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Jane A Van Buren

DRAFT Women, Power & Leadership in Organizations
Jane A. Van Buren, EDM
June 22\u2013 June 26, 2008
8:30\u2013 5:00 M-F

Welcome to Women, Power & Leadership in Organizations. The class will be
stimulating, thought provoking and informative, but only with your help. You must
come to class each day prepared to offer your personal reflections, insights and
questions based on the readings and the work you will be doing outside of the
classroom. As you read, keep a written record of questions and insights you are
having and we will discuss them. This is a small seminar so your attendance is
crucial as is your participation in the discussions. This is a course which requires

you each to share in managing the discussion. I have tried to mix the class up
as much as possible with films, guest speakers, discussion and field trips.
The topics for discussion will probably include:

History of women, power & leadership\u2013 gendered work and feminist
How do you become a leader?
Women in public, nonprofit and private sector leadership\u2013 how do
their experiences differ?

The process of \u201cde-skilling\u201d or the reclassification of jobs deemed to be
\u201cfemale\u201d roles

Leadership styles of men and women\u2013 is there a difference? Does it
Networking and mentoring
Women and the professions, including politics
Personal values and corporate culture
What do we do about it? Remedies and social change

Required texts:
Hartman, M. Ed., (1999) Talking Leadership: Conversations with Powerful Women,
Rutgers, The State University, New Jersey.
Estrich, Susan (2000) Sex & Power, Riverhead Books, New York.
Final Project: Leader Interview Paper and Presentation Because of the

intensive nature of the course you will need to start immediately on your project.
You are required to interview a woman leader (individually defined) at the local,
state or national level face-to-face. The subject of your interview may be a woman
who is active as a leader in a community or who serves or has served as an elected
official or as an appointed public official. Your paper should include her background,
how she got involved in leadership and/or public service, her assessment of the
impact of women on her area of expertise, observations about different styles of
leadership that she has observed between women and men. You may also include
her philosophy and style of leadership. Using theories and concepts presented in
class, you are to analyze and discuss this woman as a leader. The paper is to be 8-

Jane A Van Buren

10 pages in length, double-spaced and typed in 12-point font. Following email
contact with me, students must select their leader and arrange for the interview by
June 22. Papers are due on the next to the last day of class, June 25. You will each
give a presentation on the 26th on the leader you interviewed.ONE RULE: You

may not interview your current (or former) boss, co-worker, mother or any of the
guest speakers.

Once you decide who you will interview you should schedule an interview (this can
be done prior to first class if you have someone in mind)\u2013 class times available for
you to interview and/or work on your paper are Monday June 22 from 3- 5 or
Tuesday June 23 from 8:30-10:30.

Pre- Assignments :
Prior to the first class please read the following:
\ue000 Freeman et. al.\u2013 Introduction by Jill Ker

Conway (p xi\u2013 xxiii) and
Introduction by Freeman (pps 3-23). On e-reserve at UVM Bailey

\ue000 H ar tm an \u2013 choose any two \u201cconversations\u201d to read.
Put Susan Estrich\u2019s book on your bedside table and start reading \u2013 it is an easy read.

After you have read the two \u201cconversations\u201d from Hartman, spend some time
reflecting on why you selected the two women you did, what drew you to their
stories? What was inspiring about their journey? Then reflect on your own journey
and experiences. How have they provided you with power? What is your leadership
experience and what are your leadership and career aspirations? Write down your
thoughts and come to class prepared to share them with the group. Also think about
why you registered for this course and what your expectations are, and what you
hope to attain as an active participant. You do not need to hand in a paper, however
you must be prepared to talk and having written notes will help.

June 22\u2013 Monday Class #1. Looking back at where we have come from\u2013 women
Welcome and introductions
Review syllabus and expectations of course, schedules etc.
Presentation of your personal journey and leader you selected to review
Short video clips:
We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Women\u2019s Equality

Betty Freidan
Sisters are Doing it For Themselves
Rosie The Riveter
American Career Girl

Discussion: What is the current landscape for women in positions of influence and
power? How has our history influenced our leadership?

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