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Compressors Data Wiring Diagrams

Compressors Data Wiring Diagrams

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Published by Ray Ravel
Compressors wiring diagram complete guide
Compressors wiring diagram complete guide

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Published by: Ray Ravel on Jun 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ContentsPage No.
Commissioning guide2Compressor field test4Compressor Motor connection& Start guides for Single Phase8Single phase Wire diagram9, 10 & 11Copeland Scroll Single phase Wire diagram12Copeland Part-Wind13Part-Wind Wire diagram1550:50 Part-Wind16Star/Delta Start18Typical Star/Delta Start Wire diagram20 & 21Direct-on-Line22Typical Direct-on-Line Wire diagram24-27Copeland Scroll Three phase Wire diagram28Sample Wiring Diagrams9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 2021, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28Open Drive Compressors 29, 30, 31Screw Compressors 32, 33Compressor Oil 34, 35, 36Common Torque Setting/Conversion Factors 37, 38Visit us Online 39Compressor Doctor 40
© This booklet is the sole copyright of the Thermagroup of companies andcannot be reproduced without written permission.
2Commissioning Guide
Please read before Connectinga compressor
As the dynamic component of a fridge system, the compressor will exhibit faultsfrom other regions of the system. If a compressor were considered the ‘Fuse’ itwill ‘Blow’ as a result of any underlying fault conditions leading to operationoutside safe design parameters.The key approaches to compressor fault diagnosis are ...
An open mindA systematic approach
1What is the initial fault report?2Check the obviousIs it switched on?Are the fuses OK, is the Contactor OK?Are the system valves open?What are the system conditions?Suction PressureDischarge PressureOil PressureSystem charge State - Sub-coolingSuction condition - SuperheatWhat is the Standing pressure? Is air present in the system(High standing pressure).What is the Oil Level?Are any leaks apparent?Is the compressor Noisy?Is it safe to leave running?Has any other work been done recently? - rule out coincidence3After checking the relevant points above, effect the field test routine below4Trips and noises are the most obvious initial faults ...Motor OverloadIs motor case hot? - allow to cool before re-startInternal TypeWhen cool check with Megger before re-start.Are all terminals tight?What is internal overload resistance? -Does overload resistance rise steadily before a trip?- motor getting too hotDoes resistance jump about? - loose connectionMotor OverloadWhat is overload set at, is this correct?External TypeCheck fuses Any blown? - change all threeEffect field tests - Page 4Are all phases present? - Load voltage evenOil PressureWhat is net pressure? What is the Oil Level?Does pressure start high & drop off? - Blocked filter

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