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Issue 5.Part A.pdf

Issue 5.Part A.pdf

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Published by Andrea Devos

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Published by: Andrea Devos on May 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brushtail PossumsFEATURE!
Ringtail PossumsFEATURE!
Striped Possum joey.Photo by Hannah Marco
September 2012 v1n5 Part
For insect and meat-eatingbirds including magpies,kookaburras, wrens, robins,waders & birds of prey.Provides the elevated protein,vitamins & minerals requiredin these birds’ diet.
• Contains 52% protein, the most of anycommercially available bird diet.• Prepared from ingredients high in essentialamino acids with added vitamins, mineralsand essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6).• Use as a high protein, live-food substitutefor all birds.To feed as a supplement mix 2 teaspoons (10g) of 
Insectivore Rearing Mix
with 10g of ground mincemeat or fish. Moisten as necessary.This makes a balanced diet with no need foradditional supplementation.
Available in 250g, 1kg & 5kg packs.ph/fax08 8391 1713email wombaroo@adelaide.on.netwww.wombaroo.com.au
 t and meaFor insecalvitamins & mineratvvides the eleoPr ds of paders & birwenas, wraburrookk ds including mabir 
t-eatingedeuirs rotein,ed pr.yer obins,, rpies,
additional sues aThis makmeat or fish.
e RortivInsec
eed as a sTpplementation.oe iet wit no neebalanc.essaryMoisten as necounwith 10g of gr
earing Mix
upplement mix 2 teaspoons (1reminc0g) of 
Contaomc• epaPrand eamin• Use aor a
ds’ diet.in these bir
otein, the most of 
ins 52% prd diet.ailable bircially aver edients high in eom ingred frr tty acids (omega 3sential f  acids with added vitamins,oo su-otein, liva high pr ds.bir
ailable invA
Possums & Gliders
food for
• 2 stages of Possum Milk Replacer to reflect thenutritional needs of different aged young
Possum <0.8
for younger joeys not yet emergedfrom pouch, furless to fine fur; eyes closed to justopened; ears drooped.
Possum >0.8
for older joeys emerging frompouch; short soft to dense long fur, eyes open;ears erect.
High Protein Supplement
for omnivorous species(eg Brushtails, Sugar Gliders) can be appliedto fruit or plain biscuit to balance out protein,vitamins & minerals in the diet.
Small Carnivore Food
for insectivorous species,made as a moist crumbly mix.
Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food
for nectivorousspecies (eg gliders, pygmy possums) made up asa liquid nectar.

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