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schofield. la mentira noble. platón.

schofield. la mentira noble. platón.

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Published by gustavo isola

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Published by: gustavo isola on May 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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onomazei1-2 (2004-2005): 81-104
Malolm Shofiel
St Jh’s Cllg, Cbrg
L mtr nbl, t ucl  l cu bu  Pltó, pr-
st uchs cults. L cultur  st cu (o y xst u
strí tr gbrts y gbrs) prt  crts css l
gobrt tr, y oblg  los gobros  cr spr l vr.So ccos orlt rbls qu llv  covccos sóls.
el gñ s u có bgu y l
ctpl justc-cs pr l tr. Hy u pscó bslutst rt  l trqu rsult cptbl c l plts. Ls gurs ps pr
u procso  otvcó y quscó  covccos pr gobrr:
quí tr l mtr nbl; st csgu r l cprs 
los gurs co l b  l cu. L mtr nobl stá st
 prr lugr  ls gbrts y t pr bjt crr  lls u
spírtu públco. esto brí proucr  los gurs u otvcó
pru, ás llá  su rcó léctc y lsóc.
Palabras lave
: rl, plítc, tr-vr.
The Noble Lie, charter myth for Plato’s good city, presents much di- ficulties. The culture of this city (where already exists an asymmetry
between rulers and ruled) permits the ruler under certain circumstances
to lie and makes the ruled to always say the truth. They are morally
admirable fictions that drug people into sound convictions. Deception
is an ambiguous notion and the
considers justifications for lying. There is an absolutist position on the morality of lying incom-
 patible with Platonism. The guardians come through a process of 
motivation and adquisition of convictions in order to rule: here entersthe Noble Lie, that secures the commitment of the guardians with the
good of the city. The Noble Lie is first addressed to the rulers and 
intends to create in them a public disposition. This should produce adeep motivation among the guardians, beyond their dialectical and  philosophical training.
 Key words
ethics, politics, lie-truth.
82 maLCoLm SCHofieLd
L itrucció  l cci mtir nbl  l Rpúblic 
Sócrts prc crc l tér l Lbr 3 (414B-C). “Qurs
u bl y gr tir”, ic, “c l qu jr prsuirís
 ls gbrts ss y, s ,  ls ás cus”. ¿Grtr? ¿mtr bl? G.R.f. frrr t u bu t sbrst sut:
“L tr s gr  bl (
)  vrtu su prpóst cívc, pr l plbr grg tbé pu sr us
coloqult, áol l sgco  ‘u tr yor’, s cr,
u tr sól, sbr l cul  hy gu u (cpárs cl tér ‘rb  yr cutí’)”. est  s l úc put sbrl cul pu hbr scuss c rspct  l truccó. algusprr l tér ás utr ‘ls’  ‘tr’ (qu  c-
srit iplic u gñ libr), trs prfir ‘ficció’
(quás trt  prscr l t  ls prbls  vr yls). Crr c “vul u  l vcó”.
Ps qu‘tr’ s xctt l crrct. Pr l scusó crc  llprcrá ás lt,  l Sccó 2.L mtr nbl srvrá c t ucl pr l cubu  Pltó: u t  t cl  cívc,  ás b,
os tos rlcoos, uo qu bs qull t  l hrturl  to l poblcó íg (toos so utóctoos, ltrlt
cos  l trr) y, l otro, qu hc  l structur rc 
clss u sut  spscó v (l s qu ls l prts tls  sus ls). S s pu hcr qu l gt crst, tcs s strá urtt tvs  cur  l cuy  ls ás. L c xplíct  l
 ch c-
so pr sgurr l costto y coproso co los curospolítcos qu ll propo, ú t l cpc  pctr y or.
Hc  l mtr nbl l qu prrl pr uchs  lsprcpls trrgts qu l álg gr.
e prr lugr, y obvt, l uso  l mtr nobl s qulloqu ás qu  pu r lugr  l cuscó  qu l procupcó
sbr l u plítc  l
s u rct pr “l tríclctvst, trbl, ttltr,  l rl”, ct  Pppr, pr
cuto prt l gño svo  los cuos vuls coo
l   sgurr l b  “l st” (tl c Pppr ccp-
G.R.f. frrr (e.),
Plato: The Republic
(Cbrg 2000), p. 107,  63.
f.m. Crr (trs.)
The Republic of Plato
(oxr 1941), p. 106.
tuló l cu  Pltó).
dch gñ s bstt cptblc l prsucó,  cur  Lck,  l lsí plítc lbrl,
 qu l úc r vál  lgtr l or polítco s plo
 l rzó, s cr,  cosrcos rcols qu t l por 
tvr l cptcó  u utr plítc pr qulls qu stásts  st. d r slr, y  rlcó  st, s cutr clct c l rqust rl utl,  u sc,sbr t c l étc kt,  qu ls prss b sr c-srs  tt s y  c s. L mtr nbl prcsr u rt  l g hu y lg qu scv  prtculrl cpc hu  uttrcó. e ustrs tps sbsrv tt u xplsó  l cct c  ls sc ls culs st s cuc, y  ls vls s prcts prcupcó sbr ls stárs  prb  l v públc y, 
téros prtculrs, sobr l tr, l pulcó y l suprsó
 l rcó. nuc Pltó s ás u ctprá ustrqu cu br slrs prcupcs. Cct, vrtu,vr y gñ s utls  su vsó  l qu prt plítc. est prc  pr prcvrs  scr c cclusó qu l rcurrr  l mtr nbl, l Sócrts  Pltó stá ásb  plgr  prr y   gr l c  l cuqu g qu stá stblc.Tpc s st slt u prspctv ctprá. alhcr  ls lts  Sócrts u grt utl l scurs plítc, Pltó tuv qu hbr sb qu stb qubr-
t ls rs  l ilgí plític crátic  su prpi
époc y lugr.
es vr qu Ulss, l bustro, s to coo u
gur qu trí l rcó  ls lctrs  l
, uqus  ur spr l r  qu u prst. más prttpr ustrs prpósts s l
 Sócls  409 .C., upru tcó, rprst  l ttr t l
t-s, sbr l crrupcó rl y bgu vtj plítc l tt Ulss  hcr qu l juvl ntls bucr  flóctts, l qu b  sr u rtr r l cp grg  Try. Lstss csrb grlt l tr y gñr ls s qu ls sprts, y  lls, cucí l v plítc, tl cl tstgu, sbr t, ls títss  Prcls sbr l t,  l
K.R Pppr,
The Open Society and its Enemies
, vl. 1:
The Spell of Plato
(Lrs1945), p. 107.
Pr u xclt trtto l trl xo  st párro (y  u pl
g  vc slr), vés J. Hsk,
 Deception and Democracy in Classical Athens
(Cbrg 2000).

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