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Published by ajaycasper

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Published by: ajaycasper on Apr 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. How do you find the IP address of your computer?
 Ans. in command prompt typr ipconfig it wil show ip address, default gateway, subnetmask addressrun>cmd(to open command prompt)in command prompt type "ipconfig"C:/windows/system32/ipconfig 
2. What is the difference between Win XP and Win 98,2000, 95?
Ans. Win XP- Wireless 0 Configuration,Has Security Center,Supports Plug N Play andNTFS 5.1Win98 and below has FAT file system
3. What is the importance of Hardware Acceleration?
Ans. It improves the speed the computer to a great extent
4. What are the various kinds of browsers?
 Ans. Text browsers: kynxgraphical browsers: Netscape, IE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera
5. How do you determine if there is latency in your connection?
Ans. Latency is a measure of the roundtrip time between two communicating devices.Higher latency means that it takes longer for the two machines to exchangeinformation. In games, the state of the players changes rapidly and you could be“dead” before you know it if the latency is too high.
6. How do you do a trace route? What is the importance of it?
Ans. Trace route is to find the path taken by a single packet in any network, by traceroute we candetemine the time, speed latency period of a network
7. What is Active X?
Ans. ActiveX is a set of technologies from Microsoft that enables interactive content for theWorld Wide Web. Before ActiveX, Web content was static, 2-dimensional text andgraphics. With ActiveX, Web sites come alive using multimedia effects, interactiveobjects, and sophisticated applications that create a user experience comparable to thatof high-quality CD-ROM titles. ActiveX provides the glue that ties together a wideassortment of technology building blocks to enable these "active" Web sites.
8. What is DNS?
Ans. Domain Name Server, it converts the user friendly name into the coresponding ip-address
9. What is the importance of a DHCP Server?
Ans. Dynamic host configuartion protocolDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol that enables a DHCPserver to automatically assign an IP addressto an individual computer'sTCP/IP stack software. DHCP assigns a number dynamically from a defined range of numbers (i.e., ascope) configured for a given network.Client computers configured to use DHCP for IP assignment do not need to have astatically assigned IP address. In addition, they generally do not need to have addressesconfigured for  DNSservers or  WINSservers, as these are also set by the DHCP server. DHCP assigns a TCP/IP address when a system is started.The client computer sends a broadcast request (called a DISCOVER or DHCPDISCOVER), looking for a DHCP server to answer.The router directs the DISCOVER packet to the correct DHCP server.The server receives the DISCOVER packet. Based on availability and usage policies seton the server, the server determines an appropriate address (if any) to give to the client.The server then temporarily reserves that address for the client and sends back to theclient an OFFER (or DHCPOFFER) packet, with that address information. The server alsoconfigures the client's DNS servers, WINS servers, NTP servers, and sometimes other services as well.The client sends a REQUEST (or DHCPREQUEST) packet, letting the server know that itintends to use the address.The server sends an ACK (or DHCPACK) packet, confirming that the client has a beengiven a lease on the address for a server-specified period of time. When a computer uses a static IP address, it means that the computer is manually configured to use aspecific IP address. One problem with static assignment, which can result from user error or inattention to detail, occurs when two computers are configured with the sameIP address. This creates a conflict that results in loss of service. Using DHCP todynamically assign IP addresses minimizes these conflicts.
10. How do you find if a printer is a network or Standalone printer?
Ans. In printer and faxes chck if the printer hs shared symbol if so its shared in networkelse stanaloneprinter 
11. What is the importance of a Firewall?
Ans. Firewall is a software that keeps a check on all ports in computer anythingcommunicated to outside the computer is monitored by firewall
12. What are the different Operating Systems?
Ans. Windows: 95,98,2000,NT,Xp,VistaMac: Mac X, jaguar, tiger, leapordLinux: Redhat, Ubuntu, FedoraSolarisDos 
13. How do you find , the MAC address? What is the importance of MACAddress?
Ans. Media Address Control (MAC)Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar. Click Run... on this menu. Typecmd in the text box that appears. A command prompt window launches on the desktop.In this command window, type ipconfig /all. Details are shown for each of the computer'snetwork adapters. Computers installed with VPN software or emulation software willpossess one or more virtual adapters. The IP Address field states the current IP addressfor that network adapter. The Physical Address field states the MAC address for thatadapter.run>cmd(to open command prompt)in command prompt type "ipconfig"C:/windows/system32/ipconfig /all
14. How do you determine the speed of your Internet connection?
Ans. Right click on the network click status it will show the speed of the networkusualy speed of a networkis expressed in kilobits per second (Kbps)
15. What is the significance of Upload and Download Speed?
Ans. Upload speed determines the speed in which the content is uploaded or sentusually its 20% of the full bandwidthDownload speed determines the speed in which the content is downloaded or received usually its 80% of the full bandwidthand some network have the speeds balanced
16. What are the various Service Packs in 98 and XP and 2000?
Ans. Win98 : NoneWin 2000: SP 1- 6Win Xp: Sp1- 2 

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