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Devotion Week of June 2 2013

Devotion Week of June 2 2013

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Weekly Devotion
Weekly Devotion

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Chain of Lakes Church on Jun 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prayer Requests
Nikki Karg (schoolmate of JannaFitgerald) recently diagnosed withleukemia.
Steve Gast (Jennifer & Mike Huehns’college friend) as he awaits a lungtransplant for his cystic fibrosiscomplications. He is currently at homeand only has a few weeks to wait. Prayfor strength, patience and God’s will.
Bobbie Pearson (friend of Gloria Ivers)who has a new tumor and more cancer.
 John Fagerland (Amy Moore’s dad) as hestruggles with hip and knee pain and isseeking the best medical treatmentplan.
Pa Alemka in Cameroon (Karen Bakia’sfriend’s dad) who is in the hospital.
 Joanne Seeman Benick (Jon & JodiBlack’s friend) who has cancer.
Rocci Norcia (Al Norcia’s father) cancerhas returned and is starting Chemotreatments.
Continue to pray for Cathy Smith who isstruggling with mental illness.
 Jenna Undersander (Jennifer & MikeHuehns’ neighbor)who was justdiagnosed with cancer and is receivingchemo.
 Julie Fjeld ((Jennifer & Mike Huehns’neighbor)who lives with cancer.
Steven Van Meter (son of Kevin & PamVan Meter) who is serving our country inAfghanistan.
Vern Hermsen (Jerry Hermsen’sbrother)who is in a home forAlzheimer’s.
 Jerry Hermsen was diagnosed withthyroid cancer.
 John Thiessen as he lives with cancer.
David Schwartz (friend of George &Dianne Black) as he is suffering fromcancer.
Donna McCullen (wife of Ken McCullen)who is suffering from cancer.
 This week we have the opportunity to studythe story of the women at the well which isfound in the 4
chapter of John. This is afoundational story in the Scriptures. As youread the story this week think, reflect andpray how this story reveals the Core—that isthe love of Jesus Christ. In your reflectionsapply this story to your own life. How canyou grow deeper in your sense of security inGod’s love through this story?Enjoy! Comments about the devotion canbe E-mailed topastor@colpres.org
Monday, June 3
Read John 4:1-6
 The Pharisees discovered that Jesus washaving significant success in baptizingpeople and making disciples—even though Jesus wasn’t doing the baptizing. Despitehis success Jesus wanted to leave that placeand travel to a Samaritan place calledSychar.In reading this part of the story it seemsthat Jesus was not intending to travel toSychar, but conditions forced him to do it. Traveling to Sychar was plan “B.”When we share the love of Jesus withanother person, we often have to be readyfor plan “B.” We can try to have a plan, butoften our plans are disrupted. What’simportant is we are ready to have an
2 3 4
encounter with someone. We never knowwhen an opportunity will come up for us todisplay the love of Jesus. Our task is to beopen and ready for an event that we cannoteven plan ahead of time.Pray today that you will be open to anopportunity.
Prayer: I know that I am not in control of my life. Help me be ready to display your love in a situation over the next few days. Give me the awareness toshare this love in an encounter I amnot expecting.
Tuesday, June 4
Read John 4:7-15
 The women started out skeptical of Jesus.Some think that she came in the middle of the day so that she wouldn’t have to comeacross other folks who came to the wellearlier in the day. When the woman firstcame across Jesus she didn’t understandhow he a Jew would ask her, a Samaritan,for water. Jesus didn’t care about these barriers. Hewas interested in sharing living water.“Everyone who drinks of this [living] waterwill be thirsty again, but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never bethirsty. The water that I will give willbecome in them a spring of water gushingup to eternal life.” (verses 13b-14)When the woman became aware of thisliving water she became interested in Jesus. Just as when people become aware of God’slove they become more interested in thechurch. Our task is not to talk about thechurch necessarily, but instead share God’slove. Even skeptics are interested in thisliving water.
Prayer: The world is thirsty for thisliving water. Show me someopportunities where I can share thisliving water with others.
Wednesday, June 5
Read John 4:16-26
When Jesus had the woman’s attention theystarted talking about their beliefs. Noticethey didn’t talk about beliefs first—they firsttalked about living water.Everyone who we meet has beliefs aboutGod—even atheists have beliefs about God.When we do talk about beliefs our task isnot necessarily to win an argument; insteadit’s to share what we believe. We don’tneed to worry that we might say the wrongthing. Our task is to share what we believe—even if we are not comfortable in our ownknowledge. The Samaritans believed the people had toworship on Mount Gerizim. Jesus respondedby saying that this belief was so limiting.Once a person experienced living water itdidn’t matter where they worshipped. Theexperience of living water would far surpassa person’s belief.
Prayer: Don’t let me be afraid of sharing my beliefs. If I am unsure let me share that. Let me see my beliefsas an extension of your living water.
Thursday, June 6
Read John 4:27-30
When the disciples came to the well theywere astounded by what they saw. A Jewwas not supposed to talk to a Samaritan; aman was not supposed to talk to a woman. Jesus wasn’t concerned about letting thesebarriers prevent him from sharing livingwater. The woman’s response gives us a clue tohow we can share faith. She hadexperienced something in her encounterwith Jesus. She couldn’t help but talk aboutit. Think about a time in your life when youexperienced the love of God in a verymoving way. These stories are the onesthat we’re called to share. These stories areso moving that we can’t help but sharethem. Take a moment to remember some of thesetimes. Be ready to share them atappropriate moments. 
Prayer:You have moved in my lifein special ways. Help me identify these stories. Help me know thesestories so well that I can’t help but share them at appropriate moments.
Friday, June 7
Read John 4:31-38
When the disciples came back they becameconcerned about Jesus’ physical needs. Thedisciples had gone to the village to getsome food. They knew that Jesus hadn’teaten and assumed that he was veryhungry. Though Jesus was probably hungry, he wasfocused on something far different—thefood that was going to sustain him. Thisfood was the way of Abba, father. Take a moment to reflect on how you aresustained by the way of Abba. Last SundayPastor Paul encouraged us to be sustainedby the love of God. How are you at beingsustained by this love. It is our Core!
Prayer: I want to be sustained by your love. Help me grow and be nourished by you!

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