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Jet_engine DGCA Questions

Jet_engine DGCA Questions

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Published by stuartb4u
Test Questions for Technical General Paper
Test Questions for Technical General Paper

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Published by: stuartb4u on May 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jet Engine: DGCA Questions
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Page www.rjworld.com
1. Blade is an angle formed by a line perpendicular to the propeller shaft and line formed by the(a)
Relative wind(b)
Apparent wind(c)
Chord of the blade(d)
Blade face2. Thrust produced by a rotating propeller is a result of (a)
Propeller slippage(b)
An area of low pressure behind the propeller (c)
An area of decreased pressure immediately in front of the pressure blades(d)
The angle of relative wind and rotational velocity wind and rotational velocity of the propeller 3. Propeller blade station number increase from(a)
Huh to tip(b)
Tip to hule(c)
Leading edge to aft edge(d)
Aft edge of leading edge4. It should have high specific gravity(a)
Low pan point5. Velocity index should be high. High freezing point
at a cold atm the water contents in the fuelin having tendency to form in a ice crystal6. It should be filtered to jet engine(a)
It should have low carbon content after burning the fuel7. In twin spool engine, with constant N
, compressor inlet temperature is decreasing then(a)
Fuel flow increases(c)
 N1 decreases(d)
The ratio N
is maintained constant N
 8. The thrust developed by high bypass ratio engine is(a)
Indicated by EGT(b)
Indicated by N
Proportional fan speed(d)
 Not affected by ambient conditions9. Perceived noise decibel (PNDB) level is low in case of (a)
Pure jets without noise suppressor (b)
Straight jet with noise suppressor (c)
Low by pass jets(d)
High by pass jets with acoustic panel10. Ignitor plug spark is due to
Jet Engine: DGCA Questions
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Page www.rjworld.com
High frequency(b)
High input current(c)
Discharge (storage) capacitor (d)
DC voltage
11. In a ‘hot tank’ oil system
Oil cooler is not provided(b)
Oil is stored in a separate tank (c)
Oil is at high temp in the tank (d)
De-aerator effect is very slow12. If jet velocity and mass flow is constant for a jet engine then thrust(a)
Is maximum when aircraft speed is minimum(b)
Is maximum when aircraft speed is maximum(c)
Is more when jet velocity and inlet velocity are equal(d)
Is always constant13. Water injection systems are provides for the jet engine for the thrust augmentation the thrustaugmentation for water injection can be caused and by two methods.(a)
By adding or injecting water at the compressor inlet(b)
By adding or injecting water at the differ sectionFig shown that a water tank made up of aluminum or sheet metal allows the water flow aregulatingIt then panes to the pressure regulating V/o of the diffuse and compressor inlet thought whichwater injection in done by providing two manifolds at the diffuse and compressor manifold.A water heater is provided for the water to not formed ice in cold atm or cold weather conditionA drain a/v provided to drain full water tank after are it is generally use of after gettingsufficient thrust by water injectionWater injection system used when aircraft an going to take off 14. In a compressor space between surge line and working lines called(a)
Safety margin on surge margin(b)
Stable zone unstable zone(c)
Unstable zone(d)
Stagger zone15. Hottest zone in turbine engine is(a)
Compressor outlet(b)
stage NGV(d)
Exhaust nozzle
16. In a high by pass engine NGV’s are eliminated
To reduced noise(b)
To reduce weight
Jet Engine: DGCA Questions
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Page www.rjworld.com
To increase efficiency(d)
To satisfy 1 and 2 aboveFor maximum thrustThe thrust augmentation is achieved a the compressor inlet by injecting water at thecompressor inlet which increases mass airflow and their by thrustThrust augmentation is achieved a the diffuser section by injecting water at the diffuser section and which als the diffuser section and decreases the temperature of the diffuser sectionwhich gives high deme man airflow high affect to maximum17. Brayton cycle is(a)
Constant temperature cycle(b)
Constant volume cycle(c)
Constant pressure and constant temperature cycle
18. NGV’s of turbine are usually
Air cooled(d)
As per (1) & (2) above19. Most common defects in combustion chamber is(a)
Crack and burning(b)
Blistering20. Jet engine ignition system.Jet engine ignition system is a high intensity and dual capacitor discharge type are usedThe two system are used for the ignition system(a)
Low voltage A.C or D.C type ignition system(b)
High voltage capacitor discharge type ignition system21. High voltage capacitor discharge type ignition systemFIGURE SHOWN HIGH VOLTAGE CAPACITOR DISHCARGE TYPE CUT (A.G)A 115 A.C is provided bu E.S.I. but to the primary coil of the transformer A to reduce thenoise level a filter cut is provided at the primaryAfter paning 115V at the primary a seen way coil induces a voltage of about 2000Vapproximately which paner through solid rectifier A through resistance to the dual capacitor or storage capacitor which store the electrically charger In the next cycle a 20000 is paned through rectifier B this resistance22. Combustion chamber used in a modern jet engines are(a)
Can annular type(b)
Annular type(c)
Can type(d)
As stated in 1 and 2

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