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Spread Hdmi

Spread Hdmi

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Published by keontez
a breakdown of the Spread HDMI Offense by utopian Whitepony99 for the NCAA Football 09 Football game
a breakdown of the Spread HDMI Offense by utopian Whitepony99 for the NCAA Football 09 Football game

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Published by: keontez on Apr 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spread HDMI Manual
 High Definition Multiple Indentity
First let me say thank you for downloading this, I’ve been working on it a littlewhile. This is a new wave of offense that I have created, it has all the spread offense feel but with a lot more diversity. This offense needs playmakers in order to work, plain andsimple. Secondly you need balance as far as plays not yardage, like 20 rushing plays and20 passing plays. Thirdly you need to be innovative in your play calling, run out of passformations and pass out of run formations. As the game changes you need to change andattack. This offense is not a take what the defense gives you it attacks and makes thedefense respect every single player on the offense. I will touch on all these topics andmore in the following pages.Lets talk about playbook selection.
Playbook choice is very important, you need to be able to create balance out of the multiple formations. If you play 1 dimensional this offense will fail. Playbook choicesthat are good for this are Arkansas, Louisville, Oklahoma State , and my favorite OleMiss. It is all in preference here tinker with each one until you find the one that you like.Here is Ole Miss’s playbook,http://ll-100.ea.com/cem/u/f/GPO/easports.com/ncaa09/playbooks/Ole%20Miss/Ole%20Miss.pdf PersonalKey is a QB with some mobility say 80 or up speed rating, 85 or up Throw Power and close to 90 Throw Acc. HB is another key to this offense must have at least 90 speedand agility plus must be able to catch the ball. The WR’s must be able to run the ball andcatch the ball,1 very quick WR is a must, but for the other WR speed is not importanthere good hands and route running. They must be able to run the jet sweeps and motionoption plays. You want a big quick TE with good hands and decent speed.Zone/Man Recognition
This is one of the biggest part of the spread HDMI, reason being is that you cancome out look over the defense and make sure that you are in the right play before yousnap the ball. Because of this you need to pick your play in the huddle in under 5 secondsand get to the LOS. You need at least 15-20 seconds to look over the opponentsunbalanced formations are a big part of this. Your first read should be man or zone. Thisis a relatively easy read to make based on where the defender lines up on your guys. I donot like to motion to see what type of coverage the opponent is running because this tipsyour hand, everyone knows what you are trying to do by manually motioning a receiver across the formation. This why I like to use unbalanced sets a lot. This is an example of an unbalanced set. Notice TE, WR 3, and WR 1 all to the right of the formation.
First zone is a cover 3. Curl-Flats is the cover 3 zone killer, Also attacking the deepmiddle seams on either side if the safety. How do you tell if it is cover 3 I watch thesafeties to see how they move. If the I see one dropping deep middle I know its cover 3This is a 4-3 cover 3The 2 corners cover deep 1/3 and the FS covers deep middle. The seams between the CBand Safety is vunerable, the underneath drag routes and the curl flat routes especially tothe right because the LB has to cover flats while the CB drops.Keys to reading the cover 31 Safety will drop deep middleCB’s will drop deep 1/3rdsYou now know where and how to read a cover 3, which is important the next step is toknow where you are going with the ball. All reads must be made within 2 seconds andyou have to know who you will be throwing the ball to. Best way to explain this is byexamples. You have to know your routes pre-snap, this is a must. Knowing routes willallow you to look at your first, second and third reads quickly, especially in a blitzsituation. I will post some patterns now and tell you what my reads are in a cover 3 zone.

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