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Sun and Sunless Tanning

Sun and Sunless Tanning

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Published by Sokox
Make your body even more beautiful with informations from this book.Sun is coming,prepare yourself for tanning .
Make your body even more beautiful with informations from this book.Sun is coming,prepare yourself for tanning .

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Published by: Sokox on Apr 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunless Tanning 
Don and Tammy Hedlind
Have you seen your favorite news anchor, actor, politician and other limelight Celebes lately? Take aclose look when you do, notice something differentabout them? It’s that sun-kissed glow, the bronze tan,the healthy look is in and having a tan is one of the precursor requirements they are striving for. How arethey doing it? Notice the color, some of them look as though they have been living in the Bahamas andothers look like they had a nice weekend in the sun. Now having a healthy looking tan not only makes youlook and feel good, it projects a sense of youthfulness
many strive for. The nal result of a great tan is the
 beautiful bronze look the body has and the smileon the face of the owner. Putting on a swimsuit andheading to the lake or a tropical locale is much easier when the body is already TAN. A common remark atthe salon for a potential vacationer is, “I don’t wantto look like I came from Montana when I step off the plane!” What that customer wants is to have the “I belong here look” and we specialize in helping themachieve it in 2 different ways. 1. Spend approx 2-4weeks gradually building up their “base tan” withour tanning beds. 2. Get a sunless treatment applied,this takes about 20 minutes in front of our AirbrushTechnician; the result is a beautiful bronze tan thatlasts approx 5-10 days, with proper hydration. Thisarticle is going to focus on sunless tanning.Sunless tanning is a different process. In a sunlessapplication, a solution is sprayed or applied to the body. The solution contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone)a natural colorless sugar that interacts with the deadcells located in the stratum corneum of the epidermis.As the sugar interacts with the dead skin cells, a color 
change occurs. This change usually lasts about ve
to ten days from the initial application. Moisturizer helps prolong the tan by keeping the skin healthyand retaining the cells on the body; the longer thecells stay, the longer the tan lasts. At our salon to geta sunless tan, a client will need to see Tammy, our 
Certied Airbrush SprayTan Technician. Tammy has
quickly become the “go to” person for an airbrushspraytan in the Flathead Valley. Tammy: “I picturetheir bodies as a canvas and paint a portrait with myairbrush gun.” This scenario plays out daily in theairbrush room and clients are treated with the utmostcare and respect. Customers love the fact that theycan get a beautiful tan applied by a knowledgeableand professional person who is skilled in her trade.Just like a cosmetologist, appointments for having anairbrush spraytan applied are required. This insuresthe allotted time of 30-40 minutes is set aside for every customer to get the “hands on” approach andwhen a tan is airbrush applied by a skilled technician,
it is applied awless and turns out absolutely
 beautiful.So what if a client cannot stand in front of Tammy because they are modest, or do not have the time tomake an appointment, they need the service ASAP?How do we give them the best sunless experience possible without using a technician? At Club Sunwe are always at the “top of our game” and whenit comes to Sunless Tanning, we do not “pull any

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