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Ways to Maximize Your Financial Prosperity

Ways to Maximize Your Financial Prosperity

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Published by aashay shroff
By Jack Canfield
By Jack Canfield

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Published by: aashay shroff on Jun 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5 Ways to Maximize Your Financial Prosperity
© 2005-2013 Professional Education Institute and Self Esteem Seminars, Inc All rights Reserved
5 Ways to Maximize Your Financial Prosperity 
While true wealth in life is found outside of one’s bank account, your nancial prosperity—or lackthereof—inuences how easily and readily you are able to achieve your ideal life. We don’t earn oraccumulate money for the sake of having more money. We want money for the opportunities itaffords us.It is for this purpose that we have compiled ve of the best ways to help yourself maximize your nan
cial prosperity. Follow these principles and you will be able to improve your nancial circumstancesboth in the short- and long-term.
Maximizer #1 - Boost Your Business Just By Asking
Most people are afraid to ask for what they want for fear of rejection, being seen as stupid, or thinkingthey’ll come across as incompetent. But, the truth is that people who ask for what they want are ableto boost their business, increase their income, and create the life they want to a greater extent thanthose who insist on doing it all themselves.However, not all requests are created equal. There are ways you can make your requests more effec
tive. Below are 5 keys to successful asking:1.
Ask clearly
– What do you want? If you don’t know, how do you expect anyone to provide itfor you? Getting clear on what you want and why you want it will help others support you andin some instances, provide you with something better that you didn’t even know existed.2.
– Expect to hear “yes.” If your request is timid or doubting, people willnotice and be more inclined to turn you down. Practice making your request so when the timecomes, you can issue your request without the slightest bit of hesitation.3.
Ask consistently
– Even if you’re clear and have asked with condence, the truth is, somepeople will tell you “no.” But that doesn’t mean things are over. Move on and ask again. Thelast thing you’ll want to do is begin wallowing in defeat over one rejection. Commit to yourselfto asking consistently regardless of how many “no’s” you may receive. Remember it onlytakes one “yes” to get what you want.4.
Ask creatively
– Often the person you’re asking has received similar requests. This stands toreason since they are the person who can fulll your request. As a result, you need to makeyour request unique. It needs to stand out from the crowd. Whether that means a formalproposal or a high-impact presentation, you need to make it memorable. Doing so showsthe person you are asking that you have commitment and desire—a willingness to go theextra mile.5.
Ask sincerely
– Finally, you need to ask sincerely. This requires you to drop the “know-it-all”exterior and allow yourself to appear less than perfect. Asking sincerely is the difference be
tween “I can’t do it myself” and “you do it for me.” One is humble. The other is lazy. Forget tomake your requests sincere and people will see right through you and know you are the latter.So ask for a recommendation. Ask for a referral. Ask to renegotiate an agreement that no longer worksfor you. You may be surprised how many people say “yes.”
5 Ways to Maximize Your Financial Prosperity
© 2005-2013 Professional Education Institute and Self Esteem Seminars, Inc All rights Reserved
Application Suggestions:
• Where are you stuck in your goal(s)? What information, feedback, or expertise do you needto help get things started again? Who do you know that can either provide you with that as
sistance or put you in contact with the people that can help?• How often do you ask your existing customers for referrals? What can you do to increase thenumber of referrals you receive?• Identify commitments or agreements that are no longer serving your best interest. What con
versation do you need to have in order to make the agreement more appealing?
Maximizer #2 - Focus Your Time and Efforts on Your Core Genius
Most people don’t get ahead nancially because they continually let the “good” get in the way ofthe “best.”Recognizing the “bad” ways we waste our time is easy and most of us are mature enough to say noto it. However, it is the “good” that trips us up. After all, it is good. Why wouldn’t we want to invest timewith it? The problem is that it keeps us from the best.Look at it another way. If you could invest your money and receive a 15% return on your investment,most people would continue to put money towards that over and over again. But for every dollar youput towards an investment giving you a 15% R.O.I. that is one dollar less you have to invest in some
thing that could have returns of 20%, 50% or 500%.Your core genius is that investment of your time that will provide you with the highest return onyour investment.So what is getting in the way of you focusing on your core genius and what can you do about it?First, you need to identify your core genius if you haven’t already. For most people, it is tied to their lifepurpose. It is what comes naturally to you. It is what people readily recognize you for being excep
tional at and something that you lose yourself in whenever you’re doing it.Once you’ve identied what your core genius is, you need to begin proactively scheduling time toperform it. If you wait around to “nd the time” for it, you never will. The good will always be at yourdoor petitioning you for more of your time. Unless, you’ve scheduled time for the best, you’ll alwaysdefer to what shows up.It is at this point that many argue that they can’t ignore the good. But you are not being asked toignore it, you’re just being asked not to spend your precious time on it. To that end, begin lookingat those tasks that you can either delegate or hire out to others. A good rule of thumb is never to doanything below your hourly rate. In other words, if you charge $80 per hour to design web sites, thendon’t spend your time with bookkeeping activities that can be hired out for $40 per hour. If you charge$500 for a speaking engagement, then hire out a graphic designer to put together your PowerPointslides or a college student to organize and le your talks and stories electronically.Eventually, you’ll want to arrive to the point where you’re adhering to the Pareto Principle or the 80/20Rule with your core genius. The Pareto Principle states that roughly 80% of the results come from 20%

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