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Ewan Porter's Back 9 "Road Beers: My Adventures into the Beer Culture"

Ewan Porter's Back 9 "Road Beers: My Adventures into the Beer Culture"

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Published by Taylor Crosby
May 2013
May 2013

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Published by: Taylor Crosby on Jun 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Following last week’s journey through the North East, the past seven days has been a time to wind down
and enjoy the liquid offerings in my current hometown of Orlando, Florida.
In addition, I also had the opportunity to shoot a ‘pilot’ video for ‘Ports and Pints’ with a couple of 
talented producers which will be available for viewing at some stage within the next week.One important aspect I want to point out is that although I am blogging purely about the beers Iconsume, I am not purely limiting myself to this particular beverage.Although beer is my forte and the area in which I am more knowledgeable, I enjoy a glass of red, a pourof whisky and a nip of sake as much as the next person.Being an inquisitive individual, once I get the taste for something I am keen to explore it further. This
happened five years ago during a trip to Portland, Oregon when I was thrust amongst some of America’s
greatest microbrews. The same applies for the aforementioned beverages and in coming blogs, I willattempt to elaborate on all my palatable experiences.
As for my past week in beer, one that immediately springs to mind is Unibroque’s La Fin Du Monde. It’s
a Canadian Abbey Tripel and coincidentally I consumed this whilst in Florida and yet bypassed it duringmy jaunt to Canada last week. A spicy, full bodied beer, it is definitely one of the better ones I haveconsumed in 2013.During the filming of the pilot, I visited an authentic Irish Pub in Downtown Disney called Raglan Road.One could immediately be forgiven for
thinking they were in Dublin’s Temple Bar district as soon as they
enter the premises here. The food, drinks, entertainment and hospitality are all first class.
I’ve never been a huge fan of Irish beer as much as I do enjoy all the Irish festivities. Whils
t at RaglanRoad, I sampled Kilkenny and Smithwicks, two Irish Ales that provide a smooth, rich and creamy mouthfeel
perfect for cooler climates.
My affinity for IPA’s is unwaivering still and the Coronado Idiot IPA from California was this week’s
standout.As we rapidly approach the month of June, my liquid taste buds are now becoming a little more finickyand expectations continue to grow with each sip. Is this a good or bad thing?
I don’t consider myself a beer snob just yet, however if I was labeled a ‘beer geek’ I don’t think one
could argue.
This journey I’ve embarked on continues to fascinate as the variety on offer is limitless. I really hope that
my insight into the world of beer can help you to think outside the box and perhaps something that youthought may not be to your liking, comes to the fore.While I love liquid gold (beer) as much as the next person, always remember to consume everything inmoderation. Cheers!

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