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For Women Only

For Women Only

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Published by Kara Down Tabler
For Women Only
For Women Only

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Kara Down Tabler on May 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For Women Only…Andy Stanley with Shaunti Feldhahn
Seven Revelations about Men
1.Men need respect (Women need to feel loved and cherished)a.Trust him b.Admire himc.Don’t criticize himd.Unconditional respect for hime.We think: love is unconditional, but respect must be earned…in marriage,this is unbiblical. Husbands love your wives unconditionally, Wivesrespect your husbands (Ephesians 5) Men need it so desperately and feelthey’re not respected, they feel beaten down…on the other side, whengiven respect, they will rise to the occasionf.Men, have grace with your ladies while we’re learning thisg.Any time a woman starts a sentence with the words, “why did you…” inthe man’s mind, “…you Dodo.”h.Barometer: check for anger (when women don’t feel loved, we feel it’sokay for us to cry; we don’t feel like it’s okay for men to get angry…butthis is their response to not feeling respected)i.A man’s heart is powerfully touched by a few simple words: “I’m so proud of you.” Women love hearing “I love you” but what really touchesour husband’s hearts is trust, being proud of him, etc. j.At work, they feel affirmed and respected for what they do, but when theycome in the door and they hear, “why were you at work so long?” it is notsurprising they will dive into work and seek affirmation from their jobs.Easy to have affairs because the women at work, though they have never said I love you, they admire and respect him – we need to do it in thehome.2.Men are insecurea.3.Men are providersa.More than bringing home money b.We think: we understand this; but, it’s not just a matter of wanting to, it’sa matter of a burden that he has to provide. For us, it’s not that big of adeal, but it’s always on the back or front of their mind.c.We need to appreciate their effort to provide and the burden they feel to provide.d.The man feels like his job may be at risk no matter how secure it might bee.Men feel powerful when they provide4.Men want more sexa.We women think of sex in marriage is just a physical need. b.When you have been pulled on all day, we feel like sleep – when youcompare your physical need for sleep with his physical need for sex, sleepwill more than likely win.c.For the men in our lives, it doesn’t mean the sex, it means feeling desired by their wives. It gives them confidence and well-being in the rest of their 
lives. They feel rejected if we are tired…and will give a sense of being beaten down.d.We can give them confidence by feeling desired.e.But men don’t know how to talk about this: 98% of men said getting sexwasn’t enough, but to feel important and desired by his wifef.If she is only responding because she has to, he is being rejected by hiswife…everything can be spinning out of control, but if my wife desires meand displays that in bed, he can conquer anything elseg.Allure of pornography: every single magazine picture has one message,that woman saying “I want you” – when he feels it in other places and nothis wife, its obvious there would be a huge struggle. If it was just physical,they wouldn’t need to look at the magazine.h.For men, premarital sex always seems better. The reason that God says notto have relationships before marriage, because in your memory, the worst physical experience you had before marriage will be better than anythingin marriage5.Men are visuala.Women don’t get what that means, but it means two things:i.A man can’t not notice a woman with a great body (we don’t getthis because we’re not wired this way – only 20% of women are)and even if I’m forced to turn and not look, I know she’s in theresomewhere!ii.That image of the woman they saw, goes into a mental rolodex of women – the image is burned in his brain and could pop up at anytime without warningiii.What is this culture like for our men? It is a visual minefield. Howhard it is for a Christian man to keep his mind on things above? Itis exhausting!iv.He must take every thought captive – tear it down, focus on whatshe’s saying. It causes difficulty for him to listen, etc. b.Women need to dress more conscientiously with this in mind. Men loathethis temptation as much as their wives, but they just have a harder timeturning it off. Temptation is not sin…so they need to not act on their temptation – what do you do with it when you’re tempted is key.c.Because women are dressing “cute” the guy thinks the girl is advertising.Men don’t understand why this woman is tempting them. We don’t wantto be pictured that way, we are just clueless.6.Men are unromantic clodsa.Hesitate to be romantic because they doubt they can succeed b.Men aren’t romantic because guys are performance oriented, they don’t becausei.They feel clumsy and feel they can’t pull it off rightii.For guys romance is different things: doing things, going out to play with our wives, Home Depot to guys is the same as acandlelight dinner to women7.Men care about appearance

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