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Puzzle_Ch.21- European Absolutism

Puzzle_Ch.21- European Absolutism

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Published by Anthony Valentin
To review vocabulary associated with this chapter.
To review vocabulary associated with this chapter.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Anthony Valentin on May 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ch.21- Absolutism in Europe
1. This is a term used to identify the parliamentary (Puritan)leaders opposing the monarchy in the English Civil War.2. The French conflict (civil war) that pitted the aristocracy againstsupporters of the absolutist monarchy. The nobility wanted topreserve their "Medieval' privileges while their opponents aimed tosubvert it. (2 words)3. This legislative body represented one of the combatants in theEnlish Civil War.
3. The "English Civil War" is also referred to as this. (2 words)9. This monarch severed ties with the Catholic Church. Set thegroundwork for the "Church of England" with the monarch as its'head'. (2 words)12. This figure was hired by Queen Elizabeth to raid Spanishcolonies and their cargo ships. In the absence of England's owncolonies, the acts of this person tapped America's wealth. (3words)
16. This Absolutist monarch is also known as King Carlos I(Charles I) of Spain. Battled against the Protestant Reformation.Presided over the Diet of Worms and Martin Luther'sexcommunication in 1521. (2 words)17. This Russian absolutist monarch (Czar) endeavored to bringthe Arts and culture of the Renaissance to Russia. (3 words)18. This term identified the supporters of the absolutist monarchyduring the English Civil War.20. The Enlightenment philosophy that influenced the U.S.Founding Fathers emphasized that government can only rulelegitimately if it receives this from the people.21. In addition to the monarch's divine right to rule, this matter alsocontributed to the dispute that produced the English Civil War.23. The reestablishment of the English monarchy after the EnglishCivil War.24. William and Mary of Orange were required to accept this limiton their royal power. (4 words)25. These Anglicans complained that the Church of England wasbecoming like the Catholic Church. They endorsed reforms tomake the English Church 'purer'.26.In "The Prince", this Renaissance political philosopher maderecommendations like: "The Prince must be a 'fox' and a 'lion'as the situation dictates".27.A term used by historians to describe the exercise ofmonarchical power in the absence of restraint by institutionslike the Church, legislatures, or the aristocracy.28. This Act (law) identified absolutist monarchs (Tudor) ofEngland as being the supreme head of the Church of England. Todeny this would be treason. (3 words)
4. This was a 'bloodless' change in the English monarchy. It wasled by William and Mary of Orange- who lived outside England, butwere encouraged to claim the throne by Parliament. This ensuredthat the English crown would not become Catholic. (2 words)5. Enlightenment philosopher who wrote "Two Treatises ofGovernment".(2 words)6. This is the source of much of the funds used by the Holy RomanEmperor to combat the spread of Protestantism and fight variouswars of succession in the 16th C.7. This Act (law) was passed several times in English history.However, during the Elizabethan period, it enforced specificreligious practices for English subjects. This solidified religiousauthority that monarchs sought. (3 words)8. A characteristic of absolutist rule; the belief that the right to ruleis derived from God. (2 words)10. This is a lasting reminder of the grand construction projectsendorsed by French absolutist monarchs.11. The military leader of the Parliamentary forces during theEnglish Civil War. Establishes the Commonwealth of England.Becomes dictator (Lord Protector) of England, Scotland, andWales. (2 words)13. Enlightenment philosopher who wrote "The Leviathon".Supported the exercise of absolutist powers by monarchs basedon a "social contract". (2 words)14. "The Sun King". (2 words)15. The English royal family fighting the forces of Parliamentduring the English Civil War.16. The first of two Church officials to serve in the court of aFrench absolutist monarch. He paved the way for theestablishment of absolute rule in France. (2 words)17. This term identifies a mariner whose job is to raid anothernation's shipping. Unlike a pirate, this person is hired by agovernmental authority to perform these tasks.19. This term indicates the change society would undergo tobecome more like Europe.20. This brand of monarchy describes the nature of Britain'scurrent monarchial system.22. Absolutist monarchs exert great effort to establish and maintaina strong bond between themselves and this. (2 words)

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