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Real Food Market & Deli

Real Food Market & Deli

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Published by LeeLocal
Real Food May2013news
Real Food May2013news

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Published by: LeeLocal on May 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1096 Helena Ave. • Helena, MT 59601 • Open: Monday-Saturday 8
- 8
; Sunday 9
- 7
• (406) 443-5150 • www.realfoodstore.com
May 2013
The Herbal AwakeningYour Relationship with FoodFresh HerbsPhytoestrogensCarrot Cake with Fennel PollenGreat stuff on saleAND MORE!
real food
market & deli
Feed your dreams
Fsh a Ai
Savor the beauty of May
Th Hba Awakig
We just doubled your pleasure
evenT cAlendAr
otiu o pag 2
Help Wanted:Grocery Manager
We’re always interested in hearingfrom people who share our passion forhealthy food and friendly service.Right now, we’re looking for someoneto replace our long-time grocery manager.To apply, please pick up an application atour customer service window.I love May. Everything’s green andowering, the air is fresh, the bugs aren’tout yet, and any day can be perfect. It’s thespringtime of hope, if we make it so.It’s time to plant seeds and dreamof abundant harvests. Last month wehelped make that a reality for more of ourneighbors by raising funds and donatingseeds for Helena Community Gardens.This month we’ve got lots more instore. We’ll be participating in Bike/Walk Helena all month and providing freeCafe Mam coffee from Jim Barngroverfor participants on May 30th. Live musicin our deli, Open Streets in downtownHelena, Fountain of Youth at CarrollCollege, a talk in our deli on eating dairy-free, free tastes of fennel-pollen carrot cakeon Mother’s Day—all these are on our platein May.What’s also on our plates is the bestfoods of the season, including strawberrieswhose avor comes alive in May, asparagusand artichokes, mangoes at their peak andsome great, plump, creamy avocados.In case you haven’t noticed, we’vegot the best selection of local and organicproduce in Helena.We’re also improving our businessin every way we can, not just with the bright new colors of our store, but withnew products and better prices. Rightnow the big excitement is in our bulk herbdepartment (see below), but spring isspringing everywhere. —LW
May 1 Commuter Challenge Starts
We’re taking the challenge. Are you?Register at www.bikewalkhelena.org.
May 3 Live Music by Brigid Reedy5:30-7
• Deli Seating Area
You don’t wantto miss thisfun evening of entertainment byBrigid and JohnReedy. Brigidlearned to yodelat the age of two,picked up the ddlea few years later, andhas been making music ever since. Anaccomplished musician already at the ageof twelve, Brigid has performed on stagesaround Montana and the West, includingappearances at the National CowboyPoetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. Hermusical repertoire spans a wide range of American music, from traditional cowboyand ddle tunes through blues and swingand into contemporary Americana singer-songwriter fare.Brigid will be performing with herdad, musician/writer/photographer JohnReedy, accompanying on guitar.Free seating in the deli. We’ve gotTuna Noodle Casserole as the main dishon the hot bar ($8.99/lb) and “Pizza bythe Slice” ($1.99 ea).
May 5 Open Streets • 11
Real Food will be at this fun event gearedtowards getting Helena families moving.Two blocks of Last Chance Gulch will beclosed to motorists and open to a wholearray of activities, including Zumba, Irishdancing, live music, food, bike polo, bikesoccer, a bike decorating contest, kids footrace and more. For more info visit
May 12 Happy Mother’s Day
Sampling Carrot Cake with a Twist(recipe on page 2). We’ll have recipe cardsand fennel pollen available for purchase.We turned our backs on our bulk herbdepartment, and the next thing we knew,the best in Helena became one of the bestin the region. Our selection of seasonings,healing herbs and teas was not onlydoubled, but elegantly displayed in new,cleanly-labeled, sparkling glass jars.The man behind this is our herb guy,Andrew Jones. He is, quite simply, anenthusiast extraordinaire with a passionfor exotic tastes. In his words, seasonings“make bad food good and good foodgreat.”We now have 350 bulk culinaryseasonings and other ingredients in thedepartment, including 14 different chilipowders that vary in qualities such asheat and smokiness, about as many driedmushrooms, and various curries, rubs andspice blends. You want paprika on yourdeviled eggs? There are 6 to choose from.Powdered honey, powdered egg,powdered orange rind (for your ownnatural Tang)—it’s all there.Then from Australia there’s wattleseed, which Andrew says tastes like coffeeand is used in everything from meat rubsto ice cream.You can see what we’re doing withfennel pollen in our carrot cake recipe onpage 2.Andrew is personally most excitedabout a French pepper called Pimentd’Espelette, which, like Champagne andReggiano Parmesan, is a controlled namefor a regional product.We have the distinction of beingthe only retail store that sells Meadownishing salts in bulk, 6 dozen of them.Medicinal herbs are of course a worldof their own, and they are well represented.For the more familiar, closer-to-homeproducts, there are the tea blends likeEvening in Missoula from Montana Tea &Spice, along with the Tumblewood Teasline from Big Timber.Browsing by the rows of jars, it’s hardnot to get lost in wonder. Luckily Andrewis there to nd you, at least at the mostlikely times. He’ll help you nd whateveryou were looking for, but don’t besurprised if you discover something morethan that. Just think: if you tried a new producteach day, it would take you more than ayear to go through them all.
Your Relationship with Food
You can spice it up!
by laughig Wat, Ga Maag
Locally-owned and part of your community for over 37 years.
Real Food is not only Helena’s bestplace for organic fruit and vegetables, wealso offer the best selection of fresh organicherbs. Fresh herbs are a wonderful way toenhance whatever you’re cooking, fromvegetables to meats and sh.Our year-round selection of herbsincludes bunches of cilantro, curly andItalian parsley and a wide variety of packaged herbs from Herbco.Herbco packages their herbs inconvenient clamshells for ease of storageand increased longevity. Some of theirs wecarry include basil, chives, dill, rosemary,oregano, marjoram, lime leaves, Thai basil,lemon grass, mint, lemon thyme, sage,thyme and tarragon.We also carry a selection of theirmedleys, which are herb mixes specicallysuited to a particular dish. There‘s LambMedley with lemon thyme, Italian parsleyand mint; Poultry Medley with rosemary,sage and thyme; Seafood Medley withItalian parsley, dill and thyme; Pork Medley, which has oregano, sage, tarragonand thyme, and several others includingPrime Rub and everybody’s favorite forthe turkey, the Herbed Bird.During the summer season we alsocarry bulk fresh herbs from the WesternMontana Growers Co-op and a fewselect local growers such asGlory Farm. Look for bulk  basil for homemade pesto orCaprese Salad, bulk mint formint iced tea and pickling dill bunches for home canningprojects.Fresh herbs aren’t just forcooking either. I love to add afew sprigs of dill and Italianparsley to a tossed salad. A
The Produce Beet
Fsh Hbs
by Ed Tyanich, Produce Manager
few mint leaves add a nice touch to a bowlof mixed berries, and fresh cilantro reallymakes a homemade burrito.Herbed butter adds a perfect touchto warm rolls or fresh bread. You can usea single herb or a combination of yourfavorites. I like to chop the herbs neand then blend into softened butter withan electric mixer. These herbed buttersalso are wonderful accompanimentsto everything from grilled salmon toporterhouse steak. Let your creativity ow by adding favorites like fresh garlic, lemon juice or fresh ground pepper to an herbed butter.When cooking with herbs, the nerthey are chopped, the more intense theavor. If you prefer a very delicate avor,the herb can be placed into cheese cloth ora tea ball during cooking.For the best storage of fresh herbs,pat them dry with paper towels afterrinsing and store in the refrigerator. Basil,however prefers temperatures of 55 to 65F, so a cool place in your house might be better than the refrigerator. Leftover herbscan also be frozen to be used in cooking ata later date.For more information on fresh herbs,visit with our knowledgeable produce staff at Real Food. Just like a love relationship, yourrelationship with food can be more orless healthy. It can be based onneed or pleasure. It can join youto others or separate you fromthem. It can be nurturing ortoxic, creative or dull. It can beaddictive or empowering.In various ways I’ve beenencouraging myself and othersto eat a healthy diet based onwhole, natural foods. Some rules I’veembraced are these:Eat foods that are colorful, not colored.Eat foods that are sweet, not sweetened.Eat foods that are avorful, not avored.It seems that such a diet, which wouldavoid processed manufactured foods,would satisfy your hunger better than junk foods, because it would be a nourishingdiet. I’ve also argued that it would be apleasurable diet. I certainly delight in mymorning bowl of fresh berries, yogurt andnuts, sprinkled with bee pollen and cacaonibs.On the other hand, it seems that theaddictive appeal of junk foods is thatthey provide intense experiences, whether because they are concentrated sources of fat, salt and sugar or because theyhave avors added to them. It’slike getting the makeup withoutthe person behind it.Even so-called naturalavorings seem to be making upfor foods that lack substance anddon’t really feed you.So our newly-expanded bulk herb, seasonings and teas departmentstruck a chord with me. There are worldswithin worlds of exotic avors to be found,and they’re the natural legacy of theancient arts of preparing and preservingfoods in ways that enhance both enjoymentand health.Now I’m more convinced than everthat your relationship with food can be everything you want it to be. It can be healing and nurturing, and it can bepleasurable in ways you have not yetimagined.So if your relationship with real food isgetting dull, spice it up. Now is the perfecttime.
Carrot Cae with a Twist!
Classic carrot cake spiced up with “asprinkle from the wings of angels” usingfennel pollen. While all the original avorsand textures are still there, your taste budswill discover a delightful new one.
F Po caot cak
Our HelenaCommunityGardens FundRaiser Results
Plant AFlower In Our Window
campaign raised$224 and the “3 for1” seed sale earned Helena CommunityGardens 223 seed packets of their choice.Thank you for your support on this greatcommunity project.
Green Clean Rafe Winner
Congratulations to John Jenkins, winner of our in-store Earth Day rafe for a “Bucketof Green Cleaning.”
May 15 Fountain of YOUth Fest
Carroll College Commons • 10
This free community event featuresa presentation of the latest researchon Alzheimer’s Disease, exercisedemonstrations, free wellness screeningsand health education booths. Our booth will be staffed by one of our staff naturopathic physicians, Dr. Liz Cavin,who will be handing out samples andinformative brochures. Visit www.stpetes.org/Classes & Events/CommunityEvents.
May 16 Dairy-free Eating6-6:30
• Deli Seating Area
Adelle and Dr. Liz Cavin will bediscussing the ins and outs of eatinga dairy-free diet, what products aregood substitutes and how to preparethem. Dr. Liz will have time to answeryour questions and Adelle will havedelightfully delicious dairy-free dishes foryou to sample. Educational handouts andrecipes will be available.
May 27CLOSEDMemorial Day
Have a safe holiday.
May 30 Bie/Wal HelenaCommuter Stop
We’ll be hosting a table at the front of ourstore with a free cup of coffee for those bike riders and walkers!
evenT cAlendAr
We stand behind our products with a full satisfaction guarantee.
SAVE’s Aluminum/PlasticRecycling DriveMay 10-13, 2013 • 8
- 6
1100 N. Last Chance (near YMCA)
Collecting type 1 and 2 plastics. Pleaserinse, and remove plastic lids.Volunteers are always welcome.Call 449-6008 or visit savemobile.org.
If you have a question for our doctor, emailus at: doctors@realfoodstore.com or mail aletter to the store with “ATTN: Doctors” inthe address.
physiia patiig at natua Mii Pus
is aaiab fo ga qustios at th ra
Cheese Case
Mt. Vikos TavernaMeze Spreads
are all-naturalproducts of Greece with verywholesome, simpleingredients. Three new avors: RoastedEggplant, Artichoke and Kalamata Olive.Their new spreads in glass jars: Fig &Hazelnut, Glazed & Roasted Fig andApricot & Almond.
Dry Goods
We have some newadditions to ourorganiceverydayvalue brand ,
. Organic PeanutButter (Salty andUnsalty in Crunchyand Smooth), veorganic pastas inWhole Wheat Spaghetti, Linguine, Fusilli,Penne Rigate and Pipe Rigate, six organiccereals in Oat Bran, Whole Grain RaisinBran, Golden Flax, Toasted O’s, HoneyNut O’s and a Multi-Grain Flake and twoorganic, shelf-stable non-dairy beveragesin Vanilla Almond and Chocolate Soy.
of thePacic Northwestwonderful andconvenient cookingpouches are lledwith tasty AlbacoreTuna caught off the Oregon Coastor free-range Chinook Salmon caught inthe fall-run of the Columbia River. Thesh is rigorously screened, sustainablyharvested and loaded with healthyomega-3s. Boil the pouch for 3 minutesand serve. Available in Thai CoconutLemongrass Tuna, Coconut Yellow CurryTuna, Salmon in Chardonnay Dill CreamSauce and Smoked Salmon & SmokedOyster Chowder.
Organic Rooibee Red Teas
in a bottleare rich in antioxidants and naturallygluten- and caffeine-free. Delicious chilledor heated. New avors: Unsweet, Peach,Cranberry Pomegranate, WatermelonMint or Vanilla Chai.Iced Tea from Republic of Tea have largetea pouches for steeping 1-quart pitchers.Ginger Peach, Watermelon Mint and LimonBlack.
now has a
Healthy Kids OrganicNutritional Shake
with 8 g of protein,10 different organicfruits & veggies and23 essential vitamins & minerals in Vanilla,Chocolate or Strawberry.SAVE 50¢ eachthru May 31. SALE $2.19 (Reg. $2.69)
Hope Hummus OriginalRecipe
Spicy Avocadospreads
are now available in1.7-oz. single-serving squeezepacks. New avors in the 8-oz.size include Original Recipe, Jalapeno Cilantro and Sweet Potato.Straus Family Creamery plain nonfat andplain whole milk yogurts are both madewith only the best GMO-free organic milk and live yogurt cultures available. Now in32-oz. containers.
Wallaby OrganicGreek Yogurts
are made withorganic milk fromsmall pasture- based familyfarms. Their plain low-fat Greek yogurtpacks 17 g of protein per serving, while thelow-fat with blueberries on the side has12 g of protein, as does their nonfat withseparate sides of peaches, raspberries orlemon.SAVE 70¢ each thru May 31. SALE$1.69 (Reg. $2.39)So
Delicious Almond PlusAlmond Milks
deliverthe full spectrum of nineessential amino acids thatyour body needs and vetimes the protein of mostother almond milks. Dairy-and soy-free. Original,Vanilla and Unsweetenedin half gallons. And their UnsweetenedVanilla coconut milk is now available inhalf gallons.SAVE 80¢ each thru May 31
SALE $2.79 (Reg. $3.59)When I was in medical school I wasdrawn to learning about the effects of  botanical medicine on human health.One of the most interesting topicswas phytoestrogens, or plant-basedchemicals that have an estrogen-likeeffect when consumed. The beauty of these compounds is that they have amodulating effect, thus providing a truesolution to many problems caused either by too much estrogen or even too little.Phytoestrogens are found in everydayfoods as well as not-so-common medicinalherbs. The most common foods includewhole grains, ax seeds and soy products,the latter two gaining the most attention.Herbs with high phytoestrogen contentinclude but are not limited to red clover,alfalfa, licorice root, verbena, and thyme.Observational studies suggest thatwhen these foods or herbs are consistentlyconsumed over longer periods of time,they may provide a protective effectagainst certain disease such as certaincancers and cardiovascular disease.Determining phytoestrogens’ effects onthese conditions has been difcult at best, but they do appear to have some veryuseful applications in other areas of ourhealth.
I encourage many patients to consumeaxseeds, usually ground in a dailysmoothie, as a good source of dietaryber and omega-3 fatty acids. But thelignan component of axseeds mayhave a benecial effect for women aftermenopause.In a preliminary trial, supplementationwith crushed axseeds for six weeksimproved the average hot ash score by 57percent in post-menopausal women whowere not receiving estrogen therapy. Thetreatment consisted of 2 tablespoons of axseeds twice daily.While the response and side effects,mostly digestive complaints, are variable,I don’t hesitate to make this suggestion because of the number of benets it alsooffers.
We often hear about the benets thatsoy may have regarding bone densityor reducing symptoms of premenstrualsyndrome, but one real impact soyappears to have is in lowering cholesterol.A controlled trial showed that soypreparations containing high amountsof isoavones effectively loweredtotal cholesteroland LDL (“bad”)cholesterol, whereaslow-isoavonepreparations did not.This effect seemsto take place when at least 20 grams of soyprotein is consumed each day in place of animal protein.
Red Clover
Like axseeds, red clover appears tohave multiple health benets, especially forpost-menopausal women.In a double-blind study administrationof 80 mg per day of red clover isoavonesreduced the frequency of hot ashes over12 weeks. It also appears to be benecial foanxiety and depression in this same groupwhen taken for three months.So consider these foods and plants as apart of a greater healthcare treatment plan.If estrogen is the problem, phytoestrogens just may be the solution.
Simply Slick
® was created by achemist who met the love of his life, but“they had a little bit of a problem withfriction ‘downstairs’.”So the chemist started looking for off-the-shelf solutions and was alarmed whenhe saw the ingredients in most of them.He wondered why anybody would putantifreeze, lye or parabens on themselvesor in this type of product.The chemist decided that forsomething this important (and enjoyable),the product should be designed from the• Clinically proven to beanti-microbial• Made with 95%organic ingredients• Completely watersoluble• Safe to be used withcondoms• Free of parabens,petroleum products,hormones, and siliconeground up (or bottom up, as it were).And thus Simply Slick® was created. Thisformula is based on scientic researchto combine the best certied organicingredients nature offers, empowering theneeds of the modern woman. It mimics thenatural lubrication your body produces.It’s concentrated; so a 2-oz. bottle goes along way (20-30 uses).Simply Solutions brand is committedto bringing nature and science togetherwith healthy and effective solutions.Remember, “glycol is for a car, siliconeis for bath tile and butter is for toast butSimply Slick®, well, that’s for you andsomeone special.”

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