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135244353 Wisdom Qigong Geocites Chi Kung Learning PDF

135244353 Wisdom Qigong Geocites Chi Kung Learning PDF

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Published by Karina Huapaya

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Published by: Karina Huapaya on May 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wisdom Qigong Home Page
"Nothing comes into existence uninvited" 
(Including sickness and health - sadness and happiness - unrest and peace)
"The choices we make dictate the life we live" 
(To thine own self be true)
Welcome to
Wisdom Qigong
The website for students and others interested in this remarkable practice.Wisdom Qigong, if practiced regularly, can help improve all aspects of your health(physical, mental and spiritual).
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"I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand" 
 Ancient Chinese Proverb
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Coming soon - more pictures of the different posturesIntroduction to Qigong
Qigong (Chi Kung) 
comes from the Chinese words "Qi" meaning "lifeforce or vital energy" plus "Gong" meaning "practice" or "work."Pronounced like "CHEE GUNG", Qigong is a unique Chinese exercisesystem. Through individual effort, practitioners build up their health and preventillness by combining the disciplines of the mind, body and the body's Qi (vital lifeforce). Qigong draws on five main elements. It includes
"regulating the body"
 through specific postures,
"regulating the mind"
through quiet, relaxation andconcentration of one's mental activity,
"regulating the breath"
,and the
movement of the limbs
Wisdom Qigong
(a.k.a. Zhineng Qigong)
 was developed by Dr. Pang Mingof theHuaxia Zhineng Center in China.Dr. Pang is a doctor who is educated in bothtraditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Zhineng Qigong has been successfullyused in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses from cancer to chronicconditions. The Huaxia Zhineng center, often called the "medicineless hospital"opened in 1988 with a few students and patients. Today, there are several millionpeople in China and thousands more in the Western world who practice this form
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of Qigong.
Wisdom Qigong
was brought to the United States by Douglas K. Chung, MSW,MA, PHD. He is a professor in the School of Social Work at Grand Valley StateUniversity in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the first social work scholar tointroduce ancient Chinese Qigong Therapies into human services. He teachesQigong Therapy courses to graduate students and has served as a QigongTherapist and master since 1995. Mr. Chung has been a Qigong practitioner sincethe age of 17. He is the president of the Asian Center.
Douglas Chung believes that we have reached a point in our evolution where weneed to learn how to use our energy therapeutically. By integrating Easternteachings and our intuitive skills, he teaches the dynamics of utilizing the mind,body, and spirit to develop our healing energy.Working through this process of Qigong Therapy, one can learn to:Sense and improve your vital human energy
(for self-healing and helpingothers)
.Understand how negative thoughts, fears, frustrations, stress and angeraffect your health and well-being.
(Your thoughts - both positive and negative,become encoded in your biological systems and contributes towards the formation of cell tissue.)
Recognize your mind as the master of your life
(physical, mental and spiritual health)
.Allow your mind to influence your body
(and your body to influence your mind aswell)
Our Mission
To promote the benefits of Wisdom Qigong.To enhance and support the continuing education of students and others interestedin improving their health through the use of this practice.This site will provide:A comprehensive Internet resource of Qigong concepts, postures, exercises,and articles as taught by Douglas Chung and other teachers.Alternative health articles and practices that are preventative, therapeutic,natural, holistic, and complimentary to Western medicine.Links to other websites that explain complimentary Qigong exercises. 
Qi Talk
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