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Selling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking

Selling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking

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Published by bgeller4936
sex trafficking of minors in the US
sex trafficking of minors in the US

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Published by: bgeller4936 on May 31, 2013
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2013-05-31 2:07 PMSelling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking - ForbesPage 1 of 3http://www.forbes.com/sites/shenegotiates/2012/12/03/selling-american-girls-the-truth-about-domestic-minor-sex-trafficking/
Selling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic MinorSex-Trafficking
The sex-trafficking of U.S. children is America’s dirty, lit-tle secret.According to theU.S. Department of Justice , human traf-ficking is the second fastest growing criminal industry — just behind drug trafficking. Approximately half of all vic-tims are children.The National Human Trafficking Resource Center esti-mates it’s a $32 billion industry, with about 50% of this revenue coming from indus-trialized countries. This surpasses the sale of illegal arms.Sex-trafficking is essentially systemic rape for profit. Force,fraud and coercion are used to control the victim’s behavior, which may secure
theappearance of consent to please the buyer
(or John).
Behind every transaction is vio-lence or the threat of violence.What happens to trafficked children in the U.S. when they are discovered by the po-lice? Often they are arrested on prostitution charges, thrown into jail and treated likecriminals, even though they are minors.Instead of receiving counseling in a safe, supportive residential facility, many areforced to endure the additional trauma of juvenile detention. One reason for this isthe lack of training to help law enforcement recognize and assist victims.In 2008,New York was the first state to establish a Safe HarborLawto decriminalize underage victims of sexual exploitation. Since then, 9 states have followed suit, but inthe remaining states, children who are bought and sold for sex are still sent to jail.Legally, they cannot consent to sex with an adult, so the use of the term “child prosti-tution” in the media is misleading. In any other context, this would be consideredstatutory rape.Fewer than 100 shelter beds are available in theU.S.for sex-trafficking victims, andmost facilities are not equipped to address their needs.
2013-05-31 2:07 PMSelling American Girls: The Truth About Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking - ForbesPage 2 of 3http://www.forbes.com/sites/shenegotiates/2012/12/03/selling-american-girls-the-truth-about-domestic-minor-sex-trafficking/
This is a staggering contrast to the FBI estimate that about 100,000 children are soldfor sex in our nation.
How Does it Work?
Pimps often recruit children into sex-trafficking by posing as a boyfriend, caretakerand protector. Many girls are runaways from abusive or dysfunctional homes, someare kidnapped and others are exploited by someone they know. On average, the traf-ficking begins when the victim is 13.At this time, the vast majority are sold through classified ads on websites. This has been the source of great controversy over Backpage. The Attorney General’s officedocumented that underage girls were sold through these ads in at least 22 states.Page 2 of 2The recent split between Village Voice Media and Backpage indicates a new socialpressure to defend the rights of trafficked girls, but critics claim that closing downads just forces sales underground and removes a viable way to follow the activities of traffickers.The adult services ads on the internet offer an accessible means for the commercialsexual exploitation of children, but the truth is that the demand for sex with under-age girls precedes the technology
Closing down such avenues may temporarily in-terfere with business, yet the industry of selling children for sex continues as long asthere are buyers.Children are trafficked in every major metropolis in the U.S. Currently, the top threehotspots include include Texas, New York and California.According toThe National Report on Domestic Minor SexTrafficking: America’s Prostituted Children , “children exploited through prostitutionreport they typically are given a quota by their trafficker/pimp of 10 to 15 buyers pernight. Utilizing a conservative estimate, a domestic minor sex-trafficking victimwould be raped by 6,000 buyers during the course of her victimization through pros-titution.”
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