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answer for my test 1

answer for my test 1

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Published by suganthan

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Published by: suganthan on Apr 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Answer and explaination for my first test paperSentence Completion1. Unlike birds that simply spread viruses from an animal to another animal, pigsare the "----vessel" where viruses swap genes and become----, deadly germs.(A) comprehensive.. small(B) complicated.. general(C) frustrated.. important(D) mixing.. new(E) lethal.. bigThe word "unlike" suggests that pigs do not simply spread viruses from an animalto another animal. Rather, inside pigs, viruses swap genes. Choice D really makessense. A place where viruses swap genes is a "mixing vessel", and thus generate"new" germs.2. Ancient cities were----destroyed, but archeologists have found sufficientinformation to demonstrate an occasionally----but generally complete picture inTan Era.(A) mostly.. fragmentary(B) obviously.. necessary(C) unwittingly.. whole(D) partially.. famous(E) fully.. necessaryThe first missing word describes how ancient cities were destroyed. The phrase"sufficient information" indicates that not all destroyed, and the word "but"indicates that the cities were destroyed in a way that would not lead you to findsufficient information. The second missing word describes a picture in Tan Era.The word "but" suggests that the word that fills the second blank must contrastwith the idea of full. Therefore, the best answer is A, which describes theancient cities as mostly destroyed.3. Since the primary criterion to evaluate a company is its current performance,analysts ------ to consider its previous credit.(A) refused(B) wished(C) planned(D) extended(E) caused
The word "since" indicates a cause-effect relation between the first part ofsentence and the second part. Therefore, the word that fills the blank should be"not" to consider its previous credit. Choice A, which clearly states redundancy(refused), is the best answer.4. According to Maslow's theory of need hierarchy, material is the ---- demand ofhuman beings, in that it provides the founding floor from which the other demandsare generated.(A) essential(B) basic(C) final(D) cheap(E) emotionalThe phrase "in that" suggests that the cause before "in that" should be similar inmeaning to that after "in that". Thus, the word that fills in the blank must be asynonym to "founding". B is the best answer. The word "basic" means the same as"founding".5. To be a true leader, a manager must not be too----: any effective leaderdepends on the ability of other people to----with each other.(A) popular.. agree(B) adventurous ..communicate(C) independent.. cooperate(D) self-confident.. argue(E) pragmatic.. disagreeThe first missing word describes a characteristic that a manager with leadershipability (a leader) can have, but cannot have in excess. The second missing wordindicates what followers must be able to do with each other if the leader is to beeffective. The colon (:) indicates that the second part of the sentence explainsor amplifies what is said in the first part. Therefore, whatever characteristicthe leader has must enable others to do with each other. C is the best answer. Ifa manager were too "independent", it would be difficult for the leader's followersto "cooperate" with each other.6. It is not surprising that superior service can generate competitive advantagefor a company, but the effort taken to improve service can often be -----------.(A) difficult(B) expected(C) diversified(D) unpredictable(E) promising
The missing word describes how the effort would be to improve service and the word"but" suggests that the word fills the blank must contrast with the idea of "notsurprising". Therefore, D is the best answer.GRE Reading Comprehension Answered with ExplanationThe cutting-edge science is ringing alarm bells. Avian flu virus picked up by pigscan swap genetic materials with another flu virus already in the pig and become anew, hitherto unknown flu virus for which no person, no animal has preexistingimmunity. The kind of virus causes a pandemic because it spreads from human tohuman.If you took a peek into history, it turns out that previous influenza pandemicshave similar scenarios. The greatest influenza pandemic in 1918 caused more than20 million deaths of soldiers stationed in France. The last influenza pandemic wasin 1968, known as the Hong Kong flu (H3N2). Thousands of deaths and millions wereinfected worldwide.The other examples are the Nipah virus and Japanese Encephalitis virus, which findpigs to be good hosts. With JE, the virus circulates in the blood of infectedpigs. When infected pigs are bitten by Culex mosquitoes, the virus replicates inthe mosquito's gut. The next time the mosquito bites a human, the virus is passedon. The pig doesn't get sick as such. The Nipah virus causes pneumonia symptoms inpigs. In humans, it causes encephalitis, and humans catch it only with directcontact with infected pigs. Symptoms range from mild headache to permanent braindamage, and can be fatal.It's merely a phenomenon of nature that the pig is the "mixing vessel" for the newgerm. But make no mistake, the pig is not the villain, neither is the chicken.It's actually us, and our horrible farm practices, outdated agricultural policyand, most of all, reckless disregard of our ecology and environment. "Hygiene andmanagement can control what eventually happens," says Lam. "Good farming practicewill prevent serious outbreaks and infection to humans." Despite knowing that,animal diseases and the possibility of transmission to humans are becoming quitealarming. Of the 35 new emerging diseases in the last 20 years, more than 70 percent involved animals.In fact, what we may have done is unwittingly create the perfect launch pad for aninfluenza pandemic that will likely kill large numbers of people across the globe.Although scientists say it's impossible to predict the odds that the virus willalter its genetic form radically enough to start leaping from human to human, thelonger H5N1 is out there killing chickens, the higher the chances are.1. Which of the following statement can be inferred from the passage?(A) New emerging diseases causes more deaths of human than animal.(B) Animals are the villain for most flues.(C) Hygiene and management can not control the spread of viruses.(D) The current bird flu epidemic may be a launch pad for the next influenzapandemic.(E) The influenza pandemic is always a regional phenomenon.Which answer is correct? For choice A, the passage did not make any comparisonbetween deaths of human and deaths of animal. In B, animal is actually not the

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