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The Harmonic, Multidimensional Universe

The Harmonic, Multidimensional Universe



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Published by netg00r00
a selection discussing the facts about us being part of the multidimensional universe and more.
a selection discussing the facts about us being part of the multidimensional universe and more.

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Published by: netg00r00 on Apr 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 It’s not as hopeless as you might think – in fact, it might just be perfect.
You are about to read an organized collection of thoughts that you may have had atvarious times in your life, but perhaps could never quite fully integrate. Chances are, youwill also find many things in this book that you have never seen before, and which willutterly dazzle you. Hence, you can step out of the waiting room, as this next phase of your own personal initiation has just begun. The scroll that is about to unfold before youwill resonate deep within, triggering ancient memories from before the time that youwere born, giving you the keys to regaining your own freedom in a world that isincreasingly becoming a perceptual prison of fear and anxiety.We live in an age where tiny snippets of information perpetually rise and fall ineveryone’s life, blowing about with the futility of a rain of confetti – and without the proper context to put them into a framework of some kind, they are simply swept awayon the winds of tomorrow. And then, if they are remembered, the specific references aregenerally sacrificed to dim, murky hearsay, through toxic words like “They” or “thatstudy” or “I read,” which then emerge as, “Did you hear about
that study
found that the light speed barrier was broken?
 I read 
about it a while ago.” We have beenconditioned to automatically nod our heads in agreement when the almighty “They” areinvoked. “Oh wow… I didn’t know that
had done that!” Well, who is “They?” Whatstudy? Read it where? This fast-and-loose information game works temporarily with anopen-minded person when hearing new concepts similar to what we shall be presenting inthis book series, but we must remember that there is a far mightier “They” that hasenslaved the minds of most people – the consensus of mainstream thought. If you arereading these words slowly enough, then you’ll probably end up thinking about thisconcept, and how it has affected you and those around you, for days. Which is good.(Sometimes we will still need to use the word “they” to define a certain subset of people,such as the alternative science community, or a particular group of non-physical beingsonce named, or in discussing a particular study once the names have been given. We willcapitalize the word “They” and surround it with quotation marks when using it in thecontext we have just mentioned.)Ultimately, it appears that the subconscious gravitates towards the word “They” as it is asoft, comfortable substitute for God; deep inside, every person longs to be connected tothe source of their being, and therefore wishes to have a source of omniscience to drawfrom that he or she “knows is right.” However, let us recognize the paradoxical mind-split that this situation has created, once and for all. We ultimately want to use the word“They” to invoke God’s presence, but since the Renaissance,
 science has boldlyattempted to
God from all “rational thinking”
through Pierre Simon de Laplace’sconcept of “logical positivism.” This is how “They” of Science have come toautomatically assume that God is irrelevant to the quest for truth. Scientists believe that
this quest for truth is best accomplished by the
collection and synthesis of observabledata,
nothing more.The collection and synthesis of things that we can study and measure
the scientific process – and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it. However, the opinions of mainstream Science are
objective. “Science” is not a fair game. Untold numbers of data points are rejected by nothing more than an
emotional decision
that the data doesn’t“feel” right, with the belief in an empty, Godless universe as the motivating backdrop.This is then further bolstered by the heavy opposition of those who have strong media / political influence and who would stand to lose all of their funding if their prized theoriesturned out to be incorrect. Thus, planets are just “rocks in the sky” that churn about in a purposeless idiot dance, in a Universe that is slowly dying away by the “law of entropy,”eventually collapsing back into the nothingness from which it is believed to haveoriginated. Perhaps a wandering space rock will happen to veer into Earth’s gravity andkill us all, since in this Godless universe there is no “Scientific” reason to assume that wewill be protected. To suggest otherwise is to suddenly discover that you have “stormedthe machine-gun nest” of those who will accuse you being a “ridiculous religiousfundamentalist crackpot” with no respect for Science.Hence, any invocation of the word “They” is almost entirely pointless when you’re tryingto tell another human being that almost every major aspect of conventional scientificthought is either flawed or incomplete, from the tiniest to the most massive levels of size, both organic and “inorganic,” and that
a hidden, grandiose model exists that canintegrate everything into a fantastic spiritual vision heretofore unimagined by most.
The“scientific priesthood” does not want to give up its quasi-Divine claim to the power of theword “They”, but with the rise of the Internet, many people are beginning to open their minds and open the books that might have otherwise just sat on the shelf. So do try toremember the specific names of the people who made important discoveries, as with thatknowledge comes power – the power to free the human mind from a subtle, unspokenand persistent despair. Normal, clear, rational thinking is beginning to overtake the infantile desire to blindlyaccept what “They” want you to think and believe about the Universe. And generally,when the truth is presented in its purest form, it is not difficult for a regular person tounderstand – they simply may never have thought of it before.Once we move out of the scientific arena into what Carl Sagan patronizingly described as“the demon-haunted world,” we enter into a completely different playing field with newrules. Many of these new rules are issued on-the-fly by the continual rise and fall of thosewho claim to be “channeling” information about how the concept of God integrates withour physical reality. A surprising number of people will grab onto a certain set of teachings and will practically fight you to the death if you are not willing to believeeverything that their chosen channel said. Hence, there is a new crop of folks in townwho are embittered by the old atheists, but end up repeating their same mistakes in thedesire to harness the Hammer of the Gods and wield the almighty power of the word
“They.” Everyone seems to want to be the Messiah these days, and claim an exclusivegateway to the truth that only “They” can provide.I do believe that intuition and higher consciousness have a valuable place in the research process, but to say that you simply “channeled” a major chunk of new, otherwiseunverifiable
 specific information
is, to me, a distracting shortcut to doing this research“homework.” Specific information is not the main purpose of channeling, as I understandit. The spiritual sources I have studied with tell us that all research, all science isultimately of small importance, and eventually falls away as we move farther and farther along on the path to true Oneness.
What does matter the most is the general material that can help us in theevolution of mind, body and spirit.
I have no objections to the channels who focus on this type of material. Every person hasa unique and precious gift to give in helping all of us evolve – and you give them amicrophone and some freedom from fear, and if they are honest enough, they can movethe entire room to tears. Too often this only happens at funerals, if a bereaved familymember decides to speak. Perhaps for the first time they are truly feeling the gifts of Godthat were reflected through that person, and are more honest about their own feelings of separation from God than they ever normally allow themselves to be. (Most people donot realize this as the true source of their pain.) Actors who can cry on demand in front of a camera and can bring this same response out of us are seen to be dazzling. We knowwhen they are faking or not, and often the movies where it is clearly real will enjoy greatsuccess. At the time of this writing, “Spider Man” is the best-selling movie of all time – and when his father died and you saw that scared little boy crying close-up, you either melted into it and totally identified with his character or you had to force that clampdown on your heart once more and drive away the pain. The authenticity of TobeyMaguire’s tears made that scene far more than a typical “Hollywood death” – as suddenlyit became
father down there, and we were the ones longing for his loving presence toreturn.Some information can dry our tears, make us feel whole, and renew the sense that we areOne. Most of this philosophical information can never be “proven” and does not involvespecific “facts,” but simply appeals to a philosophical sense of reason, wisdom andloving-kindness. This type of material does not require any outside references or validation – it just speaks to the timeless self within all of us, and thus is definitely not“scientific.” Specific information can easily draw us away from our own spiritual path if it invokes fear or does not ultimately relate to our own evolution as conscious beings whoare One. Even if we could prove that we’re all going to die tomorrow, next week, nextmonth or next year,
that will do nothing to help us grow and evolve
Andif our body drops, there it will lie. We will still be ourselves, wondering what justhappened to us as we look down at it, and where to go next. What matters most is loveand wisdom, female and male, meshing together into the Unity of compassionate wisdomand the sacramental nature of all things. And ultimately, I must admit that even the

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