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“Just around the corner”
“Don't even think about it”
“Might as well”
“You should know”
“Believe it or not”
“I just don't get it”
“I could do with a ...”
Funny you should say that”
“The whole time”
“I can't put my finger on it”
“Drop it”
“Don't be a stranger”
You're not going to like this, but...”
“Any chance...”
“I'll get back to you”
“I'm feeling / I feel a bit grotty”
“Up for it”
In no time”
I'd love a ...”
While I think of it”
“You could always ...”
Just think...”
It's/That's not on”
“Have it your way”
“I told you so”
“It's not an option”
Roll on + time expression”
The other way round/around”
“Fine by me”
“That's not like you / him etc”
“Now, now”
“That's another story”
“Be my guest”
“I know what”
“Give it a go”
“Fire away”
To get a lot out of it”
I have my doubts”
“But then again”
“Nine times out of ten”
“Stuff like that”
“All the same”
“Nice try”
“Try me”
“On a day like today”
Coming (right) up”
Don't ask me”
Talk about ...”
“Forget it”
You know who”
“Make yourself at home”
“Suit yourself”
A drop in the ocean”
“And that's that/and that's final”
“That's not a bad idea”
“It's (just) not me”
“(It's) about time”
“Hang on a mo(ment)/sec(ond)”
“There's/there are only so many hours in a day”
“One of these days”
In a word, no”
“Same here”
That's what you think”
What did you get up to?”
“It's a date”
“Some hope”
It's up to you”
You can talk”
“Far from it”
“Look at it this way”
“Allow me”
For a start / for starters”
“My dream date”
“Well I never !”
“It's worth a try”
“How come?”
“I can't wait!”
“Pull the other one!”
Fingers crossed”
“... or else”
“Put it this way”
“Make your mind up”
“I'm absolutely positive”
Out of the blue”
“Look on the bright side”
“You're on”
Thanks but no thanks”
Nice one”
More often than not”
“There's no such thing (as)”
“For the time being”
“Funnily enough”
Not to mention”
“It's only human nature”
In a (right/proper) state”
Better not”
“Chin up!”
A piece of cake”
I'm off”
“We'll come up with something”
The best bit”
Not long now”
“Let's have a think about it”
Come to think of it”
Out of curiosity”
Put your feet up”
I'm on top of it”
It could be worse”
A whale of a time”
I shouldn't think so”
Give me a chance”
Wait and see”
suppose so”
“Just (you) try”
“Just because ... doesn't mean ...”
“Can't complain”
“One ... at a time”
Here we go again”
For a change”
Worse than useless”
That'll do”
Part of the problem”
In a way”
I've got it”
You can say that again!”
On the doorstep”
“On a daily basis”
Talk about + adjective / noun”
To be on the safe side”
It's not rocket science”
That said”
“That's a bit of a blow”
I bet”
The best/worst possible”
The thing is ...”
So far, so good”
Loads/bags of time”
“You can't win them all”
Nice of you to ask / say”
What sort of time do you call this?”
One in a million”
I haven't got a clue”
As if !”
I'd go along with that”
“I've checked”
Life's too short.”
“Knowing me/him etc”
“If needs be”
“You name it”
Leave it to me”
f you know what I mean”
“And that sort of thing”
That's easy for you to say”
Too + adj/quantity for my liking”
I was really chuffed”
Good for you!”
“It's a free country”
“Carry on regardless”
For good”
I'm not (feeling) 100%”
Not if I can help it”
That's a bit much”
“Is it me or ...?”
On the trot”
You star!”
“Easy does it”
I was gobsmacked”
“Nice one!”
I'm up to my eyes (in/with/at)”
“It's the same old story”
I wouldn't go that far”
“What I'm trying to say is”
“Any luck/joy?”
At the end of the day”
(something) springs to mind”
I couldn't live without (something)”
“Poor you!”
“Fair enough”
Silly me”
Rather you than me”
I take it (all) back”
“Easier said than done”
Talk/Speak of the devil”
As I was saying”
“(Something) galore”
“Nice weather for ducks”
Anywhere/Anything/Anyone but”
I'm all ears”
Join the club”
“I can't (verb) for the life of me”
“Say 'when'”
“Time will tell”
“It's the pits!”
I'll take your word for it”
What a nightmare!”
In the middle of nowhere”
“I wouldn't say no”
“Give it a rest”
“Just about”
“What's with the + noun?”
“It's not up to much”
“Me too”
I can't (verb) to save my life”
“I'll bear it in mind”
You're better off +ing”
“I could murder a (something)”
By all means”
Just this once”
About time”
On the brain”
“Not to my knowledge”
Give over!”
In all likelihood”
Say what you like. I think...”
“From now on”
How does that grab you?”
So I see”
Saying that,”
The whole point”
A pain”
(That) figures”
Sleep on it”
“Full stop”
Give or take”
It's beyond me”
It strikes me”
“I've had enough”
You bet!”
“What's up?”
I don't blame you”
“If I were you”
Just in case”
(It's) all yours”
A (good) sight more”
What's wrong with you?”
n that case”
“Good job”
“Up to a point”
It never crossed my mind”
“Don't overdo it”
In the space of + time expression”
“A load of rubbish”
A waste of time”
There's nothing to it”
“Which is why ...”
I'm dreading it”
You're joking!”
For all I care”
Take care!”
Not especially/particularly”
“My take on it”
“That's news to me”
“Ideally, ...”
“No wonder”
I tell you what”
You're on”
You won't regret it”
Day in, day out”
Make it ...”
It's a must”
As a treat”
“the (noun) of a lifetime”
“It makes me / you sick”
Deep down”
“Or so”
“On the (adjective) side”
No need”
“Big deal”
That's life”
You'll be lucky”
Just a thought”
“If you must”
Around the clock”
I'm the one who”
“Go with the flow”
“I'm not saying ...”
How should I know?”
I'm easy”
That's a first”
Where there's a will ...”
See for yourself”
From the word go”
“It's not the end of the world”
“Go for it”
“There's no getting around the fact that ...”
“Not likely!”
At this rate”
“I wish”
It remains to be seen”
The sky's the limit”
On top of that”
That goes against ...”
It's hard work + ing”
“Long time no see”
“A big plus”
“Don't you dare”
Thanks a bunch”
Third time lucky”
Here goes”
Still going strong”
Work things out”
“Here to stay”
“As they say”
Business as usual”
For someone like me”
That's quite something”
Blah Blah Blah”
“It's gone”
Get a grip”
“(He / She / It ) 's the business”
Because I said so”
It's just that ...”
Your guess is as good as mine”
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