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Course Syllabus
Legal Aspects of Owning and Managing Forests
FOR 185 Z4 \u2013 CRN 60746
3 Credits
Instructor:Thom J. McEvoy, Professor and Extension Forester, Rubenstein School of
Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont. 345 Aiken.
Biographical Sketch:http://www.uvm.edu/snr/?Page=snr_people/faculty-cv/mcevoy.html

Meeting Dates and Times:13 July \u2013 7 August 2009 \u2013 M, T, W, R \u2013 5:00 \u2013 7:30pm
Course description:

Owning and managing forests is a legal endeavor, from purchase agreements and title
searches to surveys, boundaries and timber sales. This course will cover all of the practical
aspects of owning forests, including the most common disputes involving forests and how to
resolve them.

Goals & Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete the course will have a solid understanding of many of the legal
challenges that face those who own and manage forests. Learning outcomes will include: A
thorough understanding of private property, title and ownership, surveys and boundaries, and
contracts involving forests. Students will also develop an ability to understand the ethical
implications of decisions, and how to deal with people that ignore the law. Those who
successfully complete this course will have a working knowledge of commonly used contracts
in forestry practice.

General Course Information
Course Policies:Students are expected to complete assigned readings in advance of the topics to be
discussed. Since a portion of performance is based on \u2018participation,\u2019 students should come to class prepared to
discuss any aspect of current and past readings.
Attendance Expectations:Attendance is mandatory, although students will be excused for cause if the
instructor is notified by phone or email at least 30 minutes before class begins.
Contributions in Class:All are expected to contribute during lectures.
Academic Honesty & Professionalism:We will follow UVM\u2019s policy on academic honesty.
Required and/or recommended readings:Required Text:
McEvoy, T.J. 2005. Owning and Managing Forests: A Guide to Legal, Financial, and
Practical Matters, Island Press, Washington DC. 300p. Awarded \u2018Best Forestry Book for
2005\u2019 by the National Woodland Owners Association.
Electronic Submissions/Internet Use:The course will utilize \u2018Blackboard\u2019 for messaging, blogging and
Student Evaluation/Assessment
Measures of performance:
Writing assignments
Optional Oral Final Exam Up to 20% depending on class standing
The following approximate guidelines will be used for assigning grades:A >90%;B
80 \u2013 89%;C 68 \u2013 79%;D 60 - 67%;F <60%.
Format for Expected Work:All submissions will be in \u2018rtf\u2019 or \u2018pdf\u2019 format.
Instructional Sequence:
Forestry: Past, Present and Future \u2013 Evolution of forestry in the U.S. and
development of rules, regulations, statutes and laws to govern forestry practice.
READINGS: Owning and Managing Forests(O&M): Chapter 1 .
What is Different about Forests?
READINGS: To be assigned
Introduction to Private Property
READINGS: O&M Chapter 2. Writing Assignment: Describe the legal theory by
which the United States acquired lands from indigenous people?
Acquiring and Owning Forest Land
READINGS: O&M Chapter 3. Take Home Quiz 1.

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