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Instructor: Emily Garai, Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Class time: Tuesday\u2013 Thursday 8:30\u2013 12PM; May 19\u2013 June 11
Class location:
Office Hours: before and after class and by appointment (email me), Dewey room 227
Email:e mi ly. gar a i@u vm. edu

Course description:
Psy 251 will provide a broad survey of what is considered to be disordered or abnormal behavior
in children, from infancy up through late adolescence. The objectives are:
1. to identify and differentiate between psychological disorders in children and adolescents.
2. to critically examine current research on diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents.

Course format:
Each course will use a combination of lecture, class discussion, and hands on learning/case
examples. There will also be some guest lectures in specific areas to add diversity to course
format and to provide students with expert knowledge.

Required text:
Additional articles will be given out in class.

Course grades will be based on the following; there will be no extra credit options. Students are expected to attend all classes, to complete assigned readings before class, and to participate in class. Assignments are to be printed out before class and handed in during class. No emailed assignments will be accepted. Reading responses will not be accepted if they are turned in

late or if you are not in class. Late case studies will be deducted 1 full letter grade per day.
1. Reading response (25%): Students will turn in a typed, 1 paragraph response to each topic
that demonstrates critical thinking. Responses will contain 2 parts:

1 - Your response: one paragraph (4-6 sentences) in length:
a) Briefly (1-2 sentences) highlight a topic that you found interesting,
controversial, or surprising from the readings.
b) Explain possible causes, implications, or solutions to topic, with examples.

2 - Find a recent, peer-reviewed journal article (2000-2009) on PsycInfo that addresses
that same topic. Write the citation in APA format and summarize the findings in one

What The Course Is About
PSY 251: Behavior Disorders of Childhood
Summer 2009

Responses will be given a grade of 100, 90, 80, or 70%. There are 10 responses assigned; only 8 will be counted (there is no extra credit for doing more). Due dates are indicated by asterisks (*) on the schedule of assignments on page 3 of the syllabus. Grading criteria are described below.

Grading for Reading Responses:
2. Case Studies (75%): There will be three case study write-ups during the semester, each

worth 25% of your grade. Given a detailed description of a child or adolescent, you will
hypothesize about possible diagnoses, support these hypotheses with information on diagnostic
criteria, and address issues of prevention and treatment.

You are expected to attend every class. Please talk to Emily in advance if you will need to miss a
class for any reason. You will need to borrow notes from another class member and you will be
responsible for any changes to the syllabus announced in class. Case studies and reading
responses are accepted only if they are in my mailbox in Dewey Hall prior to the start of class on

the day on which they are due.
Please talk to Emily during the first week of classes so we can arrange accommodations.
A+ = 97-100
B+ = 87-89
C+ = 77-79
D = 69 or less
A = 94-96
B = 84-86
C = 74-76
F = 59 or less
A- = 90-93
B- = 80-83
C- = 70-73
70% and below
Contains all 3 parts
Contains all 3 parts
Contains all 3 parts
Missing 1 or more parts.
Clear focus on 1-2
Clear focus on 1-2
Unclear focus or
focus on more than 2
Unclear focus

Detailed, with
examples from

Reference to
Lacking information
or details from
Lacking information
Very well written,
grammar, word
choice, proofreading
Well-written overall Some awkward
writing, typos
Sloppy writing or not
Disability Accommodations

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