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Designing the Infrastructures of the Future School as Multi

Designing the Infrastructures of the Future School as Multi



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Published by HARIYANTO
My name is Hariyanto, the chemistry teacher of SMA Negeri 3 Malang. I wrote how to design the infrastructures of ideal school as multy-dimensional organisation.
My name is Hariyanto, the chemistry teacher of SMA Negeri 3 Malang. I wrote how to design the infrastructures of ideal school as multy-dimensional organisation.

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Published by: HARIYANTO on Apr 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Designed by HariyantoExternal Programme-Quality AssuranceNational Institute of Education (NIE)-Nanyang Technological University (NTU)Singapore
All Indonesian societies hunger and expect the quality education and ideal school that produces thequality human resources that can compete globally. The effort to realize the certifiable education is shoulddesign the ideal school that fulfill the measurable standard and incommensurable values. The measurablestandard, the ideal school must be able to be standardized by Standard of National Education (SNE) thatexpressed in Government Regulation No. 19/2005. SNE is the minimal criteria of educational system in allover Indonesian area, that is: 1) Standard of Content (curriculum); 2) Standard of Process (Teaching andLearning Process); 3) Standard of Output Competence; 4) Standard of Teachers and Educational Personals;5) Standard of Infrastructures; 6) Standard of Management; 7) Standard of Finance; and 8) Standard of Educational Evaluation. The ideal schools are the school that have achieved and exceeded the Standard of National Education. In the other hand, Guide of School with International Standard Fostering (2008:6) alsoexpresses the standard of International-based School, that is: 1) Standard of Input; 2) Standard of Process;and 3) Standard of Output. The Standard of Input consists of intake, teachers and educational personals,curriculum, and infrastructures. Standard of Process consists of teaching and learning process, managementand organization, and school environment. Whereas the Standard of Output is the competence of outputwhich will be achieved. Even though the incommensurable values, the ideal school should be able to pointout the incommensurable goals for action and argue that satisfying includes taking seriouslyincommensurable goal as a reason for action. The ideal school must maximize the seven basic humangoods, that is: life; truthful knowledge; friendship; beauty; skilful play;; religion; and practical reasonableness(morally sound).
Finally, the first important thing to build and design the ideal school is Standard of Input, so the paper  just will discuss the designing the infrastructures. Beside that, the seven basic human goods are alsoimportant to be promoted, because they can show the excellence, uniqueness, characteristic, and identity of the school that can attract the parents to send their sons or daughters to study in the ideal school. Bypromoting the basic goods, school can maximize pleasure of school components and stakeholders.
The most important infrastructures of ideal school is buildings and facilities. The buildings are land,principal room, vice principal rooms, teaching and learning rooms, quality assurance room, laboratory of science rooms, laboratory of computer room, chief of administrator room , administrator room, library center,counselor room, teacher reference and resource center (TRRC) room, teachers room, discipline keeper room, character building room, workshop room, production unit room, teacher toilets, students toilets, healthclinic, canteen, multi purpose hall, music studio room, concert hall, sport hall, swimming pool, fitness center room, art shop room, devotion rooms, playing room, stationary room, student company room, mall, guesthouse, dormitory, green-house, agriculture-tourism, zoo-garden, water-tourism (lake), and golf court.Whereas the facilities are furniture, air-condition, equipment of laboratory, educational media, hard book,digital book (e-book), learning resource, material of laboratory, computer, LCD projector, internet connection,intranet, electricity power connection (generator), telephone line, CCTV, sound system, sport facilities, andbus school.
Before establishing the ideal school, it is necessary to prepare the land about 1000 ha that place atoutside of city with fresh and clean air. It is very important to place all buildings of ideal school to achievethe Standard of National Education and maximize the seven basic human goods.
Principal Room, Vice Principal Rooms, Chief of Administrator Room, and Administrator Room 
These buildings are placed in one block and called administration buildings. They consist of 1 room of principal, 4 rooms of vice principals, 1 room of chief of administrator, and 1 room of administrator room.They are designed as classical architecture, beautiful, fresh, and friendly. All room are installed the air-condition, internet connection, telephone line, and electricity power connection. So the purpose of buildings is fulfill beauty and friendship
Teachers Room, Counselor Room, Quality Assurance room, and School Committee Room 
These rooms are built in one block. Teachers room is hall that use for teachers when time-break, it isfilled by locker and desk of teacher, TV, computer, internet connection, and telephone line. Counselor Room is room for counselors and guiding the students, it is for fulfilling practical reasonableness. Qualityassurance room is room for a team who assure the school program, and school committee room is theroom for representative of school committee or stakeholders.
Teaching and Learning Rooms and Subject Teachers Meeting Room 
Teaching and learning rooms are consist of mathematic and science rooms, social rooms, languagerooms, civics room, art room, and sport room. Mathematic and science room consists of twelve room ( 4rooms for math; 4 room for physic; 4 room for chemistry; and 4 room for biology); social room iseconomic room (3 rooms), history and anthropology room (4 rooms), and geography room (2 room);language room is Indonesian language (4 rooms) and English room (4 rooms); art and sport rooms areart room (3 rooms) and sport room (gymnastic room). All rooms are installed by mini library, media,computer, LCD projector, sound-system, internet, intercom, CCTV, and electricity connection.Timetables of teaching and learning is arranged by moving-class, so the teaching and learning processof certain subject must be conducted in appropriate room; for example: teaching and learning of mathematic is conducted in mathematic room. Each subject teachers meeting room placed in everyteaching and learning subject room. It is used to gather and discuss the learning material, method of 

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