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Hostile Fantasy-World of Zbigniew Brzezinski

Hostile Fantasy-World of Zbigniew Brzezinski

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Published by Michael Brown
Lyndon LaRouche analyses the thinking of the new chief of the National Security Council.
Lyndon LaRouche analyses the thinking of the new chief of the National Security Council.

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Published by: Michael Brown on Jun 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Illustrations throughout the text are selected etchings from
 Los Caprichos
 byFrancisco Goya; captions are the English translations of Goya's captionsPublished by Campaigner Publications, Inc., Box 1972, G.P.O., New York, New York 10001
Hostile Fantasy-World Of Zbigniew Brzezinski
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Reading Zbigniew Brzezinski's Summer 1976
 America in a Hostile World 
we are properly reminded how much we are indebted to the insane for thediscovery of insanity. We leave to the self-amusement of the psychiatristswhether Mr. Brzezinski's brittle personality will endure the transition fromsheltered academia to the frustrations of public office. We limit our attentionto the point: he is unquestionably a paranoid-schizophrenic in the rigorousepistemological sense of that term. The axiomatics of his logic, thegeometry of his articulated world-outlook are classically paranoid.Although our characterization could not be competently opposed, the"medical" connotations of the terms employed oblige us to devote a sizeable portion of this critique to what might appear mistakenly to be a digressioninto preliminary technical points. Fortunately, no net digression exists.Insofar as we are obliged to afford the reader a rigorous overview of  paranoia, he is indispensably advantaged to understand Mr. Brzezinski'snotable eccentricities with an otherwise inaccessible analytical competence.
The Problem of Paranoia
In ordinary, layman's usages, the term "paranoia" is associated either withchildish horrid fascination for the outrageously exotic, or otherwise with persons who catch one in practices one would prefer had remainedundetected. In the latter connection, one might imagine the situation inwhich a particularly unsavory countercultural type is seen walking out of a bank carrying a shotgun and a mesh bag crammed with large-denominationcurrency. In this circumstance, one
can imagine the hippy-type resortingwith mustered coolness to the common defensive posture of dishonest politicians, crooked journalists, and liberals generally. Under suchconditions, the hippy-type would rebuke the inquisitive police officers:"What's the matter? You guys paranoid or something?" Less hypothetically,there is the public conduct of Senator Frank Church on Jan. 11, 1977, duringthe testimony of former Ambassador Edward Korry in connection with theCyrus Vance nomination.
 Foreign Policy
, 23, (1976)

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