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~NOTICE by AFF of Relinquisment of Resident Agency Status Howard Griswold 4 14 13

~NOTICE by AFF of Relinquisment of Resident Agency Status Howard Griswold 4 14 13

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Published by Gemini Research

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Published by: Gemini Research on Jun 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I, , being of sound mind and competent age to makeThis affidavit with personal knowledge of the facts contained herein and in my private capacitystates the following:(1)That the law discharges the contract or presumption of agency as it does other Contracts (real or quasi) on the grounds of public policy or necessity if the lawmakes the act for which the agency was created an illegal act and is terminated byoperation of law.(2)That the law of principal and agent provides for the renunciation by the agent of their agency and that the agency can be terminated at the will of either party.(3)That it is the generally adopted international law in this country that the existence oa state of war between the country of the principal (the United States, Inc., it’s political subdivision State’s Inc. and the political instrumentality’s of the stateincorporations – cities, towns, counties, etc.) hereafter referred to as governmentsand that of the agents (private Americans), terminates the agency. This is because of the international rule, which prohibits all trading or commercial intercourse betweenthe countries at war.(4)That the governments, as described in paragraph (3) have been shadowed in a defacto form, the de jure states and the United States of America governments.Which guaranteed the life, liberty and property (pursuit of happiness) of the privateAmerican people as well as the guarantee of a republican form of government in theConstitution for the United States of America at Article 4, Section 4. The de factogovernments, as described in paragraph (3), have created an illegal act by coercing,unduly influencing and forcing the private American people to contract byregistration, of themselves and their fairly and honestly acquired properties withvarious departments of the de facto governments. This illegal act of the de factogovernments terminates all contractual or presumed agency of the private American people with these de facto governments by operation of law in accordance with public policy and the doctrine of necessity.(5)That the resident/agency status of this Affiant is gratuitous and purely voluntary,although by mistake, due to the coercion, undue influence and threatening force of these de facto governments.
Thus the agent can, by law, renounce the authority of the principle de facto government at any time and by the will of the agent.
 (6)That these de facto governments, described in paragraph (3), have declared the private American people to be the enemy of the governments in the Trading with theEnemy Act of 1917 and its later amendments. That further acts of war have been perpetrated by these de facto governments against this Affiant and the rest of the private American people (a) forcing the registration of our bodies and the rest of our fairly and honestly acquired private properties for the commercial use and benefit totax and regulate without paying just compensation for the taking; (b) further acts of war were the taking of the wealth of the private American people by removing thecoin of the realm which is real value, and with no authority to replace said value coinwith worthless paper notes an to further declare that said paper notes are to be equalto money; (c) further acts of war were to send gunmen in uniform out on theroadways of America for the governments purpose of extorting more of the privateAmerican people’s wealth under the pretense of taxes, fines, fees in violation of the
real laws’ (d) further acts of war were to turn the courts of this country into acollection agency for the enforcement of the taxes, fines and fees that have beenimposed upon the private American people and their fairly and honestly acquired private property in direct violation of the real laws and the guarantee of a republicanform of government.(7)Further, Know all persons by these presence that:
Due to the above stated facts and in accord with the law of principal and agent, thisAffiant does by his absolute will renounce and thus terminate any contractual or presumedbenefits, privileges, or opportunities of resident/agent status with all of the below named defacto governments
.Further,, that I do solemnly attest that the a foregoing facts contained herein are true,correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief under the penalty of perjury inaccordance with the laws of the United States.Further, Notice to the principal is notice to all agents and notice to the agents is notice tothe principal.Further, Affiant sayeth not.IN WITNESS WEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this _______________ DayOf _____________ 2013. __________________________(Name)Signed and sealedIn the presense of: __________________ (Name)In the State of ______________________:In the County of ____________________:On this, the ______________________day of _________________________ 2013, beforeme, a Notary Public, the undersigned, personally appeared _____________ Known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to within instrument and acknowledgedthat he/she executed the same for the purposes therein contained.In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and notarial seal.Seal _________________________ (Notary Public)My commission expires _________ 

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