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President Uhuru Kenyatta's Madaraka Day Speech

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Madaraka Day Speech



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Published by State House Kenya
Speech by H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta during the Madaraka Day celebrations at Nyayo National stadium, 1st June, 2013
Speech by H.E. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta during the Madaraka Day celebrations at Nyayo National stadium, 1st June, 2013

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Published by: State House Kenya on Jun 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fellow Kenyans,I am pleased to join you today as we celebrate 50 years since our beloved countryattained internal self-rule. 50 years ago, we embarked on an important andirreversible journey towards full independence when we began to run our owninternal affairs.Today, half a century later, we remember and salute the thousands of Kenyans whowere involved in the struggle against colonialism. We salute the men and womenwho made huge sacrifices so that we could enjoy freedom and liberty today. Weparticularly honor those who paid the ultimateprice in the liberation of our country.In recognition of the sacrifices borne by our predecessors, every year, on this date,we have an opportunity to come together to reflect on what we have done with ourhard-earned freedom we have an opportunity to dedicate ourselves afresh to thepatriotism; selflessness and diligence that marked the struggle for independence;and an opportunity to renew our commitment to the task of building a prosperousnation that is freer, stronger, richer and fairer than the one we inherited.Fellow Kenyans,As we celebrate this year’s Madaraka Day, therefore, we reflect over the journey wehave travelled over the last 50 years. And it is evident we have made tremendousstrides over this period. Kenyans now have better access to food, shelter, education,health and security services and, indeed, enjoy a better standard of living than waspossible 50 years ago.In spite of this progress, much remains to be done. As we celebrate the past 50years, therefore, we must now cast our sights over the next 50 years. We must askourselves critical questions: how do we tackle the challenges we now face? Whatadvances will we have made in the next 50 years? What new horizons will we haveconquered? What kind of country will we bequeath to our children and futuregenerations?I cannot tell the future any more than you; but I know for sure that we are blessedwith rich natural resources, a strong and growing middle class, improvinginfrastructure, and a well-educated workforce. I am confident that through our hardwork we can transform our country and take our rightful place among the free andprosperous nations of the world.Fellow Kenyans,
To achieve this vision of a free and prosperous society, our journey must now gainmomentum; and Kenyans across the country must play their respective roles inensuring that Vision 2030 becomes a reality.Let me hasten to say that national unity is a key prerequisite for the realization of the Kenya that we all desire. Without unity, we shall neither progress nor stand. Aswe indicated in our Manifesto, the Jubilee Government believes in one Kenya; aKenya where every citizen, wherever they live, will have the opportunity to succeedand prosper, free of discrimination. I assure Kenyans that uniting our people is oneof my most passionate goals for our country. I dream of a Kenya where we will notonly be proud of our diverse heritage and cultures, but also where we will unitearound our common aspirations as Kenyans.Our shared aim is to end ethnic tensions and rivalry and to unite all our citizens. I amdetermined to provide leadership towards the attainment of this noble objective. Aunited Kenya has tremendous potential for growth and development. Indeed, Kenyais not a collection of 42 tribes who have to live together. Kenya is one nation,assembled by divine providence and held together for the last 50 years by ourcommon bond and belief in a brighter future for us and our children.Hand in hand with the agenda of uniting our country, my Government is determinedto ensure the success of the devolved system of government. Personally, I believethe success of devolution will be the success of the Jubilee agenda for the people of Kenya. Devolution will not only facilitate the delivery of services and ensure equitybut will also lead to the emergence of new centers of economic development.Through enactment of various legislations, the National Government has continuedto realign its functions and the process of transfer of functions to the CountyGovernments has started. The National Government will continue to give support tothe county governments through capacity building. I pledge to promote and thespirit of cooperation and consultation as provided for in the Constitution in order toenhance synergy and cooperation between the two levels of Government for thebenefit of all Kenyans.I also assure Kenyans that in the coming days, we will ensure the conclusion of therestructuring process of the Provincial Administration as required by theConstitution. In this regard, I have directed that Provincial Commissioners and otherprovincial Heads of Department in the former Provinces be redeployed for othernational duties.As we roll out the devolved system of government, I call upon governors and otherleaders at the county level to focus critically on growing county economies in orderfor us to create opportunities and wealth for our people. I also urge leaders toenlighten Kenyans that even as we implement devolution, Kenya remains oneindivisible nation.
Fellow Kenyans,When I took office about two months ago, I promised that we will radically changethe way the Government operates so that it is able to deliver efficient and effectiveservices to the people. That journey has begun with our restructuring of Government ministries and the naming of Cabinet Secretaries. These secretarieshave been tasked with the responsibility of implementing our development agendaacross all sectors of our economy. I have full confidence in them and I call uponKenyans to support their efforts.As an immediate step towards making the transformation of the Public Service areality, I am directing the ministry of Devolution and Planning to move forward withthe strategy for implementation of integrated service delivery “one stop shop”Citizen Service Delivery Centers; initiate modalities for rationalization of the publicservice in order to make it effective and efficient, and, institute measures andstandards for improved performance management in service delivery.As I also indicated during my inauguration, the Government will address thosecritical challenges which, if unresolved, will greatly hinder our development efforts.In this regard, our most urgent tasks are to grow our economy, ensure food security,provide quality education and health services, create jobs for our young people;battle insecurity; and firmly crackdown on corruption and impunity.Improving the economic welfare of our people is our most challenging task. We haveto create ladders of opportunity that will enable our brothers and sisters living inpoverty to move to the middle class. To do this, the Government will work inpartnership with the private sector and our development partners to reinvigorateinclusive growth through strategies such as modernizing agriculture, diversifyingexports, improving infrastructure, sealing leakages in our revenue collection systemand expanding the tax base.In addition to these measures, I would like to reiterate that my Government is keenon transforming the structure of our economy so as to create sustainableemployment opportunities to our growing young population. This is importantbecause the only sure way to fight poverty is to create wealth and the best way to dothat is by rapid industrialization.We are committed to sparking an industrial revolution that will ensure we are able tomanufacture the necessary tools and equipment for economic activities as well as tocarry out value addition of our raw materials and primary commodities.It is for this reason that I formed the Ministry of Industrialization and EnterpriseDevelopment. This Ministry will be the heartbeat of our industrial revolution andexport diversification agenda. It will ensure the full implementation of the SessionalPaper No. 9 of 2012 on the National Industrialization Policy Framework for Kenya

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moving forward
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Wonderful speech! Let him who has an ear hear what his excellence has for the nation. God bless you our dear president.
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