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Published by CCFamilyAE
Central Coast Family June 2013:
Audio Books, Summer Celebrations, History of Best Places, Vacation Sleep, Pro Make-Up Tips, Local Events & Activities, Family resources
Central Coast Family June 2013:
Audio Books, Summer Celebrations, History of Best Places, Vacation Sleep, Pro Make-Up Tips, Local Events & Activities, Family resources

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Published by: CCFamilyAE on May 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Audio Books / Summer Celebrations / History of Best Places / Vacation Sleep
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Central Coast 
June 2013
 Central Coas
Child Development
3Library Voice
4Getting Out
6Fun & Games
10Local History
12Self Care
17Family Events
18Local Resources
Central Coast Family June 2013 www.centralcoastfamily.com Page 2
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Out of the Blue
Cover Photo:
Sweet Springs Nature Preserve
Elle Rose Photography
the Beast Jr
Summer Performance Camp
Grades 1
MON-FRI June 17 -28 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
Performance June 29 at 2:00 pm
at Unity in San Luis Obispo
Let’s put on a show! Kelrik offers total theater immersion plus allthe fun of a great summer camp. Beginners and advanced performers
ages 7-18 wil find expression and fullfillment on stage with guidance
from professional directors, choreaographers, and vocal coaches. $475
Get ready for the most fantastic summer of your life!
543-7529 www.kelrikproductions.org
CentralCoast FamilyJune 2013www.centralcoastfamily.comPage 3
Plan a Restful Vacation
Child Development
As we enter the summer months,many of us are looking forwardto and planning our summer vacations. But how do youmanage your little one’s sleepwhile traveling? When your childis tired, he will have a shorter attention span and be less able toengage with the world in a positiveway. Sleep is a universal human
need. It has been shown to eect
crucial development, mood, andgrowth in young children.The trick is to stay as close toyour child’s normal schedule aspossible, but also be able to relaxand enjoy yourself.If you are planning your familyvacation trip, consider staying inone place, rather than roaming. Itwill be easier on your child if you
stay ve nights in the same place,
instead of taking a road trip with
stops at dierent locations. Thiswill oer your child the comfort
of familiarity and continuity, andreduce the stress of packing andunpacking for you.Although I am not a fan of car naps in general, sometimes it isthe best you can do on vacationwith very young children. Sotry to plan some of your drivingduring your child’s normal nap or bedtime. When putting your childdown for sleep and/or naps, tryand stick to your home routine.This may include reading books,singing, snuggles with a soft toyor blanket, etc. And don’t forgettheir favorite comfort item...
such as a stued animal or baby
blanket. At least, your child willhave one familiar thing to take tobed.I do not recommend bed sharingwhile on vacation, unless youare already doing this at home.Sharing a bed with parents is veryexciting for young children. Thiscan be a hard habit to break onceyou return home. Try to bringalong a portable bassinet or playyard or ask for a roll away bed athotels.Changing time zones can be verytricky for little ones. If you arestaying more than a day or twoat your destination, I recommendthat you switch your family over to the local time immediately.This requires waking them at their normal time and putting themto bed at the same time. For instance, if your baby wakes upfor the day at 7:00 am in Californiaand you travel to Florida, wakeyour child at 7:00 am Florida time.
On the rst day in a new time
zone, your baby might be a littletired or grumpy, but his nap willfall earlier as well, so it usuallydoesn’t take long to get himin sync. Remember that youcan always put your child downfor a slightly earlier bedtime toaccommodate a child who is tired.Don’t forget that our kids getvery excited and stimulated onvacation, so we can’t totallyneglect or throw their sleepneeds out the door. To avoidexhaustion, keep to your child’snormal nap routine even if hedoesn’t act tired. Your little oneisn’t going to let on that they mayneed a nap when the mini golfcourse looks so appealing!When you get back home fromvacation, you plan to have alittle bit of adjustment time. Aslong you expect this, it won’tbe so bad... just like adjusting toDaylight Saving Time. Jump rightback into your normal scheduleand supplement with an earlier bedtime until you have caughtup on your baby’s sleep debt. Trythese simple tips for planning awell-rested family vacation trip,and remember to relax and havefun!
Exhausted and overwhelmed from sleepless nights?
Face to Face, Phone, & Email Consultations
Local group classes
contact@meetyouindreamland.com (805) 296-2149
Kerrin Edmonds is a Certied Infant & ChildSleep Consultant, and the Founder of Meet youin Dreamland
by Kerrin Edmonds
Father’s Day specialFree
exm & Dg X-rfo Dd w pd cnng 
 New Patients only. Cannot be combined with any other ofer. Expires 6/30/13
robet Floes, DMD & robyn Floes, DMD
Convenient Evening & Weekend Hours
(805) 544-9440
878 Bon av, sn lu Obo

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