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Table Of Contents

Capacity planning reports
Change management reports
Backup Application Change Overview
Chargeback reports
Chargeback Overview
Compliance and risk mitigation reports
Table10 Compliance and risk mitigation reports
Table11 Compliance and risk mitigation reports
Configuration reports
Storage Server Configuration
Disk Volume Configuration
Storage Unit Configuration
Lifecycle Policy Configuration
Lifecycle Policy Destination
Schedule Configuration
◆"NetBackup Catalog Backup Configuration" on page35
◆"NetBackup Catalog File Backup Configuration" on page36
TSM Lan-free Server Configuration
Data protection reports
NetWorker group reports
Table27 Networker group reports
◆"Clone Summary" on page49
◆"Successful Clones report" on page50
◆"Staging Summary" on page53
◆"Successful Staging Operations" on page54
◆"Failed Staging Operations" on page54
◆"Staging Details" on page54
◆"TSM Migration Jobs" on page56
TSM Migrated Item Count by Storage Pool
◆"TSM Reclamation Summary" on page59
TSM Reclaimed Item Count by Storage Pool
Storage Pool Copies report
Table59 Storage pool copies report
◆"DB Backups" on page66
TSM Backup Set report
TSM Command Event Details
Maintenance Job reports
Table65 TSM command event details
◆"Maintenance Job Details" on page69
Licensing reports
Media management reports
Detailed media reports
Performance reports
◆"Backup client performance" on page76
Backup client performance
Resource utilization reports
Backup Device Utilization
Client Occupancy by Client
TSM resource utilization reports
Table77 HP Data Protector Database Utilization reports
Return on investment reports
Deduplication ROI Trend
Deduplication Cost Savings
Scheduling reports
Job Distribution by Media Server
Size Distribution by Media Server
Active Job Distribution
Active Clone Job Distribution
Job Forecast versus Actual Summary
Job Forecast versus Actual
Device Schedule (utilization)
Device Schedule (mounts)
Shared Device Schedule (mounts)
TSM Storage Pool Migration Schedule
Service level management reports
Table85 Service Level Management reports
Entering resolution details
Status reports
Client Occupancy report
Client Usage Statistics
TSM Lan-free Server Status
TSM Client Occupancy Details
NetBackup status reports
Avamar Domain Footprint
Recoverability reports
◆"Exposures Summary" on page105
◆"Detailed Exposures" on page105
◆"Unprotected Nodes" on page105
◆"Obsolete Recovery points" on page105
◆"Replication Process View" on page105
Obsolete Recovery points
Replication Process View
Server to Storage Configuration
RDF Configuration for Symmetrix
RDF Configuration for DG
MirrorView configuration
Capacity Planning reports
Capacity Overview for Block
Capacity Overview for File
Storage Array Raw Capacity
Storage Pool Capacity
Drilling down from Capacity reports
Change Management
VTL access group configuration
Daily compression statistics
Troubleshooting reports
Running virtualization reports
Running DPA reports from VMware vSphere
Registering the plug-in
Viewing the plugin reports
◆"Top Ten Largest Tables by size" on page137
◆"Top Ten Largest Tables by Row Count" on page137
Top Ten Largest Tables by size
Top Ten Growing Tables
◆"Database Change Overview" on page139
◆"Detailed change reports" on page139
Database Change Overview
Detailed change reports
All Database Change Details
Table114All Database Change Details
◆"Server Configuration" on page142
◆"Database Server Parameters" on page142
◆"Database Parameters" on page143
◆"Datafile Utilization" on page148
Datafile Utilization Trend
◆"Connection Status" on page150
◆"Disk Summary" on page155
◆"Disk Configuration" on page155
Disk Array Configuration
Fibre Channel Port Configuration
◆"Disk Status" on page158
◆"Disk Array Status" on page158
Running reports for an ACSLS server
◆"Tape Drive Summary" on page163
◆"Tape Drive Configuration" on page163
◆"Tape Library Summary" on page163
Tape Drive Summary
Tape Drive Configuration
Tape Library Configuration
◆"Tape Library Aggregate Utilization" on page166
◆"Tape Library Aggregate Utilization Trend" on page166
◆"Tape Library Utilization" on page166
Tape Library Utilization
Tape Library Utilization Trend
◆"ACSLS Server Status" on page168
Tape Drive Status Summary
Tape Library Status Details
Tape Library Volume Status
Tape Library Slot Status
◆"License Summary" on page174
◆"License Details" on page174
◆"RecoverPoint Change Overview" on page178
◆"RecoverPoint Change Details" on page178
RecoverPoint Change Overview
RecoverPoint Change Details
Table156RecoverPoint Change Overview
Table157RecoverPoint Change Details
Chargeback Summary
◆"Consistency Group Details" on page180
Consistency Group Details
Consistency Group Copy Details
Replication Set Configuration
◆"Consistency Group Throughput" on page185
◆"Consistency Group Data Lag" on page185
◆"Consistency Group Journal Lag" on page185
◆"Consistency Group Time Lag" on page185
◆"Consistency Group Transaction Lag" on page185
Consistency group performance
◆"Fibre Channel Port Status" on page188
◆"Network Interface IP" on page188
◆"Events Overview" on page188
Fibre Channel Port Status
Table163Fibre Channel Port Status
Consistency Group Copy Status
RPA Active Consistency Groups
Running reports for EMC File Storage
Asset Management reports
◆"Disks" on page193
Table175Capacity planning reports
EMC File Storage Changes Overview
EMC File Storage Change Details
◆"EMC File Storage" on page201
◆"System Utilization Overview" on page207
◆"Fileserver" on page207
System Utilization Overview
LUN performance overviews
◆"Disk status" on page210
◆"Fibre Channel Port Status" on page210
◆"Filesystem status reports" on page210
Filesystem status reports
EMC File Storage Card Status
Network interface reports
Table193Network Interface reports
Table194Troubleshooting reports
Running reports for a NetApp file server
◆"Disks" on page217
Capacity and disk overviews
◆"Fileserver Exports" on page224
◆"LUN Mappings" on page224
◆"Imported and Exported LUNs" on page224
◆"Aggregate Configuration" on page224
Aggregate Configuration
◆"Aggregate Utilization" on page231
◆"Aggregate Status" on page233
◆"Disk Status" on page233
Network Interface Status
Table222Troubleshooting reports
EMC Disk Library Reporting
Running reports for EMC Disk Library
EMC Disk Library versions
◆"Disk Summary" on page241
◆"Fibre Channel Configuration" on page241
Fibre Channel Configuration
Network Interface Details
Processor Configuration
EDL Configuration Options
Replication performance
◆"Deduplication ratios and storage utilization" on page247
◆"Compression Ratio" on page247
System Resource Utilization Overview
Fibre Channel utilization
Network interface utilization
Table226Network interface utilization
Tape Library Status Summary
Running reports for FalconStor
◆"Disk Summary" on page257
◆"Fibre Channel Configuration" on page257
Network Interface Configuration
Tape Library Volume Utilization Trend
Table240Resource utilization reports
Tape Library Empty Volume count
Network Interface status
FalconStor VTL Failover Status
Table251FalconStor VTL Failover status
Network Interface Errors by Interface
Aggregate Network Interface Errors
Running reports for a NetApp Virtual Tape Library
◆"Host Configuration" on page275
◆"Network Interface Configuration" on page275
◆"System resource utilization overview" on page278
System resource utilization overview
◆"Network Interface Errors by Interface" on page280
◆"Aggregate Network Interface Errors" on page280
Running reports for tape Libraries
Table264Resource utilization reports
Tape library components
Running reports for Fibre Channel switches
Asset management
Fibre Channel Device Mapping
Fibre Channel Port Utilization
◆"Network Interface Performance by Node" on page304
Interface Utilization Summary
◆"Network Interface Status" on page307
◆"Network Interface Link Pair" on page307
Network Interface Link Pair
Table286Network Interface Link Pair Autonegotiation Status report
◆"Network Interface Errors by Interface" on page309
◆"Network Interface Errors by Node" on page309
◆"Aggregate Network Interface Errors" on page309
Network Interface Errors by Node
Running Xsigo reports
◆"Fibre Channel Port Configuration" on page313
◆"Fan Configuration" on page313
Thermometer Configuration
Table294Thermometer Configuration
Infiniband Port Configuration
Table296Infiniband Port Configuration
◆"Fibre Channel Port Status" on page316
◆"Hardware Status Reports" on page316
Hardware Status Reports
Table298Fibre Channel Port Status
Infiniband Port Status
Virtual to Physical Port Mapping
Table305Fibre Channel performance reports
Table306Network interface performance reports
Table308Infiniband performance reports
Virtual Port Queue Depth Summary
Fibre Channel Port Errors by Port
Aggregate Fibre Channel port errors
Gathering data
Fibre Channel performance
System Resource utilization
Filesystem utilization reports
Table323Resource Utilization reports
Table324Filesystem Utilization reports
Memory utilization reports
Process utilization reports
Processor utilization reports
Table325Memory Utilization reports
Table326Processor Utilization reports
Analysis reports
Analysis Events Overview reports
Analysis Event Details
Analysis Events During Backup
Table335Analysis Events Overview reports
Compliance reports
Error reports
◆"Collector Errors" on page356
History reports
◆"Analysis Engine History" on page358
◆"Scheduled Report History" on page358
Analysis Engine History
Scheduled Report History
◆"Listener Performance" on page361
◆"Analysis Engine Performance" on page361
Analysis Engine Performance
Security reports
◆"Access Log report" on page363
Audit Log Details report
◆"License Details" on page366
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