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Pat Hausley Affiliated With Great Seal in Atlanta Contacts

Pat Hausley Affiliated With Great Seal in Atlanta Contacts



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Published by: :Nanya-Ahk:Heru:Eil(C)(R)TM on Jun 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pat Hausley affiliated with Great Seal in Atlantacontacts :Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:Eil:(R)(c)TM ForHelp....Why?
:Nanya :El6/03/13 To: Amir Caliph El Bey, ckwakilbey, Amexem INDIGENOUSAboriginalCc: Saber Bey sui jurisAbdur Kull Shaayuaat Bi Wah Saamus Shil Pa Temt-TaBegin All Things By First Using the AllATTENTION: C.K.Wakil Bey, Taj Tarik Bey, Amir Caliph Beyand the GREAT SEAL MOORS of Atlanta upon the Land of :Atlan, :Amexem, :Turtle-Island, :Muu-Lan, :Land of theFrogs, :Egypt-of-the-West.see:http://sites.google.com/site/authenticexport/atsikhata-1 I would appreciate that you assist those moors who contractwith you when they come upon or have difficultcircumstances; I keep getting emails and calls from themdespite the fact they have "Nationalized"(sic) themselveswith your group - I have gotten 4 in this past week alone. Iattach a copy of a convesation on facebook by an Individualwho claims to have received paperwork from you( I trust youall can verify and confirm that she in fact did receivepaperwork from your group) and has a current "commercial"matter --- June 4 2013 --- which requires you all assisting herinstead of abandoning the sister in her time of need; i guessonce you all get the fiat, mission accomplished that moor /indigenous man or woman / autochthon is on their own atthat point --- and you all are supposed to be a government? iwould like for you to give you definition of government-http://www.scribd.com/doc/123462682/AutochthonTreatiseV
II-AutochthonTreatiseVII. MY obvious question is why is she contacting me? if Great Seal is issueing documentation thatpurports to be correct?I do not expect you all to answer nor respond to this email,as that is the custom from Great Seal. The people who havecontacted me this week, including this person, all say thesame thing that they can'reach anybody and you all are notassisting them. Yet, you all have no problem accepting theFiat from a private Bank which is contrary to the constitutionfor the united states of America - if you believe it is still validand in effect - and I get the complaints from others who aresupposedly part of your organization about that fact theycannot speak to any flesh and blood just an answeringmachine and can't reach Taj or a representative of Taj. FYI.In Closing,C.K Wakil Bey, Caliph Amir Bey have my number and havespoken with me in the past regarding UCC;contrary to Taj Tarik Bey teaching at the time to NOT FILE A UCC-1, i wassurprised that they contacted me and wanted to know whatthe deal was - since they followed Taj, it did not make sensewhy they would go against their Teacher by doing contraryto what he Publicly and INTERNATIONALLY stated NOT TODO. Subsequently, Taj has changed his tune about filing aUCC-1 and has even acknowleded the fact the U.S. is aBankrupt corporation ( Yes, I saw the UStream he did with Temple # 5 - Grans Shiek Kudjo Adwo El) on Northern TurtleIsland, Atlan, Amemxem[ MISNOMER: CITY OF TORONTOMSTA INC] and he read the entire congressional record pageof John Traficant confessing the fact the U.S. Corporation is aBANKRUPT ENTITY - google Bankruptcy of the United States.so if I am incorrect, and they wish to discuss this matter orcontact me they already have the cell number. Aside fromthe cellphone they can email, facebook, gmail etc.If you are going to tell people / moors/ Indigenous to"Nationalize" with Great Seal and Great Seal is the "way",
when people in your organization have difficulties -especially when presenting Great Seal paper work - you doNOT ABANDON THEM and Throw them to the Wolves;otherwise it means your group is just Hustling people andnot freeing them, but keeping them in slavery. I am busyand I am tired of hearing people from your group come tome for assistance when the so-called "grand shieks, adepts,amirs, sheikesses " etc. cannot make themselves availablenor assist the moors/nubians who have given Great SealFiat , pay dues and do nothing when their members run intotrouble or have difficulty.Fix your inefficiencies -- NOW.Caveat Actor, Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor.UCC 1-308 All Indigenous Rights Reserved Eternally.Constitution of the :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors:Chief:Nanya-Shaabu:Eil:(R)(c)TM, :Plenipotentiary of :Atlan, :Amexem, :Turtle-Island, :Muu-Lan, :Land-of-the-Frogs, :Egypt-of-the-West.see:http://www.scribd.com/doc/128614109/Vatican-Holy-See-Treatise-Vatican Holy See Treatisehttp://naturalcredit.tripod.com780-271-9199P.S. I WILL have this posted on facebook and emailed out sothere is no confusion. Univesal Consent Granted to ALL whoreceive this email to Forward, Post , Upload, Twitter,Facebook, youtube, linkedin, myspace, blog, android,Blogtalkradio etc.

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