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Book III - Complete Book

Book III - Complete Book



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Published by Emine Fougner

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Published by: Emine Fougner on May 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softlybecause you tread on my dreams.
(William Butler Yates)
I’m lost in the moment, time stretches, and my woman is in my arms, our kiss lingering. I love
her beyond love. What is beyond love? Love feels like a simple emotion compared to what I feel
for Anastasia. What I wouldn’t do for her? Simply nothing... There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t dofor her. I would take her any way she would be willing to have me; I’m not too proud to admit
that whatever she gives me, I will take, and she gave me all of her.
“Mrs. Christian Grey,” I say reverently, and she smiles as wide as she can. Her smile lights up
my world in more ways than one. Desire courses through my veins, and instantly I am on top ofher.
“I need
Ana! You’re all I think about, all I feel... Sometimes it’s hard to function. If I lovedyou any more, I don’t know if I could do anything else, but be in you 24/7 around the clock.” I
whisper fervently into her lips with all the intensity of my emotions. Her eyes widen; the pupils
are getting bigger nearly covering all her blue until it’s just a small rim of blue around the black.
It is so fucking hot! I have to have her, here, and now! My cock is in full salute mode, and I rubit on her sex; my erection is protesting its confinements, raring to get out. As I rub myself on hereven with my pants and her dress as barriers between us, the se
nsation she’s feeling is too much
for her to bear; she tilts her head to the side, her eyes roll back as she moans with pleasure.With ragged breath and racing heart, her fingers fumble shakily with my zipper, and instantlyher hand is inside my boxers, rubbing my erection and cupping my balls. I groan loudly andpush my hips into her greedy hand.
“Let’s get you naked, baby,” I say anxiously. I’ve never wanted her as much as I do now, andconsidering I’m a halfcocked gun for her almost all the time, this is
saying a lot.
Anastasia’s back arches, and her hands fist the flowers that she has been laying upon the floor
of the boathouse. I pin her effectively under me on the floor; the dull lights in the boathouse,the sea of vibrantly colored wild flowers, the rustic walls, and the sounds of the lazily lappingwater below the boathouse create a magical place to make love in.

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