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Lighthouse, May 30, 2013

Lighthouse, May 30, 2013

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Published by VCStar
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County

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Published by: VCStar on May 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 13, No. 11 | Thursday, May 30, 2013www.thelighthousenews.com
By Andrea Howry
About75of thebesttriathletesfound in the U.S. and CanadianArmed Forces will be at NavalBase Ventura County (NBVC)Point Mugu Saturday, June 1, tocompete in the Armed ForcesTriathlon.The Navy, Army, Air Force,Marines and Canada’s militaryforces are each sending 15 triath-letes to the annual competition.This is the 14th year NBVC hashosted it.Traditionally, before everyArmedForcesTriathlon,thebaseputs on the Admiral’s Cup, asprinttriathlonthatisopentothepublic and usually draws about100 competitors. This year, how-ever, the public event was can-celedduetofundingissuescausedby sequestration.“Cancellationof theAdmiral’sCup is a tough one because it of-ten provided the newcomer totriathlons a chance to try theeventouttoseehowtheydowiththe three challenges at shorterdistances,said Fred Morgan,athleticdirectorforMorale,Wel-fareandRecreation,whichspon-sors all the athletic competitions
Base hosts Armed Forces Triathlon June 1
Photo by Ut2 (SCW/DV) JoShUA Noel / UCt 2
BU2 (SCW/DV) Matthew Dawson emerges from the cold water after a high-altitude dive during last month’straining operations in Bridgeport, located in California’s High Sierra. Underwater Construction Team (UCT)2’s Construction Diving Detachment Bravo was conducting cold-weather and altitude-dive training toprepare for its upcoming deployment. UCT 2 provides construction, inspection, repair and maintenance tounderwater facilities around the world.
Story, more photos, Page 22.
Morethan500ReserveSeabeeswill be filing through Naval BaseVentura County (NBVC) nextmonth as they prepare to deployfor up to a year in support of theGlobal War on Terror.NavalMobilizationProcessingSite (NMPS) Port Hueneme willprocess a group of ReservistsfromNavalMobileConstructionBattalion (NMCB) 28 over thenext few weeks. The Seabees willgo through medical processingand administrative screening.They will also complete fieldtraining exercises in chemical,biological and radiological war-fare and range qualifications.They will be joined later thissummerbynearly160morefromNMCB 26, which recently mobi-lized through NMPS San Di-ego.Establishedin1995inresponse
Hundreds of Reservistsfilingthroughnext month
see TRIATHLON, pAge 23see ReseRVIsTs, pAge 21
CM3 Brandon Brooks from NMCB3’s Alfa Company waits to bereleased from a chemical, biologicaland radiological (CBR) simulatedttack during a field training exerciseMay 8 at Fort Hunter Liggett inentral California. The battalionrecently returned from nearly threeeeks of training.
Pages 16-17.
A detail of Seabees from NavalMobile Construction Battalion 4looks over a completed runway paving project in Kenya.
Page 9
Newly renovated suites in the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites complex atNaval Base Ventura County, PortHueneme, feature a sleeping areadistinctly separated from the livingrea.
Page 20
By Captain Larry Vasquez
NBVC Conn Oc
The LighThOuse is puBLished aT NO COsT TO The gOVerN-meNT eVery OTher Thursday By The sTar, Of CamariLLO,Ca. The sTar is a priVaTe firm iN NO way CONNeCTed wiThThe deparTmeNT Of defeNse Or The uNiTed sTaTes NaVy,uNder wriTTeN CONTraCT wiTh NaVaL Base VeNTuraCOuNTy. The LighThOuse is The ONLy auThOrized CiViLiaNeNTerprise Newspaper fOr memBers Of The u.s. NaVy,CiViLiaN empLOyees, reTirees aNd Their famiLy memBersiN The VeNTura COuNTy area. CONTeNTs Of The paper areNOT NeCessariLy The OffiCiaL Views Of,NOr eNdOrsed By,The u.s. gOVerNmeNT, aNd The deparTmeNT Of defeNse,Or The deparTmeNT Of The NaVy aNd dO NOT impLy eN-dOrsemeNT ThereOf. The appearaNCe Of adVerTisiNg iNThis puBLiCaTiON iNCLudiNg iNserTs aNd suppLemeNTs,dOes NOT CONsTiTuTe eNdOrsemeNT Of The deparTmeNTOf defeNse, The u.s. NaVy Or The sTar, Of The prOduCTsOr serViCes adVerTised. eVeryThiNg adVerTised iN ThispuBLiCaTiON shaLL Be made aVaiLaBLe fOr purChase,useOr paTrONage wiThOuT regard TO raCe,COLOr,reLigiON,sex, NaTiONaL OrigiN, age, mariTaL sTaTus, physiCaLhaNdiCap, pOLiTiCaL affiLiaTiON, Or aNy OTher NON-meriTfaCTOr Of The purChaser, use, Or paTrON. if a ViOLaTiONOr rejeCTiON Of This equaL OppOrTuNiTy pOLiCy By aN ad-VerTiser is CONfirmed, The puBLisher shaLL refuse TOpriNT adVerTisiNg frOm ThaT sOurCe uNTiL The ViOLaTiONis COrreCTed. ediTOriaL CONTeNT is ediTed, preparedaNd prOVided TO The puBLisher By The LOCaL iNsTaLLa-TiON puBLiC affairs OffiCes uNder The auspiCes Of TheNaVaL Base VeNTura COuNTy puBLiC affairs OffiCe.
COmmaNdiNg OffiCer
Chief sTaff OffiCer
Capt. daVid SaSEk 
COmmaNd masTer Chief 
puBLiC affairs OffiCer
LighThOuse ediTOr
andREa HOwRY
fiNd us aT:
adVerTisiNg deparTmeNT
N aVa L B a s e V e N T u r a C O u N T y
pl bt o qton o cont to Lto eto an how t lto@nv.l
800-221-sTar (7827)
     T     h    u    r    s     d    a    y ,     M    a    y     3     0 ,     2     0     1     3
Th    eLi    ghth    o    u    s    e
    w    w    w .
     T     h    e     L     i    g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e     N    e    w    s
 .    c    o    m
Q: I was driving around base the other day,and I noticed a lot of really high grass. Why aren’t  grounds maintenance people keeping everything in“ship shape”? A: The grass is getting pretty high in some areas,but it’s not because our maintenance crews are doing less than their best. Grounds maintenance, including mowing the grass, is one area that has been greatlyaffected by this year’s budget crisis. Effective June 1, grass will be allowed to growa little taller than it is now — up to a foot high for  some species of grass — and in some areas it won’
be cut at all except as required by re and safetyregulations along fences, roadways and rebreaks.
 Edging will also be a thing of the past under thesenew budget constraints, unless required for healthand safety reasons.One of the most noticeable changes will be in Military Family Housing. Lawn care will be per- formed less often, likely six or seven times a year. Like you, I am used to seeing our facilitieswell-groomed and manicured. Pride in ownershipis important, but in today’s budget climate, preserv-ing funds for our deployed or next-to-deploy units
is the priority. We’ve got to nd ways to meet our 
challenges that are within the rules and guidelinesavailable.These are tough times, but we are far tougher.The grass is just a small indicator of the bigger  picture, but like the grass, this challenge can bemet with a little creative thinking and a lot of elbow grease. Maybe your Chiefs’Mess would like toadopt a facility? What about a yard-of-the-monthcontest? Let me know what suggestions you have! Youcan submit via this forum at lighthouse@navy.mil,online using the CO’s Suggestion Box at http://cnic.navy.mil/ventura/index.htm or at www.Facebook.com/NavalBaseVenturaCounty. You can also follow NBVC on Twitter at www.twitter.com/NBVCCalifor-nia and keep up on the latest news and events.
Why isn’t grounds maintenance ship-shape?
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e ew s 
. c  om
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e
 ur   s  d  a  y  ,M a  y  3  0  , 0  3 
armed forcestriathlon:
9 a.m.,Family Beach, NavalBase Ventura County,Point Mugu. 75 athletes from theNavy, Army, Air Force, Marinesand Team Canada will compete inswimming, bicycling and running.Open to spectators with baseaccess. See story, Page 1.
friends of theBard QUarterlYdinner:
5:30 p.m.,Bard Mansion, NBVCPort Hueneme. Guest speakerwill be Dr. Veronica Castillo-Munoz, assistant professor of history at UC Santa Barbara, whowill discuss Mexican workers on75,000 acres of agricultural landowned by Thomas Bard and othersduring the Mexican Revolutionand beyond. Information andreservations: Dolores Dyer, 805-858-0053 or ddyer44@verizon.net.
citizenship andimmigrationoUtreach:
10 a.m.to 1 p.m., Bldg. 1180,Region Legal Service Office,Detachment Ventura, secondfloor, NBVC Port Hueneme. Signuprequired. Get help with immigrationand naturalization issues, includingfingerprinting. Bring all relevantpaperwork. Information: 805-982-4548.
“Everywhere is walking distance if youhave the time.”
 — Steven Wright
By Andrea Howry
Walk it off.Really, walk it off — and while you’reat it, win some big bucks along the way.Morale,WelfareandRecreationisspon-soringanotherWalkYourself Fitcontest,but unlike last year’s, no alternate formsof exercisewillcount.Thisone’sallaboutalking.
“My grandmother started walking fivemiles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 now,and we don’t know where the heck she is.”
 — Ellen DeGeneres
Five-member teams are forming now,andteamleadersmustmeetatnoonMon-day,June3,attheBee-FitWellnessCenterat Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hue-neme.TheactualcompetitionstartsMon-day,June24,andendswhenthefirstteamaccumulates a total of 1,662 miles, thedistance of the California portion of thePacific Crest Trail. At that point, which-ever teams have the next highest numbersof milesaccumulatedwillwinsecondandthird place — and they’ll split the pot.The pot is made up of a $50 per teambuy-in.Eachteamwillalsopay$25aweek — $5 per person. The winning team willget 50 percent of whatever has accumu-lated when the 1,662-mile goal is reached.Thesecond-placeteamwillget35percent,and the third-place team will get 15 per-cent.
“I like long walks, especially when theyare taken by people who annoy me.”
 — Noel Coward
Every step counts. Competitors mustsupply their own pedometers and call intheirstepcounteverymorningtotheteamleader. Weekend totals are due Mondaymorning. By noon every Monday, theteam leader must report the team’s totalstep count to Ramona Pagel, director of theBee-Fitandorganizerof thecompeti-tion.“We trust you to provide your teamleader with accurate counts of your stepsso that your team wins honestly,” Pagelsaid.The key number is 3,822,600 steps, theequivalent of 1,662 miles.Formoreinformation,callPagelat982-2589.
Bee-Fit walking contest starts June 24
photo BY andrea howrY / lighthoUse
Capt. Larry Vasquez, commanding officer of Naval Base Ventura County, asks a question about the equipment in the print screeninglassroom at the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) campus in Camarillo.
By Andrea Howry
In one room, five dentist chairsgleamed.In another, silk screens, their framesstained with paint, sat upright, awaitinga new T-shirt project while earlier effortscovered some classroom walls.A third room was filled with hospitalbeds.Job-training classes have come a longway from the auto shops and wood shopstoday’s adults knew inhighschool — andthey were an eye-opener for Capt. LarryVasquez, commanding officer of NavalBase Ventura County.“This is not your dad’s shop class — ormine,Vasquez said after serving as prin-cipal for a day of the Ventura County Of-fice of Education’s Regional Occupation-al Program (ROP) Wednesday, May 15.Vasquez spent much of the morningtouring classrooms at the ROP campus atthe Camarillo Airport, then visited ROPclassrooms at Buena High School in Ven-tura.In Camarillo, he saw the dental assis-
High school job-training classes grow up
As principal for a day,commanding officer getsa detailed look at today’srograms
MattMusserwasincorrectlyiden-tifiedasaNavyspouseintheMay16print editions of The Lighthouse. HerepresentedMorale,WelfareandRec-reation in the Spouse AppreciationEvent fashion show.• Patrick Sammon’s name was mis-spelled in two photo credits in theMay 16 print edition.

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