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الأسواق المالية الناشئة

الأسواق المالية الناشئة



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Published by laid_dz

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Published by: laid_dz on Apr 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ةئشانل ةيلامل قوس
ةمدقملاةيلم وس ىلإ ةفيعضلاو ةيمنلا ادبلا تيدصإ ةجح وك تدك دقل ةيلملا اوسا ريثأ دشل لذو ، هيدصب وهنل مازلإ ءش اذهلو . هنم ربكلا ةصخ ، ةيدصا تازجناو تورشملا ىىح ، اوسا ذ ثم دو ةمإ ىلإ ةفيعضلاو ةيمنلا ودلا ىعس ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا إ . ةيدصا ةيمنلا  ع رود هل وكي ، ييلودلا يمعملاو ييدصا م ريثكلا مإ وك تدك ويلارظن طحم هعج تازيممو ئصخ م اوسا ذ ب تزيم مب رمثسم ةصخو نجا ييرمثسملا ى رد لا دئاوعلاو يمجل اوسا ذ ى ءوضلا طسنل حبلا اذ دقن اذهلو . ةيلملا ةظفحملام ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا نع اذمو ؟ اوسا ذ  م ، ديدحلب ذ تدمإ دقلو ؟ هازيممو هصئصخ  مو ؟ ةيدصا ةيوازلادرسل را ربب فصولا هنملا ى وضوملا يدق  ةساردلاةثث ىلإ حبلا وحم يسق مو . صواو يرعلا و يفملاي طورش – ينث ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ةيم – و : حبم ةيلملا اوسا ةنكم – ثلث روط حارمو ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسالودلا يونلا مض ةئشنلاةمدقملارهفلاةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ةيم: وا حبملا .ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا يرع: وا طملا ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ينص رييعم :نثلا طملا ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ئصخ: لثلا طملا.روط حارمو ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ي طورش : نثلا حبملا .ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ي طورش : وا طملا ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا روط حارم : نثلا طملالودلا ونلا مض ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ةنكم : لثلا حبملا ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا رود دص : وا طملا تارمثسا ذج رصن من : نثلا طملا ةمخلا ةمدقملا اوسا م دئاوعلا  طبرا د : لثلا طملاجارملا ةمئ اوسا روط ك دقل ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ةيم : وا حبملا
خ طورش مج ل ةهج م، ماو دعب حوبكم ةيحملا ةيلملاةفصبو ، رخدا تيوسملو نطولا خدلا عضل ارظن ةيلم وس لدب مسي ل ، ودلا هي رطيس لا تيدصا عض ضي ةمةطسو رب ارا ىلإ ءوجلا  خ كشب ئقلا لملا ظنلاتنك تنينمثلا صنم م كلو ، ةيلودلاو ةينطولا ارا تسسؤم عنا م ونب زيم ، ةثيدح ةيلم اوس يقل ةمئم رثك روما اوسا م ونلا اذ ىلإ يحلا م ونب رعلا يسو ، يبسن ةيللا رصنعلااوسا تطيح دقل ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا يرع : وا طملادل ريبك ةينعبو ، يثحبلا م ديدعلا ب م ةم تساردب ةئشنلاديدحو ، هفيرع ةلوحم جا م ةيلودلا ةيلملا تسسؤملا م ريثكلاذجل طقك هثم تحبص لا ةغلبلا ةيمل ارظن ، هصئصخ دحومو ددحم يرع دجوي  ، ةقيقحلا  :ةيلودلا اوما وؤر ونب ىلإ صا  دوع ةئشن ربع ، ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسل ومن تاذ ةيارغج طنم  حب تنك لا و ةيكيرما رمثسالا ةيلملا اوسا  ةعفرملا دئاوعلا م دفسا جا م و كمي ،يفم د " ةئشن " طصم مشيو . ومنو روط  رظني ةبذجو هم هعجي كشب روط و ومن ةيم تخد د وس نعي يح روطلا  تدب وس ب دصقي  كميو ، يرمثسمل ةبسنلب و ، ةفيعضلا اوسا عب ك ى روط دادزيو همجح ربكي اوسا ةيب  ضاولا مو .طنا ةحرم دعب خد ل لاةمدقملا اوسا رطإ مض بقسملا  خدس ةئشنك يلح ةفنصملا يح روط ةيادب  ةيلم وس ك هب ترم ذ ءوشنلا ةحرم ةبسنلب ةئشن ربع ةيكيرما وسلا تنك ، يرشعلا رقلا ةيادب تينيسلا  ةئشن تد ةينبيلا وسلا منيب ، نطيربلا رمثسمل لا ةيويسا ودلا اوس  يلح ةئشنلا اوسا ثمو تينيعبسلاو دب ن مومو. ةيبونجلا كيرم ادب عبو ، ةعيرس تدعمب ومن اوسا عب ، ةيكرح ةيمعك ةئشنلا اوسا رظ لإ رظنلا م .قح رهظس رخو ، زوربلا يرطلا  هضعبو ، ع تزرب د  ةومجم ىو ةئشنلا ةيلملا اوسا ينص رييعم : نثلا طملاوسلا ةعيبط ى كحلا خ م كمي، ةيونلاو ةيمكلا ييقملا م : روط تيوسمو ةئشنلا
ةيلودلا يوملا ةسسؤم يرع ىلإ وجرلا كمي : ةيمكلا رييعملانطولا خد وكي دب  ورو هس وس هن ى ةئشنلا وسل 
م  درفل لمجا
: رصحلا ىلإ أجي عبلاو ، رود ــلا ةومجم ىلإ خد ل لا ادبلا  ةئشنلا اوسا
و( ةيدصا ةيمنلاو وعلا ةمظنم رخ 
رخ ضي و . )ثمي يح ، زمي شنني رشؤم رخ و نس روم رشؤم  : رخآ يرع نو ةيمكلا رييعملا  دح دصا ومنلا دعم ىلإ ارز دصإ م قنا ى دي ، م وس ءوشن و زورب ةومجم ى وق ةقيقحلا  رييعملا ذ كو ، نص دصإ، ةيلملا اوسا ينص ج م ةيلم رخو ةيدصإ تارشؤم ةينكمإ ريعم ىلإ رش ل  ، ةيك ري رييعم اولا  هنكلو ةيارغجلا رييعملا ىحو . ةصروبلا كي و ىلإو وسلا  وخدلاذنم ، ةهيجو تسيل ارغجلا هعوم سح اوسا نص لا
ةيروهمجو ينولوب ثم ةيرشلا بورو و يقيرإ ادب عب تخد دإ رورضب ضقي مم ةئشنلا اوسا رطإ  ربو يشلاكيرمو يسآ ادب ى " ءوشنلا " تفص رصإ ةلأسم  رظنلا. ةيبونجلا 
يح م هسارد خ م ةئشنلا وسلا ددح : ةيونلا رييعملاى تسيل وس  ةئشنلا وسل ، هئادو هئفك ةجردو روط رخآ ىنعمب ، ةعفرم تيدودرمب دوع هنكلو ةئفكلا م ةيل ةجرد م برل ةونم ر ي هن مك ، ةمكو ةيخاد ءاد وقب زيم اوسا  ةحملا  م ةيم رثكو ، ييلودلا يرمثسملان ، من دصإ  وسلا دجاو طرش ىلإ ةضب ، ةمدقملاو ، بسن روطو ومن تلح  هسفن وسلا وك  و رخآ طرش ةفص هحنم كمي ىح روطلا م ةنيعم ةجرد ىلإ وسلا ص  دب ، ةومجملا ذ م ةفيعضلاو ةيئادبلا اوسا ىصق يح " ةئشن"ريبكلا همجحب ءوشنلا ةحرم تزوج د اوس ن تولا فن و  ةيلملا وسلا كي ص ك ىو . ةيلعلا هئقرإ ةجردو ودلا اوس م ةنرقملب ةئفكلا تو قنلا عبب ةئشنلا ادبلام دب و . اوسا ذ زييمل هم ريعمك اذ ربعيو ، ةمدقملاةثادح دمب طبري  ) ةئشنلا اوسا ( طصم  ىلإ ن رشااوسا ى طي و دخسي وه ، أشنلا ةثيدح اوسب  ، وسلاتنيعسلا ةيادب م يكوسو منب ، ن ، يرحبلا ثم ارخؤم ةمقملا
بموب وس ثم ةميدقلا اوسا ى ضي طي مك ،
ورين جيد وير ،
ولوبنس و 
م ريغك و .

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