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Abs Workout

Abs Workout

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Published by discoshadow
Abs workout
Abs workout

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Published by: discoshadow on Jun 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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STEP 2 //
No amount o abs work will get you a six-pack i your abs arecovered in a layer o at but ortunately some simple dietaryshits can make all the diference. Nutritionist Laura Street(laura@laurastreet.co.uk) takes you through the essentials.
 Drink morewater 
“I you’re still knocking back sot drinks you’re undoing all your hard work,”Street says. “Stick to water, which has zero calories and helps with recovery,energy and metabolism.” Aim or a minimum o two litres a day.
 Ditch beer,drink vodka 
“Beer generates excess oestrogen, which can result in weightgain. A good alternative is to drink clear spirits such as vodkain moderation. And i you drink, don’t do it every day.”
 Eat moreprotein 
“Protein provides satiety, which means you’ll be satisfied or longerand less likely to snack. Evidence suggests that eating protein atbreakast leads to decreased ood consumption throughout theday. Include fish, meat, eggs, lentils or beans in every meal or snack.”
 Eat good fats 
“Trans ats are ound in processed oods such as biscuits and are responsible orthe build-up o visceral at around the abdomen. Replace them with good ats. Themonounsaturated and polyunsaturated ats ound in avocados, nuts, olives andseeds are all good ats, while mackerel is the king o the sea in terms o omega-3 content.”
 Earn  your carbs 
“I you’re training hard you can aford to moderately increase your carbohydrateintake. I you’re not training, taper your carbs accordingly. And avoid refinedcarbs such as bread, which can give you sugar cravings and derail weight loss.”
“First, master the knee rollout,” Bathurstsays. “Tense your abs and keep your upperbody tight beore you roll out. Keep your headdown and chin tucked so your back stays flat.I you can’t roll all the way, use a wall to limityour range o motion until you’re stronger.”
“Going rom the knees to the eet ispretty tricky. To help with the transition,try rolling up an incline bench. Move urtheraway rom the bench as you improve. Iyou find your legs bending, do hamstringstretches to improve your flexibility.”
“Once you can do three sets o fiveincline rollouts, try one standing. Keepyour lower back flat and tilt your pelvisorward slightly. Don’t keep your armsunder your body — it eels easier, but willcause you to lose orm. When your chin isalmost touching the floor, roll back up.”
STEP 3 //
The standing abs wheel rollout will give you a midsection that’s hardas steel and also ranks among the greatest gym show-of moves ever.Jim Bathurst, ounder o the exercise website beastskills.com, showsyou how to nail it.
STEP 4 // 
The standard plank is one o thegreatest abs moves in existence.Here’s how to make it even better.
The Standard
First, make sure you’ve mastered the basicplank. The orm: elbows below your shoulders,hands clasped in ront and body in a straightline. Once your hips start to sag, end the set.Aim or three lots o 60 seconds.
The Upgrade
“The plank shoulder touch is one o the mostefective ways to make the plank harder,”says strength and conditioning specialistJoe DeFranco (derancostraining.com).“You increase the load and stabilityrequirements.” To do it, perorm a standardplank, then take one hand of the groundat a time to touch the opposite shoulder.Go or three sets o 10 reps each side.
The Variation
One o the simplest and best plank variations isto keep both hands on a medicine ball as you’llbe orced to brace your core to stay stable.
The Super-Plank
Once you can hit 90 seconds in the standardplank, make it harder instead o just pushingor more time. “Move your arms urther outand your elbows closer together,” Contrerassays. “Lock out your knees and contract yourglutes as hard as possible.” Aim to get to 30seconds without relaxing.
Drink…green tea
Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) whichcauses your nervous system to run more quickly, burningcalories. Research indicates three cups a day is the perect dose— add lemon or a tasty kick that also helps control blood sugar.
Cook…chilli peppers
Studies have ound that capsaicin, the compound that giveschillies their heat, can increase energy expenditure and burncalories, though the efects are stronger in people less usedto spicy ood. Make that curry a hot one.
Season with…black pepper
Piperine, the substance that gives black pepper its taste, canblock the ormation o new at cells, according to researchpublished in the
 Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry 
.Apply liberally to your protein-rich steak or poached eggs.
Cinnamon has thermogenic properties, which means it’ll helpyou burn at. Studies show it lowers the glycaemic responseto meals, making you less prone to storing at. The easiestway to get the benefit? Add it to black cofee.
 Sleep better 
The easiest way to reduce cortisol is to sleep more and better.Aim or eight hours a night. “To sleep soundly, stay of thecomputer or an hour beore bed,” says trainer Sally Moss oUltimate Perormance Fitness. And keep your bedroom totally dark.”
 Eat oranges 
Stressed at work? Oranges can help. In a study published inthe journal
, doses o up to 3000mg ovitamin C were efective in reducing cortisol rises rompsychological stresses such as public speaking.
 Eat salmon 
In 2003, a French study determined that oily fish (an excellentsource o omega-3 atty acids) can reduce cortisol releasecaused by mental stress. As a bonus it’ll reducecardiovascular stress and help with a host o other health problems.
Many studies suggest that meditation can lower cortisollevels, even in the inexperienced. I you’re not sure how todo it properly, apps such as Simply Being ($1 rom iTunes)can take you through the basics.
Chew gum 
Chewing gum was linked to decreased cortisol levels byresearch rom Tokyo Medical and Dental University. It can alsotemporarily stave of hunger, reducing your urge to snack.
    P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H    Y    D    A    N    N    Y    B    I    R    D ,    S    H    U    T    T    E    R    S    T    O    C    K    M    O    D    E    L    R    I    C    H    A    R    D    P    E    A    R    C    E    @    W    A    T    H    L    E    T    I    C
STEP 5 //
The stress hormone cortisol is the six-pack’snatural enemy because it causes at storage aroundthe abdomen and impairs your body’s ability toburn it. Deeat it and watch the at melt away.
STEP 6 //
I you’ve ollowed all the steps, your six-packshould be visible by now. Enhance your muscledefinition with these proven at-burners.

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