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Doc Testimonial Fb Real Me Feb 2012

Doc Testimonial Fb Real Me Feb 2012

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Published by Gary Katz

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Published by: Gary Katz on May 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The White House announced plans on Monday to help “Arab Spring” countries swept by revolutions with more than $800 million in economic aid, while maintaining U.S. military aid to Egypt. In his annual budget message to Congress, President BarackObama asked that military aid to Egypt be kept at the level of recent years - $1.3 billion -despite a crisis triggered by an Egyptian probe targeting Americandemocracy activists. OBAMA FUNNELING TAX DOLLARS TO THE VERY AGENDA HE HELPED CREATE BY INSERTING THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. APPARENTLY, AGENDA TRUMPS THE AMERICANPEOPLE. AS THEY ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO UPEND THE MIDDLE EAST. ALL HAIL OBAMA, THE ISLAMIC SAVIOR !Obama proposes $800 million in aid for “Arab Spring” countriesenglish.alarabiya.netUnlike · · Unfollow Post · Share · 21 hours agoYou, Greg Gulbrandsen, Stephen E Hughes and 2 others like this.Susan Conner Tick . . . tock . . . tick . . . tock . . . can we last? HaShem knows.21 hours ago · Unlike · 5Greg Gulbrandsen Freakin idiot!21 hours ago · Unlike · 5Gary Katz Idiots runnin' out the clock....we must VOTE and pressure RNC!!!!!21 hours ago · Like · 4Greg Marin
@ Gary...That is my fraccken money that these thieving bastards stealfrom me paying for that. In essence I am Unwillingly paying for my own Demise.20 hours ago · Unlike · 5Gary Katz Your perception is as keen and common sense-oriented as ever, Greg! OhBowMore has squandered BILLIONS to assist terror groups/states and BigBiz companies. Here in Israel, American Citizens are hunted & hounded and then get rewarded by USA OhBowMore for their horrors!!20 hours ago · Like · 1Greg Marin What is even more disgusting than the Illegality of it is the lack ofaction within the GOP. Their lack of action makes them just as guilty. You seeit, we understand it, we are angered over it and yet nothing but silence from within. That I will never understand Never.20 hours ago · Unlike · 3Bonnie Bennett
Greg Marin i am so totally w/ you on that ... i'm max out w/ disgust at RNC ... Boehner is freaking me out ... i'm 66 yrs. ... i've seen attemptsat 3rd party's all my adult life ... i've NEVER been for them ... but times arechanging ... if our choice is soros bo or soros romney ... then i think we damnwell better be ready for an alternative19 hours ago · Unlike · 3Susan Conner The reality of all this is that it is totally illogical. We have moved far beyond expecting something rational from our government. For some, it moves them to rant on facebook; for others, it moves them to become active in politics; for others, who realize the spiritual side of it, we are moved to pray. Doubt not that that the prayerful ones will vote; we will in force. But know thatsome are moved to intercede for the world as Moses did at Sinai and even in Egypt. Not all survived. In my humble opinion, it is time for each of us to choose apath: gripe, become active, or pray. I will, of course, vote. I have never missed an electionl. But in the meantime, I choose to take the spiritual route and do most of my kvetching to the G-d of Israel. As a result, I may be somewhat of aphantom here. Remember. the study of Torah is the greatest mitzvah of all.19 hours ago · Unlike · 3Susan Conner Either we believe G-d is control of all of it or we believe He is n
ot in control of any of it. I happen to know He is control of ALL of it. And Heknows the end result and it is good.19 hours ago · Unlike · 3Bonnie Bennett and HE calls us to do the rebuilding just like nehemiah19 hours ago · Unlike · 3Gary Katz ALL of us have worked very hard and achieved a lot...credibility, pointing out thug bullying and race-baiting and all the filthy OhBowSoroz dirty tricks....we have tens of millions like us. We gotta VOTE and call/write/harass theRNC and NEVER stop exposing the CRIMINAL activities of Islamofascist prez & crew!!!!! It's like a tag-team match....they wanna burn us out, so we help each other! call local reps, senators too. RELENTLESS!!!!!19 hours ago · Like · 2Susan Conner Don't get me wrong. We must all fight. We just have to figure out how He wants us each to do it.19 hours ago · Unlike · 2Gary Katz Precisely, Susan.19 hours ago · Like · 2Gary Katz And He allowed me to live!!!!....so I can torment the tormentors & thug murderers!!!!!! Eat that, Muz bruthaz!18 hours ago · Like · 5Susan Conner LOL!18 hours ago · Unlike · 2Stephen E Hughes Spending money we do not have18 hours ago · Unlike · 2Gary Katz Does that mean that we Americans can print our own money? Hey, OhBowMore's USA would save Billions in ink costs alone!16 hours ago · Like · 2Gary Katz So happy to see that comment, Greg. You IS da man, man!!!!!!!!16 hours ago · Unlike · 2Greg Marin
@ Miss Susan..Miss Bonnie.. I agree with both of you 100% and it is through those like you that gives me the courage, energy and optimism to see thisthrough. One sits here, reads and absorbs and tries very hard to decipher the truth from the lies. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming and the task seems so daunting, so you step away, take a deep breath, rely on the courage of others that are fighting just as hard as you are to keep going. For that I thank all of you and because of good people like you, I will never give it. Thank-you !!! : )16 hours ago · Unlike · 2Gary Katz PLUS....I can explain all those very reasonable, yet profound concerns. [I'm just SO slow after that 2nd surgery on Jan26>>but I put 3 days straight of no pain, took walks, fought off a few Arabs at the hospital who thought that their sprained ankles trumped my cancer surgery...because THEY WERE IN THE WAITING ROOM FIRST!!!]16 hours ago · Like · 5Greg Marin
@ Gary......I am one of many that are touched and blessed to have youas a friend. You are a wealth of knowledge and pure and honest truth. A few friends of mine and I had that very discussion...asking how you can discern the difference between truth and lies. You are one of those people that make it easy tosee , trust and understand. You speak from the heart and touch many of us to thecore of our being. You get it my friend, and have such a commanding but yet gentle way of getting your points across. I am glad that you have survived and yougo right ahead and keep tormenting the tormentors. There are many of us close beside you. Thank-you my friend for being true to not only your friends but yourself !!! :)16 hours ago · Unlike · 4
Gary Katz as I became a bit teary-eyed as I read your kind words, Greg, it reminded me of the fine folks that we are fighting for...each in our own way and bothtaught respect and integrity in our working class families. a very distinguished professor told me, at my Ph.D. graduation ceremony, that his "so-called greatness" was merely making seemingly non-understandable situations ACCESSIBLE to allpeople...that's the job of the best educators...not to use big words to demonstrate supremacy over lowly students.I am very grateful for having you as a friend and a decent, intelligent researcher/searcher of truth who gives a person who has studied a subject for 30+ yearsthe courtesy of listening and the benefit of the doubt, as there IS such a thingas "legitimate authority">worked hard for and earned; NOT the illegitimate "authoritarian" diktats of an Islamofascist enabler of death-worshipers/mass murderers.The respect is fully mutual and I am delighted and honored to be considered a friend. Thank you, brother. Docabout an hour ago · Like · 2Gary Katz Also, the impact of your sincerity and appreciation was very healing and cleansing, as I have taken some pretty hard (& a few cheap) shots lately...BUT...I'm baaaaaack!!!!! gabout an hour ago · Like · 3Susan Conner
Greg Marin, thank you for your kind words. I think each of us from time to time has to jump out of here, re-center and re-focus and re-energize andthen jump back in. It is our self-preservation mechanism at work! It gets veddy,veddy deeeeep in here sometimes, but I have never been tempted to leave this group, as I have other groups due to lack of respect and hate-mongering. we are amighty army for truth, justice, and the [real] American way and none of us has abig red S on our chests! At least I don't think so! Lol!37 minutes ago · Like · 2Greg Marin Miss Susan....You are quite welcome. I know there are times when I donot articulate in words how I truly feel correctly, but I will say this..Everything I say no matter how well or poorly it comes out is from the heart. . I was,I will admit at first, intimidated by the intellect that seems to just seamlessly flow from ones heart, to their brain and then here in print. Not once has Anyone ever made me feel like I did not belong here. This group as you have alreadystated... gets veddy , veddy deep ( lol ) and I learn something new with each sentence that I read. This place is a safe haven for those that really want the truth and the kindness and pleasantries that are exchanged here are as Sincere asthe People that make them. I am thankful and grateful to be a part of this. : )10 minutes ago · LikeSusan Conner We have quite a standard to live up to in our mentor, the one and only Dr. Gary Katz!!!8 minutes ago · Like · 1Robert LindermanI wonder if our friends at ACORN had anything to do with this?One in 8 U.S. voter registrations faulty: surveynews.yahoo.comWASHINGTON (Reuters) - One in eight U.S. voter registrations is invalid or markedly inaccurate, the result of an outdated and inefficient registration system, aPew Center on the States report said on Tuesday. More than 1.8 million dead people are listed as active U.S. voters, and about 2.75 million...Unlike · · Unfollow Post · Share · 5 hours agoYou and Monica Couch like this.

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