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The Scent of Success

The Scent of Success



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Published by cynicalhand
The Scent of Success is a dramatic thriller about a couple of twin brothers that are fragrance scientific devolopers. They have discovered a way to produce perfumes and colognes to alter the emotions of anyone that comes within close proximity of the wearer. The twins, Jack and Bill, endure extreme emotional encounters of lust, anger and rage while testing and perfecting the fragrances on unsuspecting test subjects.
The Scent of Success is a dramatic thriller about a couple of twin brothers that are fragrance scientific devolopers. They have discovered a way to produce perfumes and colognes to alter the emotions of anyone that comes within close proximity of the wearer. The twins, Jack and Bill, endure extreme emotional encounters of lust, anger and rage while testing and perfecting the fragrances on unsuspecting test subjects.

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Published by: cynicalhand on Apr 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Scent of SuccessBy Kerry Drabing Introduction;Imagine, you are standing in front of your dressing mirror preparing to attend animportant business function. As you gaze at your reflection, the possibilities of manipulating every mind and emotion at the gathering, flood through your thoughts likefire flies flashing in the dark. Your eyes are drawn to several bottles of perfumes lined upneatly across the dresser surface. Each one has a specific purpose and is labeledaccordingly and you consider your choice with much care. After grasping the decidedlycorrect bottle, you dash a moderate amount on the bare skin of your neck and leave for the appointment.As you enter the corporate building, every person within the aromatic vicinity of your scent is obviously changing their emotional demeanor toward you. Their eyes areimmediately drawn to the source of the demanding fragrance that has invaded their senseof smell. At first you notice the casual recognition of your presence by the onlookers, butas the seconds tick past, their glances turn to steady gazes and eventually to completeinfatuated stares of passion. All of this attention is concentrated directly at you! Ah, thesatisfaction of knowing that every affected person is at your beck and call for anythingyou want them to do! You have absolute control over every mind and emotionsurrounding you, where ever you go! At this moment you can make anyone do anythingyou desire and just what would that be?However, before these extraordinary fragrances can be available to you or anyone, thescientists developing these scents must endure extreme conditions and situations in their quest to discover these incredibly powerful aromas.This is the story of twin brothers and several characters involved in this intenselydramatic, comical and sexually fueled tale of fragrance induced emotional manipulation.Prologue; (Seven years earlier.)Jack Stanford was certain he was only minutes away from being sexually pursued byan intelligent, attractive twenty seven year old woman that worked in marketing researchon the sixth floor of his building. Jack was in his mid thirties, fairly buff with good looksand a ferocious business appetite. He was waiting in a room down in a lower underground floor, just above the loading docks where the cases of bottled perfumes andcolognes were being shipped out by truck. The bottles were to be distributed all over theworld to cosmetic counters in every store that sold fragrance related items.The unsuspecting woman from marketing was to be sent by his brother, Bill Stanford,to meet with Jack for an undefined reason. Jack was peeking through the crack of theslightly open door with sweaty palms and his heart pounded hard from excitement. Hefinally heard the distinct clack of high heels coming down the isolated hallway and knewthe lust cologne experiment was about to begin. After spraying himself with a moderateshot of the mist, he waited a few beats and eased the door completely open meeting thewoman face to face.Since this was the first out of lab scent trial, Jack was wondering how immediate and potent the effect would be as he said, “High there, Nadine!”1
She was startled and jumped back bringing her hand over her hear heart saying, “Oh,you scared me! Mr. Stanford.”“I’m so sorry, Nadine! Why don’t you just call me Jack?” He replied while watchingher for any obvious reactions to the aroma floating around him.Mr. Stanford, or I mean, uh, Jack! What is that smell? It smells like, like, Oh, Jack! Ifeel so, so connected to you! What - is, that smell?Jack could see the apparent change in Nadine’s emotional state and just as he wasopening his mouth to ask how she felt, her lips were pressed to his and they fell into adeep, highly passionate kiss.Jack mentally debated on how to proceed as the kiss lingered for almost a full minute. Itwas becoming more difficult to hold back his natural sexual desires, even though thecologne was allowing him to take advantage of this attractive woman. He decided to break the kiss and abort the whole encounter as devastating criminal charges of date rapeflashed through his mind. Jack pulled back holding up both hands, palm out, trying todeliver a believable reason for excusing himself, but Nadine already had other plans.She took over the situation by leaning toward Jack, forcing him backward, through theopen door and into the small room. Jack noticed a confident and lustful expression filling Nadine’s face as she closed and locked the solid metal door behind her. She crossed theempty space between them in a single lunge and reignited the heated kiss while grindingher hips against Jack’s awakening manhood. He felt his mind and body giving in to her seductive persuasion as he shamefully responded with pleasure to her sexualadvancements.Bill was waiting impatiently at the stairway landing that led from the lower docks to theelevators. He positioned himself here to meet Jack immediately following the experiment but he encountered Nadine instead. She walked up the darkened hall and as she climbedthe first floor of stairs Bill noticed her hair was out of place, her clothing was wrinkledand she seemed not to care.When she spotted Bill she said with a satisfied smile, “Hi Mr. Stanford! How are youthis afternoon?”She passed him on the landing and made her way to the elevators without giving him achance to respond.Soon after Nadine was hidden by the closing doors of the elevator, Jack came walkinginto view and Bill quickly jogged to meet him in the hallway.Bill excitedly asked, “How did it go?”Jack’s hair was standing up all over, his shirt was inside out and he stood with tie inhand as he said with a grin, “Better than I had ever dreamed possible!”Jack described the encounter in detail and Bill listened intently as they eagerly walked back toward Jack‘s office to make plans for the new scent they would test on their nexthuman subject.Chapter 1.The rays of light were blinding as the sun was rising on a cool clear morning within theoutskirts of Nashville Tennessee. The glistening dew drops reflected prisms of colorfulrainbows across the entire lush green valley. A brand new day was dawning on themassive walls of concrete and steel that formed a skyscraper which jousted high above2
the trees. It’s completely covered with mirrored glass and glossy stainless steel beamswhich housed the corporate headquarters of Exotic Scents, a world giant in producing themarkets finest and most luxurious colognes, perfumes and fragrances.Every morning Jack Stanford drove up the asphalt road that made its curvy paththrough the tall oaks and rolling pastures into a flat sea of pavement and parked cars. Hisreserved space was only a few steps away from the secure executive entrance to thegoliath building that he helped design and furnish. As he stepped out of his Porsche, herealized the blinding reflection from the surface of his work place always struck himdirectly in the face at the start of each sunny day.“I never should have put the main entrance on the sunny side of this fucking building!”He muttered as he finished closing the car door with a slam!He climbed the four steps to approach the digitally locked double glass doors located between the winding sidewalks that wrapped around the building from both sides. Heraised his sunglasses and slid them to perch atop his head as his other hand was reachinginto his left shirt pocket to retrieve his key card. His attention was directed to a thin, timidlooking man coming out of the same entrance. It was his twin brother Bill Stanford.“What’s this, burning the midnight oil?” Jack asked.Bill leaned his head foreword with a stern, tired look and replied “I’ve tried everythingand the formula just won’t adapt to the test samples!”Jack looked around with pissed off body language as he said, “Keep your voice down,damn it! I don’t want anyone to hear you! Now let’s go back inside and you can tell me in private.”“Alright, alright don’t blow a gasket” Bill said as he held the door open for his brother to pass by and enter the building.They quickly walked across the marble floor with the clacking of their shoes echoingthroughout the lobby. They glanced at each other as they passed several employees whowere trying ever so graciously to continue about their business without being noticed bythe powerful twins.Jack is currently single and is almost six foot tall with a regular but muscular shapedand well toned body. He has the looks for success and the intelligence to make it happen, plus he can be down right ruthless in getting what he wants. Bill, on the other hand, isfive foot six inches tall and skinny with no muscle tone. He is not ugly but not exactlywhat the women go for. He is also single and extremely afraid of Jack, so he is quiet andleans toward honesty with no conflicts.Jack likes having Bill involved in his life because they are brothers, but moreimportantly because Jack knows Bill is intimidated by him and always has been. Plusthere’s nothing better than having a completely trustworthy partner. Bill has alwaysdepended on his brother Jack to get things done and have everything lined out, so Billwas always informed after a situation was already in motion. Jack believes they are a perfect duo for a partnership, but he may be mistaken.Jack and Bill were referred to in private circles as the dynamic duo by almost everyonein the building because of the past record they had acquired by supplying the companywith the most popular and top secret fragrance formulas in the world. The competitioncompanies were never able to crack the twin’s formula code and this became a powerful3

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