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Bonus Scene 4 - The One Where Bliss Gets Her Way

Bonus Scene 4 - The One Where Bliss Gets Her Way



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Published by WilliamMorrowBooks
and Well, Garrick, too.
Let’s Just Say Ways Are Had

Faking It by Cora Carmack will be available in paperback and e-book June 4!
and Well, Garrick, too.
Let’s Just Say Ways Are Had

Faking It by Cora Carmack will be available in paperback and e-book June 4!

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Published by: WilliamMorrowBooks on Jun 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The One Where Bliss Gets Her Way, and Well, Garrick, too.
Let’s Just Say Ways Are Had
My girl was made of joy.It seeped from her every pore, shined from her eyes, and sang with the swayof her hips. I watched her jumping on her bed, screaming silently into her hands,and I knew then that I wanted to make sure she was this happy always.With a smile, I asked, "What are you doing?"She squealed and collapsed onto her mattress, and I couldn't put into wordswhat her adorable look of shock made me feel.You think you know what an emotion feels like
grief, anger, jealousy
but then a moment will come along so fierce in it's effect that it redefines the feeling andputs what you thought that emotion was to shame.Bliss redefined happiness for me.With her hands crisscrossed over her chest like her heart was about to leapout of its cage, she asked, "What are you doing here?""I saw your car outside, so I came over. I didn't realize you'd already startedthe party without me." I loved that she didn't even try to hide her embarrassment with me anymore.
She’s accepted it.
"I take it you're excited about how the showwent tonight?"She climbed off the bed, stumbling over nothing. My smile spread wider.She said, "The show was great, but I'm glad to be home."
She put a hand on my chest as she said the word home, and I wondered if shecould feel my heart jump toward her touch. I grabbed her waist and pulled herforward into a hug. I closed my eyes, put at ease by the familiar smell of her hair andwarmth of her body.One month. One month, and she would be mine-- no hiding, no lies, noworries. Just us."You were great tonight." Great was an understatement. She got better everytime I saw the performance, braver and bolder and more beautiful. "And now I get to have you all to myself."One month from now, I was going to steal her away from the world. Maybewe'd go somewhere. We could take a trip; find a place where no one knew us. Maybedrive down to Galveston and the coast. It was a long drive, but it would be worth it to see her in a bathing suit, to have her
all to myself."How was the celebration?" I asked. I was pretty damn proud of myself that Ididn't toss her over my shoulder as soon as the show was over, and kidnap her. I'dgiven her some time with her friends. Well, as much as I could bear."Good," she said. "Really good. I'm going to miss everyone when we graduate.It's a little crazy to think that's only a month away.I grazed her pink cheek with my thumb, and said, "One month."She smiled, and I leaned down for a quick taste of the joy on her lips.Her arms went around my neck, and her mouth pushed harder against mine."Mmm..." She was going to be the death of me.
I slid my hand up from her waist the to curve of her ribs. Her shoulderspulled back, pressing her chest closer to mine. I opened my mouth, and her tongueslid in, eager and impatient.I needed to get this girl on stage more often if this was what it did to her.Our mouths tangled, and our bodies followed, pulling closer, exploring. I hadto concentrate to keep my grip on her body light. But her kisses were intoxicating,coaxing me closer and closer to losing control. Her arms slid down my chest, and myspine tightened with a shiver. She slid one hand beneath my shirt, and pressed herfingers into my lower back. I could feel the five little points pressing into my muscle,and I flexed my hands to keep from pulling her hips tight against mine.But feeling her body, pliant and warm, beneath my hands did nothing to helpme stay in control. And I had to stay in control. I didn't want to spend the night witha foot between us on the couch because I couldn't keep myself in check. I loved her. Ishould be able to kiss and hold her without needing more.Her other hand slid over my abdomen and up to my chest, and I exhaledheavily from my nose.Shakespeare. Maybe I should recite Shakespeare. Surely my abhorrence forthe stuff could balance out my obsession with the little vixen in my arms. I wastrying to decide on a play when her hand on my chest, pushed, and I fell back ontothe bed that sat behind me. How did the bed get behind me?I didn't have time to pinpoint the moment our position had shifted beforeBliss straddled me, and my whole body became painfully aware of how very not incontrol I was. Her hips tilted against mine, and I swallowed a slew of curse words.

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