right for if man revolvewith technology, wisdom is collected throughknowledge, knowledge is from the source, and allthings that are possible is through the source whogave you wisdom. Then it would be fair to say, if man is stuck in theera of their prophet or messenger, then the onlywisdom would be from that time. They would beno advance technology.Our knowledge would be limited within the wisdomof the source, encapsulated in each religion at that
time. According to the writings the source is notlimited to comforters.When you have a seal it can either be broken orremained sealed. If the messenger is sealed thenit’s message would be sealed also. If you have themessage from the messenger then the seal will bebroken for you to receive it. Religion is not life. Itis a way one can live their life.Man makes the rules of the earth, but not the rulerto the source of man on the earth, or the earth,your legion is to the creator of man and not toman.Meaning not to the messenger, but to themessage. Not to who delivers your mail, but thecontents of the letter.While I sleep I write, without knowledge orrecollection of how the messages got there. As therecipient of many writings, feast your eyes on themessage “Seal of the Prophet” below. It is adecision that is left for you to decide whether tobelieve and receive this message in good faith.Written on 19/7/06. The writing says:“I say to you ’seal of the prophet” is given by man.I am the Lord thy God called by man. I will sendcomforters to my people in the time of need. Noprophet is sealed yesterday, today or tomorrow forwith time prophets, messengers will come.I am the only everlasting in your world and mine. Iwill send to your world my prophets, messengersand they will not be sealed for tomorrow is yet tocome.I say on to you, Tiye, let not your heart be troubledby non-believers, for to believe or not to believe isin my hand. Leave the burdens of non-believers to

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